Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Ignorance is the real danger...

I'm sorry we failed you, Lennox.

Well, the day I hoped would never come unfortunately has come.  Those of you who read my blog regularly will know about the campaign to save Lennox, the dog wrongly accused of being a dangerous pit pull and locked up by Belfast City Council in May 2010.  Two years, a court case and two appeals later the men in robes who call themselves 'Lord' have shown the law really is an ass and upheld the original decision to have Lennox murdered under the Breed Specific Legislation in effect in Northern Ireland.

Lennox's family have done everything in their power to save him and accommodate the Court - even going so far as to ask if he could be taken in by someone in the Republic of Ireland where this nonsensical law doesn't apply.  None of it matters.  A dog that hasn't bitten anyone or shown any signs of aggression (despite being put in isolation in a hugely scary and stressful environment for the last two years) and that even dog behaviour expert, Victoria Stillwell stated was not a danger to the public  is to be put to death by a Council whose dog warden allegedly lied under oath (stating she was scared of him when photographic evidence showed her hugging him and him licking her face) , in order to save face.  Shame on them all.

I saw this on Facebook recently and it seems very appropriate today more than ever:

When will we realise that the danger is at the top end of the leash?  Humans and their determination to create the perfect breed of dog to perform various tasks created dogs like Lennox. Now they are to be punished for our biological interference because, oops, we don't like how they turned out after all. There are no dangerous dogs. Like humans, dogs only know what they're taught.  They give out plenty of signals when they're upset or stressed which unfortunately most people don't know how to read. Even the smallest dog could bite if put in a situation where they feel threatened- are we to put them all down 'just in case?' Lennox was a harmless family pet but because he 'looks' like dogs that certain scumbags use as status symbols, he's now being lumped under the category of 'dangerous dog' and is going to pay the ultimate price.

It seems to me that human ignorance and arrogance are the only real danger to us and everything else on this planet :'0(


  1. well put, beautifully written,,
    this is such sad news,

  2. thank you Laurie, it broke my heart to hear the news today.

  3. Indeed, beautifully written, Nic. I cannot believe that just one person in judicial robes couldn't have seen what the rest of us were able to and admit that, despite being 'technically' a pit bull that that beautiful dog never actually did anything other than love his family - shame on them all.

  4. Oh, I am tearing up right now! I AM SO SORRY for this - what a terrible loss. We just got our first puppy for our little girl - that's right - a pit. This makes me sick to my stomach.
    Thank you too for your visit and Summer of Color question - yes, you have until this Sunday to post your Sherbet creation - and I THINK you are 8 hours ahead of me.
    Kristin xoxo

  5. I am so sad about this. You really have done your bit to get the message out and it does seem so unfair :0(

  6. I was sorry to read of Lennox' death. It brought attention to the problem, and hopefully others will see the lack of sense in the verdict.


  7. Man... where has common sense gone... not to mention the beauty of truth and honesty. I am so sorry to hear about Lennox and that even furry friends are sacrificed in the name of politics. :-(


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