Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Walk(ies) like an Egyptian...

On Saturday night myself and S went to a party to celebrate the 40th birthday of one of my friends from school and as we were teenagers in the 80s that was the theme for the party. We had a brilliant night and there were some fantastic costumes and outfits celebrating the decade that taste forgot! The DJ was even the same actual guy who used to DJ at the club we all went to as teenagers (trying to look over 18 when we were actually 15!)

So, in honour of such a great night, this week's Walkies couldn't be any era other than the 80s (and it may be based a little bit on the outfit that the birthday girl herself was wearing!)  The dog of choice for the 80s had to be a Yorkshire terrier because we had two wee Yorkies as family dogs during our teen years.

© Pointy Pix

As far as fashion goes, this wasn't my favourite era at all. Having lived through it and worn the marble wash jeans, the duster coats, the massive belts and more than my fair share of batwing, shoulder pads, neon and primary colours, I'm not that impressed to see so much 80s fashion back in the shops every so often - I even got my harem pants for my outfit in Primark!!

However, as far as music goes then the 80s to me is possibly the last truly great era for music - 90s saw it all go over to the dark side of 'house' and manufactured pop. The 80s really had a fantastic soundtrack.  We were all asked for our favourite track of the 80s (hard to narrow down as there were so many) and these were used as the play list for the party - mine was The Waterboys, Whole of the Moon - it just takes me back to being a teenager, sneaky cigarettes and listening to vinyl records - how did we ever arrange our social lives without mobile phones and facebook! Those were the days when you literally waited by the phone for that boy to ring!!

Anyway, here's a couple of photos from the party - I did have some truly awful hairstyles back in the 80s (who didn't!) but I promise nothing quite as bad as what's going on, on top of my head in these pics!

The Birthday Girl (left) was glowing and so not looking 40!!

Me and S sporting some dodgy hairstyles!


  1. Its great fun getting dressed up. I love your drawing of the yorkie, I also had one when younger

  2. cute drawing! yes, the 80s are back - my kids are wearing the same things i wore then...there hair isn't as bad as mine, though - LOL love your pics, too! great 80s tribute

  3. Terrific pictures and love the hair......lol
    Your painting is great it really depicts the 80's and that cute face on the yorkie is adorable. Have a great week, Annette x

  4. hahahahahahahahahaha, I'm still laughing at S's FRANKIE SAYS RELAX shirt. I remember those. His looks like it's in perfect condition. Did he just buy it for the party.

    Your walkie is great. Love the leg warmers!

  5. What a laugh! Looks like you had a super time. How I love the '80's...I have a whole Adam Ant outfit upstairs desperate to be wielded out!
    Re. Walkies...lacey gloves and leg-warmers (-;

  6. Oh, I loved the 80s, and funny, I just told a friend on FB named Freddy to RELAX. :) Loved the 80s music...Modern English's "I Melt With You" comes to mind, and most recently I've been watching old videos on YouTube, like Moving Pictures' "What About Me?" Great song!

    I love your outfits! Sounds like you had a blast. "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," chica! :)

  7. omg...the hair made me laugh right out loud :)

  8. your hair is a riot!

    what a fitting walkie...and that yorkie! thanks for the smiles.


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