Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Time Flies...

Happy New Year.  I hope that Christmas passed off peacefully for everyone, without too much drama.  We had a lovely, relaxed Christmas day, as we always do, starting with our annual viewing of the Polar Express on Christmas Eve with a mug of mulled wine - it's the perfect Christmas movie and never fails to get my inner child all nostalgic for the days when I really did believe!  Then on Christmas day we lounge around in our PJs most of the morning, opening our presents before going for a big walk on the beach with the dogs and then back home to light the fire and put nibbles in the oven.  

We decided when we first moved in together that we didn't want to make a full on Christmas dinner as it was only going to be the two of us and so instead every year, we stock up on frozen party food, you know, Chinese selection, Indian selection etc.  This year I had to make sure mine was all vegan but other than that, it was the same as it always was.  We cook enough for a small army, set it out on platters on the coffee table along with our mulled wine and spiced rum and coke and nibble our way through the afternoon in front of the TV. It doesn't get much more relaxing and chilled than that.  I love it!

We spent a few days up with my folks and met up with my old school friends in our old local (which has undergone several face lifts and name changes since we first started going there at, ahem, 18!) The pub, that is, not us. Not yet anyway!  One of my friends (the one I did the portrait of for her 40th last June) is moving to Shanghai, China for 3 years with work and is having a leaving party in St. Albans in England on 14 January.  I didn't think I could go as its so close and money isn't in abundance post-Christmas but my lovely S booked me a flight so I just need to buy a new party frock in the sales and I'm good to go!

I didn't spend as much time in my new art studio as I would've liked over the holidays.  Even though we were off for 10 days what with going up home for a few days and then S's wee boy coming over for New Year, I just didn't seem to find the time to get as creative as I had hoped.  That, and the lure of the roaring fire and our lush new reclining sofas!! I did spend a few hours over the weekend locked away there with the wee heater keeping me warm and my iPod docking station keeping me company and I loved it!

Anyway, I promised photos of the inside of the studio now that it's finished, so here it is:

My worktop with the glow of the wee halogen heater underneath keeping me warm!

In other news, S also surprised me with a day's photography course for both of us on 21 January so we can learn how to use the fancy DSLR cameras we have.  At the moment I can just about point and shoot so hopefully after this course I'll know a bit more about how to set it up to get better shots. Which will come in handy for our trip to Krakow in February!

That's about all my news from the festive period. No resolutions as such, other than to try to dedicate more time to art in 2012 (and finally, finally get enough work together to try to persuade a gallery to let me exhibit!)


  1. The inside of your studio looks too perfect, are you sure you work in there? It looks very relaxing :) Have a great 2012 hun and I hope you get your wish of a gallery exhibit. x

  2. Ha, only because I've literally only been in there for two days - give me time and I can guarantee I'll make my presence felt!!

  3. Happy new Year Pointy!

    I enjoyed reading about your Christmas day...quite the opposite to my family gatherings! How wonderful to be creative in your own studio (-:

  4. I love it!!!! Oh how jealous I am, lol, I would love my only space, I did at one time but that was then and this is now,

  5. Having your own studio really does make all the difference doesn't it? It looks fantastic and so light!
    I love the penguins too :0)
    Apart from wishing you a Happy New-Year, I wanted to say thank you so much for your touching words about Codi, our dog. They really do mean so much. I was so moved when I read them. :0)

  6. Happy New Year to you, my far away friend! What a gorgeous wonderful mouthwatering studio you have there! I am envious! Wishing you many happy and inspired hours in it!

  7. Beautiful studio! I am totally jealous! Smile. Happy New Year!

  8. Looks like you had a fabulous time during holidays. :) I love your studio! I want those checkered floors. :) And enjoy your photography course. I bet it's gonna be awesome! :)

  9. Your studio looks great! I love the checkered floor and the exposed beams in the ceiling. I must say, I'm a little jealous ;)))

  10. Awesome, awesome studio! LOVE the checkered floor. What a dream! :)


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