Sunday, 13 March 2011


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It has been ages since I've drawn any dogs, either my own wee'uns style westie characters or any pointy pet portraits.  An idea had been forming of a greetings card design using a daschund as they are probably my favourite breed of dog (apart from westies, obviously).  Anyway, little ideas sprung up and were dismissed or stored away in the 'think about more thoroughly later on, do you mind, I'm watching Grey's Anatomy right now' section of my brain.

Then a week or so ago, when I painted the little ACEOs of Skye, I had a mini brainwave which must've
been the off spring of various random thoughts which had been mixing around for a while in my mind.

The premise is pretty simple - I love dogs and I love fashion from bygone eras.  I am experimenting with ACEOs and so I decided to try a series of little paintings depicting a women (or her bottom half at any rate) from a certain era walking her dog.  It really isn't rocket science but I am hoping that I can come up with several designs before I run out of exciting eras and fashions from those eras - possibly from about the end of the 70s as I lived through the 'fashion' of the 80s and wasn't really a fan and in my opinion from the 90s onwards fashion just started to get regurgitated anyway.

This is the first - I love 50s prom style dresses and the glamour of that era to the extent that I am certain I was born too late and I love daschunds as they are just so cute.  I did try to Google which breed of dogs were popular in which eras but my extensive (cough) research into the 50s was inconclusive so I decided to use artistic license and use the little sausage dog, just because I like them so much!


  1. tweeted that this makes me want to buy a petticoat... but now i want a puppy too. :)

  2. i adore this vintage style of drawing and wish i could do it! i hope you do more of these!

  3. Angie, I want every puppy (and kitten) I see despite having two already!! Glad my sausage dog had that effect on you though!

    Aimee, thank you so much. I've got a lot of ideas so hopefully I'll keep doing them until I run out!

  4. Love your greeting card idea. This skirt is fab and the doggie is adorable. I look forward to more.


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