Thursday, 28 June 2012

Whatever the weather...

Ok, first a big favour to ask. Those of you who are taking part in Kristin’s summer of colour may have seen my Giraffiti illustration here. Well, I discovered a competition for Animal themed crafts on Pinterest and submitted my giraffe and the piece that gets the most likes and repins wins. Sooooo, could I ask you to please click on this link and like or repin my piece so I might possibly be in with a chance of winning? Thank you so much!

Wednesday was a very strange day as far as weather goes. I got up at 6am to take the dogs to the park before work and it was cool and raining. You know that annoying, light, misty rain that manages to soak you even though you can barely feel it because it sort of floats in the air and so umbrellas offer no protection whatsoever? Well, that.

Then as I got the train into work the rain got a bit heavier. By lunchtime, it had dried up but the sky was very dark and it was sticky and muggy. By 5pm the sun was out, the sky was clear and I thought I was in danger of being cooked alive in my black dress and black opaque tights (yes, folk who actually have summer weather in summer months – I am still wearing thick black tights to work in June!)

After tea, I went out to my art studio and had just settled down to start a new piece, with my Ipod blasting out some Butch Walker when the skies opened. The rain was so heavy that streets and houses all over South and East Belfast flooded (The one saving grace about the location of our house is that it is half way down an incline so if we were to ever get flooded then things would need to be really bad!) I ended up turning off my music and painting with the sound of the thunder and the rain bouncing off the roof as my soundtrack instead. It was actually very therapeutic and possibly quite appropriate as the piece I was working on was another rainy window painting!

S took this amazing photo down at the storage yard where he keeps his tree surgery equipment. The yard is full of bright yellow storage containers that people hire to put their stuff in and he managed to capture perfect little reflections of one of those containers in all the rain drops on the office window.

Credit: S

Here’s where I’ve got so far – not very far - just the base colours, it’s still very much a work in progress. Because it’s based on an industrial work site, I decided to title it ‘Pretty Industrial’.

Pretty Industrial - WIP

After I’d done as much as I could before allowing the paint to dry, the rain was still coming down in stair rods, as my friend’s mum used to say, so I wasn’t inclined to leave my studio and brave the elements (even though it’s approximately 5 steps to the back door of our house!) So I decided to start a second piece and work on them simultaneously.

Do you remember the cow’s nose photo S took during our trip to Fermanagh here? Well, I decided not to just do the close up but to do the whole cow’s face because the things that struck me were this cow’s ears with that horrible yellow tag and the holes and rips left by previous tags, so I wanted to include them. This is the photo I'm using instead:

Credit: S

This is also still very much a work in progress:

Cow-modity - WIP

I’m linking as always to Paint Party Friday and am already working on my next doodle animal (doodimal?) for Summer of Colour on Monday!


  1. Dont forget to collect your award, I did leave a comment on your last post. You dont need to pass it on. Love your work as always x

  2. Have already liked and pinned your fab Giraffe. Loving your new WIP'S. Enjoy the weekend. Happy PPF, Annette x

  3. I just got soaked too - flamin June!!

    Well, I have liked your pin, so best of luck. You're in the lead at the moment so fingers crossed.

    Beautiful pieces coming into shape here and both so different.

  4. Firstly, I have liked!
    Well, 'S' is quite some photographer isn't he? I love how each droplet has the same image distortion. Will this be one of your large series?
    That cow is going to be gorgeous! I am terrified of cows, but I like them when they are behind a gate, lol! And they do have such characterful faces. It is a shame they are tagged like that. It sort of brings it home what they are actually bread for. Horrible really :0(

  5. Love the raindrops and the cow. :) I have liked you on Pinterest as well. :)

  6. I have liked ...because I liked!

    Fantastic photos ... if you can replicate them ...then you will brilliant.

    Raindrops keep fallin' on my head
    And just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed
    Nothin' seems to fit
    Those raindrops are fallin' on my head, they keep fallin'

  7. Very exciting work here!!! Love it all. The cow came out great!!!! Wow!

  8. Going to pInterest as soon as I leave here! :)

    I love working in my studio when it's raining. Unfortunately, where I live (Central California) we won't have any more rain until November...

  9. Wonderful work - I LOVE that WIP of the raindrops on the window (abstract). I actually like it just the way it is. Good luck with the Pinterest competition.

  10. Great starts to your paintings. Poor cow though, why do humans treat animals so badly? Would the farmer want his ears tweaked off? Valerie

  11. Two wonderful starts! I think both are on their way to greatness. Can't wait to see the finished pieces. I love the sound of rain, especially the heavy downpours. Really washes things away. Happy PPF

  12. I "liked" your giraffe this morning- I only wish there was a "love" button; it's wonderful!
    And your WIP's are great too- that painting of the cow is going to be incredibly powerful and I can't wait to see "Pretty Industrial" finished as well- LOVE them both!
    PPF Hugs,

  13. Did it! But I couldn't help pinning Geri Centozi's cat too! She's with PPF! I think your giraffe Is so unique! Patsy

  14. Love your new WIP and. Just love them!!! I can't wait to see the end result.

    Have a great day!

    p.s I already saw your giraffe. It's absolutely stunning!! I'll go to pin it!

  15. Both are awesome photos and are shaping up to be awesome paintings. We are having tons of rain here too. Not usual for us this late. Strange weather everywhere. That is a fantastic camera S has to capture those drops with a picture in them. HPPF

  16. LOVE both works in progress! I can't wait to see how they turn out. I'm here in Oregon with Cris and I swear, the weather in Oregon is quite similar to England. I definitely understand about the tights! I bought a beautiful raincoat on sale last week, thinking I would save it for fall, and wore it the next day. I'm trying to wear summer clothes, because I want summer so badly, but then I end up freezing.

  17. Your vision is so strong and clear. I love to watch your paintings evolve. Wish we could swap weather for a day or so, it hit 110 here today. I'd give nearly anything for a good thunderstorm.

  18. I just tried to like your Giraffiti but the server is down for a few minutes. I'll try again becasue Giraffiti was awesome.

    Love your cow too. :)

  19. Great WIPs and awesome photograph of the raindrops!

  20. Great photo at the storage yard! Your painting from the photo reference is excellent.

    Love the texture in the cow portrait, too!

    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  21. Seriously loving your developing style and all your paintings of rain dropped images!!!! Very very nice.

  22. Love those rain images!! Such a cool approach to art.

  23. OH I have been waiting to see this one:-) Glad you're working on it - looks promising already! Love the title too - you are so creative with words!

  24. absolutely love the drops and the cow! I like the brushstroke look. Went to pinterest but looks like you've already got it cinched :D congrats!

  25. Your WIPs are looking great so far! - Can't wait to see more.
    And the giraffe is awesome!

  26. LOve Love the Pretty Industrial! I have been mulling in my head how much simple color and form attracts me. This is a great inspiration.

    Thank You!!


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