Thursday, 24 November 2011

Joy to the world...

Well, we got back from our trip to Achill Island on Monday and I had planned  to bore you all with a travelogue and lots of photos but, in our absence, our internet router has given up the ghost and so I haven't been able to get online at home. We're waiting for a new one which should come in the next few days hopefully.  I can still use my smart tab to view other blogs thankfully so I'll be able to pay a visit to the many talented creatives joining in Paint Party Friday
This is another Christmas Card design that I did before we went away.  I've got the Christmas fair on 1 December so I'll be spending the weekend printing off cards and making sure I've got enough stock (being ever optimistic that I'll actually sell stuff this time!)

Joy to the world - Pointy Christmas Card

I started off with the Robin and wasn't sure about the background initially.  I had thought I'd do a more traditional snowy village but then, perhaps because I'd been thinking of this time last year in New York , I got the urge to draw a more modern skyline instead.  I wanted to still use words from a Christmas Carol and 'Joy to the world' seemed appropriate!
For anyone who might like to read about Achill (in case you ever fancy a visit there) I'll be blogging about our trip just as soon as I get online at home again and also about a wonderful arty anniversary present that the very lovely S surprised me with.
Don't forget to pop over to Paint Party Friday to see all the great works in progress in blogland this week.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Paint Party Friday....Christmas cards, animals and anniversaries...

Here are two more Christmas card designs...

which was about all the actual art I had time for this week because…

We had our first assignment for the night class I’m doing in animal care and it was pretty chunky – 6 tasks, each with various parts to them, and we had to do a couple of PowerPoint presentations in front of the class too. I’d forgotten what it was like to do homework, and coupled with working full time and trying to find time for art, not to mention S and the dogs, I won’t lie, it’s been a tad full on!

Back many moons ago when I was at school we found all the answers in books, now though it’s all about surfing the internet for information. This, as I’m sure you know, is a bit of a double-edged sword. There is so much useful information out there, if you know the correct keywords to search under but there is also soooo much crap to wade through to get to it! People can tell you anything in cyber space so trying to find out what’s true and what isn’t when it comes to animal behaviour is a bit of a minefield – good job I watch so much Discovery Channel!

Anyway, in other news, Maegan, LeRoy’s human, loved his portrait so much that she wanted to buy it!! You might remember I had just asked her if I could use one of her photos as I’d never done a French Bull Dog before so it wasn’t originally a commissioned piece. Now however she wants me to do a portrait of her wee pug, Bebop as well! I’ll hopefully get a start on that this week.

I got a photo of the other French Bull Dog, Max, that my old college friend asked for a portrait of, so I’ll be busy enough with doggy portraits for a wee while!

I finally got Brodie’s portrait framed and it’s now hanging up beside Reuben’s in our bedroom:

Next Friday 18 November is our 6th date-iversary & 1st wedding anniversary (sort of like an American address - meet me on the corner of 6th & 1st!) So we have booked a lovely wee traditional Irish cottage on Achill Island in County Mayo for 5 days from Thursday. We’re really limited with destination choices flying directly out of Northern Ireland so we figured we’d stay in Ireland and that way we can include the dogs in our romantic anniversary getaway!

all photos credit: Imagine Ireland

So, I won’t be around next week but I will be taking my art supplies with me and I plan to make use of my very neglected camera so I'll hopefully come back with some new art and some new arty inspiration.  For now though, make sure you pop over to say hi to the ever increasing amount of creative party-goers at Paint Party Friday, hosted as always by Kristin and Eva.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Paint Party Friday...Ooh La LeRoy (Le petit dude from California)

It seems like aeons ago that I first started the pointy portrait of LeRoy.  It was just under a month ago, in fact but I started and finished other bits and pieces in the meantime so it seems like longer.  Anyway, the little French Bull Dog from L.A is finally finished:

This may well be the shortest post I've ever written.

Oh, in other doggy news, Lennox has a court date of 11/11/11 for the latest appeal against his death sentence.  The wee guy and his family are not giving up so please keep the good vibes winging their way to him.

That's it.  That's all I'm saying this week. About anything. Seriously - a really short post!

Oh, one more thing - don't forget about the Party, you know, the Paint Party that happens every Friday. You can meet the other party-goers right over here.

I'm really done now.


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