Monday, 28 March 2011

Wiggle Walk(ies)...

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This week we're back in the late 50s/early 60s and the emergence of the wiggle dress.  I had actually completed this ACEO before the passing of Elizabeth Taylor last week but it seemed to be quite appropriate for a lady who, like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly, seemed to me to come from a time when women were incredibly glamorous and just oozed class.

Old school Hollywood no doubt had just as many skeletons in its closet as nowadays but when I watch those old movies, they just make me feel nostalgic for a time when I wasn't even born (if that's possible!).  I love the bad special effects and the obvious studio scenery, the way they spoke and the old fashioned Hollywood kisses where no lips parted, far less moved, but were nevertheless magically linked to the woman's knee which would coquettishly bend under the passion! Women wore wiggle dresses which did exactly what the name suggests and super high heels - think Marilyn Monroe sashaying down the street! I couldn't possibly wear things like that - I walk super fast - but I still love how it looks!

We even chose our honeymoon hotel (The Mirador in Acapulco) based on the fact that it was where Elvis filmed part of Fun in Acapulco - right beside the famous cliff divers at La Quebrada, and because it was a popular location for the Hollywood stars of that golden era.  We didn't get there in the end up but that's a whole other story!!

The dog in this picture is a Sealyham Terrier, which until I came across it by accident on Google, I'd never even heard of.  Turns out Elizabeth Taylor once had one and they were actually very popular with Hollywood Actresses in the 1950s.  Now unfortunately, because celebs prefer to have pocket pooches they can carry in their handbags and because Sealyhams are no longer that well known, I read that the breed is on the verge of disappearing as so few are being bred each year.  Having looked at the pictures of these dogs though, I'm starting to think our Reuben may be part Sealyham instead of Westie - which would explain why he's got floppy ears!


  1. ooooh, I love this! Great syle, here! xo

  2. What a great drawing, you can almost hear the swish swish of the skirt as she's walking! x

  3. I like this illustrative style too - Fabulous and FUN!!! :0)

  4. I couldn't wear that skirt either, but I love the drawing! I also love to read about the fashion icons of past decades. Have you read The Gospel According to Coco Chanel? Its one of my favs.

  5. Love the dog. I was drawn to it because I befriend two little Maltese and this could double for one of mine, too! I, like you, love the old movies.

  6. Stunning. I think that skirt is totally back. I've seen the look on all kinds of fashion blogs. I guess iconic style never really fades.

    Lovely as always.

  7. Love the Walkies! how fun! Love that pen & ink with watercolor style. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my window mural. The scene is from a photo I took in Italy last year while staying at The Retreat This road winds around and up the hill behind them and at the top is an old tumble down chapel. The road and chapel are named San Taddeo.


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