Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Longing to Explore...

Artwork by Aimee. Bad photography by me.

Copyright: Aimee at www.artsyville.blogspot.com 
So, I've been at my parents's house now since 14 December.  Christmas has come and gone and while it was all very nice and and there were lots of fattening and dangerously more-ish nibbles to eat, I've felt like we were in limbo as we just want to get moving on the house move, so to speak.  

Out Scottish solicitor didn't reopen their offices until yesterday so there was nothing to be done but wait.  Now, we've spoken to them and it's all systems go with the entry date to our new house of 18 January still being the goal.

In the meantime, each day has been a bit like ground hog day.  I get up at 7 to let the dogs out and either sit in the living room and catch up with those pesky soaps on Sky+ or if I'm feeling particularly lazy, I bring the dogs back to bed with me until about 9 (or, ahem, 10!).  If it's raining, which it has been every single day, I try to find a gap in the clouds to get the dogs out for a walk at least once, if not twice a day. What with all the rain and the subsequent mud, I seem to spend half my days at the very least drying the dogs feet every time they've been outside if not giving them full on 'belly washes' in the sink after an especially mucky wash! I know it'll be just as mucky, if not more so, in the North of Scotland but at least there we'll be near a beach.  I'd always choose wet sandy dogs over wet mucky dogs!

I have tried and failed to produce any art at all - I can't seem to find my art groove sitting at my parents' kitchen table and just can't seem to get inspired to try the watercolours I brought with me - I miss my acrylics! I feel like my muse has been packed up and is sitting in a packing case along with all our furniture just waiting to be set free in the Highlands!

Anyway, Aimee over at Artsyville, posted the above beautiful illustration on her blog a while back and mentioned that prints were available over at her Etsy shop.  Aimee is an amazing word-smith and I love her beautiful script-work so when I read this and saw how appropriate it was for this exciting stage of our lives, I had to order a print, which I framed and gave to S as part of his Christmas present!  As he now knows of its existence, I can safely blog about it!

Once again apologies about the quality of my photo - I'm a little lost without my own computer and camera so I took it on my tablet and don't know how to use the photo editing programme on my mum's PC!


  1. The words in the print are beautiful and really evoke a feeling...I can totally understand why you bought this. I really enjoy Aimee's blog and work. I also totally understand what you mean about feeling in limbo, or or the proper groove or space or vibe to paint. I know one should create and doodle without the perfect inspiration, just do it kind of thing.... but for me, like you in this situation, I do need to feel a certain way, a calmness or uncluttered-ness at least. If not I feel like "ahh", LOL. For example I'm not in the process of moving (which is exciting), but like if my desk in my bedroom or drawing area in my little living room is a mess I can't draw! I have to pick things up and feel a little clear before I doodle away, so I know what you mean about the groove! But anyway a new home is exciting!!! :D Best wishes.

  2. Not long now then! It is exciting and I am sure that once you're in your new surroundings you will be feeling SO inspired that there will be no stopping you! I'm sure I'd feel the same if I were in someone elses house
    Roll on 18th Jan! :0)

  3. Your muse will return when you are settled, I envy you in the Highlands, so beautiful!! x

  4. things will fall into place, it must be hard waiting to move into your new home, I feel the same way when my art spark is on vacation, if its not there its not there, we just cannot push it can we.Once you get settled you will be right back in the groove painting up a storm!!!

  5. Beautiful and inspiration artwork by Aimee. I will have to share it with friends...and if they want to buy a print, they can just contact her.

    So glad to hear you're getting closer to the big day. I know the days seem endless but remember what it felt like to work, work, work on the busiest of days and you'll appreciate those muddy dog paws. lol ;)

    Wishing you a smooth transition and lots of artsy inspiration soon! Hugs from across the pond!

  6. Before long you will be looking back at your first year in your new home. Being in transit can be such a bummer ...we moved 24 times!!! This is the longest we have lived anywhere. We moved in a year ago (24 years ago) but time flies like an arrow (fruit flies like a banana)!!

  7. Hey, you are in limbo but not for too long. This is an exciting venture and you will be creating again in your own space. I chuckle reading about your wiping of dog feet and dog bellies. Ha! I have two whit dogs and a third white with black spots. I know that routine well!!!!! We'll all be here when you get settled in and creating again.

  8. Ahhh, but you are about to be full-time artist-in-residence! Enjoy the R&R while you can:-) Btw,I really like your new banner (even though it may not be new at all, I have been out of circ for so long!) But that cow and elephant are some of my all-time favorites.

  9. I love that print too.... Changes are fun exciting, slow and Hard all at once... Good luck!


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