Wednesday, 20 April 2011

How long after 'I do' can I still follow wedding blogs...

Credit: Brian Friedman
So,  I know we've been married for 5 months now and I should stop writing posts about it. After this one, I promise I will.  You see, I had been religiously following Rock n Roll Bride's wedding blog for months before our big day and afterwards, I emailed Kat to see if she might feature our wedding and she did -  right here.  

Then, even after our wedding, I still had a bit of an addiction to wedding blogs and discovered the lovely girls at Any Other Wedding. I often left comments on the various posts they wrote - they talk about life after the wedding - like actual marriage - so I feel like I can still legitimately follow this blog and not feel like a fraud as I'm not a bride-to-be any more!  Anyway, they invited me to submit a photo and write up, to a weekly post they have called Any Other Photo where you choose one photo that sums up your day for you and tell the story behind it.  Its a great idea as the photos chosen aren't necessarily the ones you might expect.

Then a new wedding blogger came to town locally called Quirky Weddings and I happened to put a comment on the Facebook page mentioning that I had a handmade 50s style wedding dress for sale if any of their brides-to-be were looking for something like that.  Cate from Quirky Weddings contacted me and asked if I would write a post on the story behind my dress and it would be posted when their new site went live.  I must confess I've been so busy with arty blogs and art work that I only just discovered it had been posted here!

Anyway, I know this has nothing to do with art but I did draw the sketches for my wedding dress design so there's a tenuous link there somewhere! I promise I won't mention weddings again until at least our first anniversary!


  1. You can talk about weddins as much as you want! Just enjoy yourself! here's to the next 5 months and then the months and years after that. Valerie

  2. So you are a Wedding Why apologise, you are obviously a very happy bride........ Annette x

  3. Your wedding photos are amazing...the clarity, the outfits, the bouquet and are the new Audrey Hepburn of NYC (instead of "Breakfast at Tiffany's," we could name your film "Wedding in Central Park"). You look (both of you, actually) beautiful and romantic and I love that you caught a show and had the time of your life. It shows. Thanks for sharing the link. :)

  4. I think you can read them as long as you like after the wedding since I'm single and reading them, ha! That's the danger when one friend decides to write about her wedding and it snowballs and all of a sudden... I know a lot more about weddings than I have any occasion to know :)

  5. Thanks for the reassurances folks!! I was just chuffed to have had our wedding mentioned on all the various wedding blogs as I loved our photos in New York so much and just can't help reading about other peoples' days - the pretty dresses, the amazing photography, the romantic stories behind it all - who knew I was such a romantic!!

    Thank you so much Ileana - I only wish I had Audrey Hepburn's face!!

    Amanda - just think when you do get married, sorting it all out will be a breeze!!

  6. Wonderful photographs! You both look sooooo happy. :) That dress is absolutely awesome.


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