Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Neverending Story.... part 6...

This is my contribution to Amy's never ending story.  You can read the previous parts if you click on the button at the bottom of this post.

The girl with the blue scarf put the thought of the girl with the golden locks who lost her head out of her mind.  She needed to find out if that blue horse with the magical white wings was actually her little dog, the one who she used to keep in her blue scarf way back when.

She looked up into the sky which had turned as golden as the hair of the girl who lost her head.  She could just make out the silhouette of the flying horse but wait, where was the man? He wasn’t on the horse’s back any longer. 

Suddenly she felt a cold breath on her neck.  The man with no face (which was actually really creepy because he literally had no face) stood right behind her holding the symbols of greed in his hands. She gasped at his fetid breath as the man with no face whispered in her ear:

‘Don’t scream beautiful red haired girl, I represent the money-hungry, faceless capitalist giants who are taking over the world and ruining it with our commercialised greed.  I would never have believed that such a wonder as a flying blue horse existed if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.  He led me right to you and I think that you and your eternal optimism and artistic creativity may be something else that we can capitalise on. I think you may have imagined him into existence and I won’t be happy until we’ve hunted him down and hung his head on our trophy wall. ‘

The girl was aghast. ‘But why would you want to destroy something so beautiful’.

‘Oh, because we can’ said the man with no face, nonchalantly.  

He went on to tell her that he wanted her to work for him creating mystical, mythical creatures that he could then hunt into extinction. The privilege of working for the man would be payment enough, he arrogantly summed up.

It turned out that the girl with the blue scarf and the red hair had a fiery temper to match her fiery locks (must be the fighting Irish in her blood) and she mustered up all her karate moves (which in truth were only two) stomped on the man with no face’s foot, spun round and punched him squarely where his nose would’ve been, had he had a face.

As he squealed and cursed and rolled around on the ground like an overdramatic football (soccer for the American readers) player looking for a free kick, the girl with the blue scarf ran for her life into the nearby pumpkin forest (who knew there were actual pumpkin trees?).  As she raced through the pumpkin trees with their heavy fruit already carved for Halloween which was the next hugely commercialised holiday that the corporate giants would cash in on, she saw up ahead, in a clearing, her beautiful blue winged horse that used to be a dog, pawing at the ground and waiting for her.  She jumped on his back and they rose up into the air and flew far, far away from the man with no face into a night sky with a million, squillion stars twinkling all around them, off on their next adventure...


Because there's a tenuous Halloween link in my part of the story, I'm also linking to Natasha May's Halloween blog party here:

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  1. Great story telling and lovely painting :) x

  2. I love this installment of the never-ending story! it's wonderful, so glad she gets the best of the man with no face!

  3. this is so cool. I really really admire Amy, she is one talented bad ass ( she would like that, lol) The work is beautiful as well, what a great story,, well done!!

  4. I LOVE this! LOVE! This is awesome! I am so grateful that you've done this - it turned out great!

  5. Great story, love what you have written and the lovely illustrations! Valerie

  6. Oh, I love how you described the man with no face. .) And she is Irish with karate moves! Way to go girl! .))) Thanks for linking to my halloween party as well. Awesome painting!

  7. This is just awesome! What talent! xo

  8. Great post...I love all the colors, the paintings are perfect for your story!!!
    Happy Halloween!

  9. beautiful Halloween painting and perfect story!

  10. Oh My! My first visit to your blog, and I'm literally blown away. Your talent is showing m'dear. What a wonderful visit I've had. Thank you. :o) Donna

  11. A great addition to the story, with wonderful illustrations to boot!


  12. great story! Love the painting!!!! Happy Halloween!

  13. Lovely painting your too talented ;0) Dxx

  14. I love all the descriptions you have given and your paintings are just beautiful. Nice going with the story.

  15. Just found your story on Amy's blog, and Love,Love,LOVE it!!! This story is just turning into the most awesome thing ever :D Gorgeous art work too!! :D XXX


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