Tuesday, 5 February 2013

If the wind changes...

Face 5 of 29 Faces & sketch 8 of 75

This is Face 5 of 29 Faces and also Day 8 of the 75 day sketch challenge.

Yesterday morning, I woke to the sound of hail battering the window, the wind howling round the cottage and the crash of roof tiles as they blew off the roof.  The same two that blew off in the storm last week which S had only been able to fit back in place as best he could as nowhere sold the stuff he needed to secure them properly. He's away until 14 February in Glasgow so we just have to hope that the rain/sleet/hail/snow buggers off and doesn't do too much damage to the gaps where the tiles should be, in the meantime. The wind continued to blow all day yesterday changing direction from south to north but blowing a howler whichever direction it came from.  

I ventured to the beach with the dogs during a brief gap in the showers but our luck didn't hold and we got pebble-dashed with hail on the way back home, walking into the wind like Scott of the Antarctic, snow blind and getting pinged in the face with hail. Although perhaps with my layers of thermal long johns, jeans and waterproof trousers, vest top, long sleeved tee shirt, polo-neck jumper, gloves, ear muffs, ear flap hat and waterproof coat with the hood securely fastened I may have looked more like the abominable snowman.  Still, it blew the cobwebs away and the dogs slept the rest of the afternoon letting me get on with the business of sketching.

Today, thankfully the phone hasn't rung with calls from the Benefits Office - they phoned back yesterday afternoon to see if I wanted to work as a 'sales consultant' in a fish and chip shop! Serving up deep fried animal parts for a living, let me think about it, er, no, thanks.  In other good news, the wind has stopped blowing with such ferocity - I think it may be making it's way south so you may want to batten down the hatches!

In other news, I wanted to show you the gorgeous painting I commissioned from my lovely on-line art buddy, Sandra from Sandraws for S's birthday (the link will take you to her blog post on this painting and a far clearer photo of what it looks like).  Sandra has done a whole series of truly amazing glass paintings and I asked if she would do a pint glass and a short glass representing S and me.  We were both delighted with the result and it now has pride of place on our new living room wall where we can look at it everyday.  Thanks Sandra!

Sandra's glass painting 

Painting in situ


  1. wow, thats some weather!!!!!You do the most beautiful dogs, you truly do and the glass painting is amazing!

  2. Sigh. You're brilliant! LOVE your puppies! xoxo

  3. Aw.. Just popped in to see your latest sketch and saw my own work too!
    The sketch is just amazing - hmm.. again, makes me raise my eyebrows at my own, lol! I'm in awe!
    And I'm so glad you and 'S' are pleased with your His 'n' Hers glasses! And how lovely to see it hanging :0)
    It sounds like you've had a cold welcome to Scotland! Hope it all calms down soon. The Snowdrops have just begun popping up here - but it's suddenly got a lot colder again. Brrr...

  4. He looks like he's ready to jump off the page! So realistic! Sounds like it's a bit cold out there ... ;-)That painting looks like a photo! wonderful, and such a great idea to use the image of 2 glasses.

  5. Another fabulous dog. And your glass painting is wonderful. Stay dry!


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