Monday, 27 August 2012

The art of styling a wedding...

I'm not sure if many of you have ventured back to the beginnings of my blog but when I first started it back in 2010 I was planning my wedding to S and spent many an hour at work  surrepticiously surfing through Rock n Roll Bride's blog for all sort of wedding eye candy (in my old job obvs, I don't do it now in my current place of work!) Even though I already knew exactly what I wanted and what we were doing for our wedding I still loved looking at other folks' weddings, whether they were themed or elopements, massive feasts or intimate ceremonies.  Anyway,  despite no longer having an excuse by way of an upcoming wedding (not even as a guest), I still sometimes pop over just to have a look at all the gorgeously styled weddings and the amazing photos and locations individual to each couple, that feature on Rock n Roll Bride's blog.

So you're no doubt wondering why I'm wittering about weddings on an art blog. Well, the thing is, Kat, who is Rock n Roll Bride has teamed up with Next to offer her readers the chance to win £500 of Next vouchers (and who wouldn't want a chance to play around with clothes and win that).  All we have to do is rifle virtually through the racks of Next clothes in their online store and come up with a few different outfits for anyone in the wedding party - the bride, groom, bridesmaids, whoever we fancy.

I decided to give it a go as I've nothing to lose and possibly £500 worth of Next clothes to gain (I'm already lusting after a pair of grey Reiker boots I spied when putting these outfits together - in the interests of research it was necessary to look through the entire women's section!)

I may have been inspired by the lack of any discernible summer at all here in Norn Iron this year but I fancied a laid back, bohemian beach wedding. As I was putting this look together I think I was channeling surf chick artist Ivy from 90210! 

Every girl needs a decent pair of shades for a sun-drenched beach wedding and being ever practical (though possibly not very rock n roll) I included some flats to change into for the dance floor when the heels get too much!

Bohemian Bridesmaid  total -  £218
2.Snake print dress 
3.Metal Mesh Knot Belt
4.Pewter embellished T-bar sandals
5.Strippy Diamante Sandals 
6.Grey rectangle purse 

Next up is the cute page boy who's going to be equally laid back - no fussy suits or twee bow ties, please!

Page boy total - £51-£60
2.Trousers and Braces
3.Converse Chuck Taylor Hi

Last but not least is the flower girl - plenty of girly sparkle but no frills or frou-frou!

Flower girl total - £48-£55
1.Shift Dress
3.Pink Corsage Mary Jane Shoes

The budget was £500 so based on the above I could have one bridesmaid, a page boy and four flower girls!  That's most of the supporting cast sorted anyway!

The rules for the competition are that we post our choice of outfits on our own blog, with links to the items on Next's website and a link back to Rock n Roll Bride's blog.  Kat then chooses the winner after the closing dated on 31 August (which just so happens to be my parents' 55th wedding anniversary - a sign perhaps?!)Wish me luck!


  1. Made me smile. Looks like a fun wedding.

  2. Sounds more fun than my wedding! Good luck! Valerie

  3. Oh, that sounds like shopping heaven! Keeping my fingers crossed for you! I like the fact that the glasses cost more than twice as much than the wedding dress :). And some flats for the dancing makes a lot of sense. Good luck!

  4. Um right ... I'll pop off and 'er leave you ladies too it! :0))

  5. Haha... Just read John's comment! He is SO funny!
    Well maybe you should be a wedding planner instead of a secretary, lol!
    I am wishing you luck and keeping everything crossed for you! :0)

  6. Good Luck! Maybe you'll get all those clothes! and then you can wear them to your parent's anniversary party.

  7. Impressive collection of outfit.I think these outfits are in really a wonderful idea.


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