Saturday, 2 February 2013

Smoke gets in your eyes and Sky gets on our TV...

This is sketch 5 of the 75 day sketch challenge and I'm also using it as face 2 of the 29 Faces challenge! I'm going through black ink pens at a great rate of knots as the pages in my sketchbook are quite roughly textured - probably better for using graphite pencils. I'm also finding it quite difficult to keep my sketches simple and short which I think was the whole point of the exercise - I just get carried away with the dogs' features once I get started but I'll work on making them more 'sketchy'.

Beagle - day 5 of 75 and Face 2 of 29!

In news from Craggis Cottage, we tried to light the fire for the first time yesterday, looking forward to a cosy night in front of a roaring log fire now that all our living room furniture has been settled into place.  S lit some paper first to make sure the chimney wasn't blocked. Well, it obviously hadn't been used for some time as what smoke didn't pour back into the living room starting coming out of little cracks in the chimney stack! Windows were quickly opened and plans to toast our tootsies by the open fire were put on hold until we get a chimney sweep in and S can re-point the chimney stack.

In other news, today we are getting Sky TV installed so we will finally be able to watch the shows we've been missing and catch up on world events (or perhaps not as usually we just end up shouting at the TV when the News is on as it's depressing and frustrating - maybe ignorance is bliss when it comes to the state of the economy!)


  1. oh no! Thats a smokey situation, beautiful doggy sketch, I agree , ignorance may be bliss when it comes to the news, ejoy your Sky tv and your new home, hope the fire is soon fixed!

  2. No person or animal has the right to be this cute. I want to touch this baby's face and kiss, kiss, kiss!

  3. We have an open fire, and it hasn't been "sweeped" as yet,we are planning to do that for Winter 2013 x

  4. Loving your wonderful sketch Nic and am dumbstuck that you finished it so quickly. Do hope you get your fire sorted out soon as the weather seems to be getting colder. Hugs Annette x

  5. What a face! Your drawings are always so fantastic.

  6. Excellent drawing! Thanks for sharing. And I have to say, can't stand the news.... just bad stuff, rarely do they talk about the positive... :oP

  7. This is amazing!! I love all of the detail :)

  8. How beautiful and very stunning art work.
    lovely greet and nice Sunday

  9. I love your doggy portraits. :) Sorry about your chimney adventure.


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