Thursday, 20 December 2012

Happy Holidays...

Well,  that's phase one of the house move complete.  We packed up all our belongings and put them into storage and last Friday, 14 December, I walked out the door of our old house and went to work as a legal secretary for the last time!  The dogs and I have been ensconced at my parents' house for a week now and already I've gotten sucked back into soapland! I prided myself on not watching any soaps at all. None. One week of watching them just because my folks' happen to be watching them and I now need to know which of the Branning brothers Kat Slater is sleeping with in Eastenders, whether Chastity will be found guilty of killing Carl King in Emmerdale and whether poor Tyrone will ever grow a pair and leave that nasty fiancĂ©e of his in Coronation Street! 

In other news,  S has been back in Scotland continuing his training for the new job (it's very intense and he's covered a lot of Scottish miles at this stage).  He flies over to N.Ireland on Saturday and then my sister and her husband arrive on Christmas Eve and we'll be having a family Christmas at my parents' house which will be the first for the longest time as S and I always spent Christmas day on our own and went to my folks' for Boxing day so it'll be a nice way to spend our last Christmas living in N.Ireland.

I've spent my first week of not working having a stomach bug and head cold and feeling very sorry for myself, which certainly wasn't what I had planned so today is the first day I've managed to motivate myself to do any art.   I decided to create a doodle Christmas card which I now need to put on my Facebook page to wish all my friends a happy Christmas seeing as I was too disorganised this year to actually buy or post any cards!

I'm linking with Paint Party Friday for the first time in ages and will enjoy getting the chance to visit all my fellow bloggers' blogs also for the first time in ages (the last week in the old house I was computer-less!)

Apologies for the quality of the picture - I'm using my mum's PC but am not so familiar with the picture editing programmes on it!

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone has a wonderful and peaceful time. xx


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