Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sunshine on a rainy day...

Actually, it should be the other way round - here's some rain on a sunny day!  We've been having an extraordinary week of sunshine - 4 days on the trot so far which is practically unheard of round these parts.  Unfortunately, I went home from work sick on Wednesday afternoon with a blinding headache and was off the next day too so I haven't seen much of the sun at all. It is supposed to last right through the weekend though so fingers crossed,  I may yet get to stock up on vitamin D and even get a few freckles on my face on Saturday. 

Work in progress - 'A view less boring'
Anyway,  this week I sold the pig painting. Yay.  It was to my sister. She saw it and fell in love with her cute snout. I did offer just give it to her seeing as she's my sister and a very lovely sister at that but she wouldn't hear of it, pointing out that I'd never make a career of art if I give away all my work!  Fair enough, I guess.   

I bought some satin varnish spray to put over it as with the last few paintings I've made the mistake of using step 2 of the crackle glaze thinking that without step 1 it would just glaze and not crackle.  Wrong.  The owl painting I did is now very crackled.  Actually, it looks good on the owl but I don't want that effect on the rest of my paintings.  Anyway, the satin varnish spray is lovely and the pig is now ready to be sent off to its new home!

So this week I'm posting a work in progress which still has a ways to go before it's finished.  This is another rainy window painting based on a photo I took from our den window one evening when it was absolutely lashing down just before it started to get dark.  We live on a very unexciting street; it isn't pretty and the view from the window is certainly not inspiring.  However, some rain drops and streaks running down the window blurring and reflecting the street lights and even my street looks pretty in the rain!

As with all my art work these days, it looks better if you stand back and squint!

Work in progress - acrylic on canvas 30cm x 40cm
A view less boring - the photo I'm working from.

In other news, I finally stocked my 'shop' over at Fine Art America - I've put a link straight to it in my sidebar (hint, hint).  Gloria kindly told me about this site ages ago and I registered but did nothing else.  So, this week I finally took some time to upload a few of my paintings which Fine Art America sell as prints in all sorts of formats and sizes.  I was amazed at how many other artists from Northern Ireland are registered on there.  It seems like a great website for artists and hopefully I might have more success there than on Etsy (my shop is now empty there and I don't think I'll bother to restock for now).

A close up section
So, that's my news for this week.  I'm linking to Paint Party Friday and hope to get round to visit as many of the other artists who join the party as I can over the weekend. 


  1. Wow, you have accomplished your goal. That is an impressive painting, my friend...the rainy day piece is a hit! I truly LOVE it!!

    I like the way your sister thinks, so unlike many Floridian family members of mine...but then again I'm not where I want to be with my art. One day I'll make them pay BIG! ;) LOL

    PS - We're going on four days of rain here in the sunshine state and there was some flooding the other day coming home from the kids' schools...but I hear "the sun will come out to-morrow..." ♪ ♫ Hope so! :)

  2. I think it looks great whether you are squinting or not (I love your rain series)!

    Your pig painting is fantastic too & I can totally see why your sister fell in love with it :)


    p.s. I hope your head feels much better so that you are able to enjoy some of that sunshine!

  3. Your "gallery" or shop over at Fine Art America looks great! I hope you have great luck there. Your rain abstracts are great.

  4. oh gosh...i love this...knew exactly what it was and could see the trickle of rain down that window,,,i see movement in this's wonderful...thankyou for

  5. Glad your pig has gone to a new home. The new painting is coming along nicely! Enjoy the sun while you can! Valerie

  6. Loving your new painting you have captured the mood perfectly. Pleased to hear your pig has gone to your sister who obviously adores it. Happy PPF, Annette x

  7. I'm loving all your rain work! You're doing such a fantastic job with it. I'm still finding it difficult to paint water drops. Glad to know that your pig is enjoying the new home. Well Done!

  8. Your rainy window is incredible! These are so effective - I just love it! I would love to sell prints online - but apart from my bears which the gallery deal with, I have no idea how to go about making art prints and how to go about it. Maybe, one day (and only if/when you have the time) you could inbox me and throw some advice my way? Congratulations on selling your pointy pig too :0)

  9. You are becoming an absolute master of raindrops! I really can't say often enough how great these paintings are.
    Congrats on selling the painting to a loving home, and you get to visit it now and then. Bonus! And how downright lovely of your sister to insist on paying you for the painting.

    Hope you get that dose of freckles and Vitamin D!

  10. This is fabulous, even without squinting! ;)I love the rain effects you get with your paintings. Congrats on getting your Fine Art America shop going. I've over there too, but only have photography there right now. Good luck with it!

  11. Fantastic! This painting is coming out really well. Congrats on stocking your Fine Art store. Good luck with it!

  12. Glad to hear that lovely pig found a good home. I love the colorful abstract feel of your raindrop photo. Good luck with the new shop. Happy PPF

  13. fun that your sister fell in love with your painting.
    lovely to see your raindrops.

  14. Lovely WIP and I SO LOVE your pig too! Your sister was right - and sweet! Congratulations on putting yourself out there in a new format too - your work is beautiful and I wish you so much success.
    Thank you for your comment and happy PPF to you, xo

  15. I loved seeing the close ups especially so we could see that detail and gald piggy has found a loving home... not glad that you haven't been well... get out in the sunshine and let it make you better... huge smiling cyber hugs for getting your work out there via that site... it is a big move and your work deserves so much more recognition...xx

  16. Very well done ~ colors, composition coming along well ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  17. So sorry to hear about your headaches this week. I know how terrible that can be. Your rain paintings are fantastic!

  18. Hi Nicole. Hope your headaches go away. I've had those recently too. Smokey's concert was just awesome and our family pet members were so happy to see us come home. They love us so much and the feelings are mutual. I love your rain series and congrat on your piggy going to a new home. Hey, all right!! I'll have to go check out your FAA home and add you to my follower's list there too. Yay for you and good luck. Have a wonderful weekend and thx for the mention.

  19. Gorgeous painting in progress!! Love the addition of the warm colors!
    Congratulations on selling your pig painting, too!! :)
    Hope you're feeling better soon.
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  20. Love your WIP, it's awesome allready!

  21. Those are so cool! I'm sorry you've had a bad headache, I hope you feel better very soon. Congrats on selling your Pig, especially to your sister. I'm sure she'll let you have visitation. :)Happy PPF!

  22. Good news about the pig! I'm really impressed with the WIP, Nicola, it doesn't seem far off being ready.

    I hope the shop works for you, I'm going to pop over there and and have a look after this.

    Enjoy the sun, but be careful not to set the headaches off again.

  23. oh wow!!! this is such a cool painting....I love what you did with this piece....well done!!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!!

  24. The detail is excellent! I hope you have the time to enjoy the sun!

  25. Well congrats on selling your pig painting. I love this rainy day painting, it's really wonderful! Happy PPF!

  26. I'm so glad I finally found you, I lost my whole blog and had to search out everyone, congratulations on the sale and oh my gosh this rainy day painting is amazing!
    (my old blog was when the bough breaks), its now, in my dreams I see,


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