Sunday, 1 May 2011

Donegal...a wee piece of heaven on earth!

Sunset at Carrickfin Beach

Bunbeg with Mount Errigal in the background

So, we got back yesterday from our Easter holiday in the touring caravan.  After visiting my parents in Derry, we drove on up the road over the border (invisible border - the only things that show you are technically in a different country are the road signs which are in Gaelic as well as English, the currency is the Euro instead of Sterling, oh and the mobile phone network changes from UK to Ireland and despite us being with the same network provider both sides of the border, we suddenly incur vast 'roaming' charges for accessing the internet on our phones!!

Brodie showing her best side!

Beautiful Carrickfin Beach

Reuben watching the sun set over the sea!

Anyway, we arrived at the campsite, Sleepy Hollows, and after a near miss between our caravan and another camper's car when trying to manually guide our caravan into the allotted site on a bit of an incline (disaster averted thanks to S's lightening reactions with the caravan handbrake!), we finally got hooked up and unloaded and the holiday began!!

We got a perfect wee corner site!
We had unseasonally beautiful weather apart from one slightly drizzly day and I even managed to get sunburn and prickly heat after an afternoon of lounging around in the sun (damn my Irish skin!).

Bunbeg Beach

Bloody Foreland

We've been to various parts of Donegal before but where we stayed this time is my new favourite.  The campsite is in a tiny village called Crolly and the closest beach is just beside the teeny tiny airport and is called Carrickfin.  It is simply stunning - massive, white sand, big sand dunes, strange rock formations and long enough to give the dogs (and us) a great walk - which we did both morning and evening.

The rest of the time was spent lazing around on our little plot of grass beside the caravan or else in the caravan itself.  I discovered a specific spot on the sofa which when I lay down on it with the dogs had the immediate effect of sending me off to sleep!

I took my portrait of Reuben with me as I planned to get it finished while we were there.  I did work on it for a couple of hours but not nearly as much as I should have simply because the weather was too nice to spend indoors for any length of time. 

Proof I did do some art while I was on holiday!
Disaster nearly struck when we arrived home last night and the portrait was nowhere to be found.  I knew I'd put it in the back of the truck when we packed up and was gutted that I'd spent so much time on it and had somehow lost it between Donegal and Bangor (about 3 and 1/2 hours drive).  Out of desperation and not really holding out much hope I phoned the owner of the campsite (whose name, ironically, is Art!) and asked if he'd found a big brown envelope after we left.  He went off to double check and would you believe it - he found it under the caravan parked next to ours!! Somehow it fell out of the truck as we were packing up and yesterday's strong wind had blown it there!! 

Reuben looking doleful as always!

Shipwreck at Bunbeg Beach

I swear Brodie actually poses for her photographs!

The dogs were in their element
I would hugely recommend Donegal as a destination for a holiday - obviously we were really lucky with the Irish weather but it is still such a beautiful part of the world.  That's us back to reality and back to work on Tuesday and already planning our next caravan trip - perhaps County Kerry!


  1. Thanks for sharing the lovely, peaceful photos. Your dog is a STAR, and poses very beautifully. Glad you didn't lose your sketch! Valerie

  2. Between your posting just your blog's URL and me getting to visit the PPF links late, I happened upon today's entry and I'm so glad I did. Your photos are beautiful and I love that you and the dogs seem to be having such a good time!

    I'm glad you recovered your portrait!

  3. Looks like you had a great holiday! The dogs are adorable and the photographs are beautiful. Glad he found your portrait! (It was also really nice of him to look that hard).

    I can`t wait to go camping, but it is still way too cold here. I long for it.

  4. wow, looks like an incredible time!
    thanks for visiting my blog!
    cheers, dana

  5. What incredible luck that Art found your art! :)

    The are all wonderful photos, but my fav is Brodie sitting on the shore. Such a character!

  6. Oooh thank goodness you found your painting....phew.
    The pictures are totally stunning and love the little stars of the show..... Annette x

  7. Beautiful scenery! Adorable dogs. How lucky to have found your lost art!

  8. I could just squeeze those pups. I adore the silhouettes of them on the beach.

    Your vacations are so dreamy.

  9. Awesome, awesome photos!!!!! Thank you for sharing them, Nicola. I am so glad you still have that portrait. I have been waiting to see the final product of all your effort.

  10. I'm so enjoying your blog,, I'm a new follower,, brilliant photos,, your little dogs are so sweet,, I had one just the same,, he's gone now but we shared 17 wonderful years together,


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