Sunday, 10 March 2013

A dog named Queenie

queenie cane corso
Queenie - Sketch 39 of 75

Recently I read of a horrible story of abuse and neglect which happened somewhere in New York. Queenie, a cane corso (a breed I'd never heard of until this story) had been discovered almost starved to death, locked in a room in a house.  It appears to have been done by a man as a way of getting back at his ex-wife.  

Fortunately, the ex-wife called to the house to collect some belongings and discovered Queenie, just skin and bone, almost at death's door. She was immediately rescued and taken to Grady Animal Hospital.

There's a Facebook page called Justice for Queenie which I followed so I could see if she made it. Well, I'm delighted to report that after some proper love and attention (and plenty of food) she made a great recovery and has now been adopted to live out the rest of her days with a family who will appreciate a dog's love and loyalty. 

I saw a photo of Queenie on her Facebook page the other day and it became my inspiration for one of my daily sketches for the 75 day sketch challenge.  I hope they won't mind me reproducing it here:

Credit: Grady Animal Hospital and Justice for Queenie

In other happy news, I decided to create a new website, somewhere separate from my blog but linked to it, where hopefully folk can browse my work and perhaps commission a pet portrait or other art.  I've put a link in the sidebar of my blog or you can click on if you'd like to have a look - I'd appreciate any feedback or handy hints from fellow artists who have websites too.

Today, I'm linking for the first time to Sunday Sketches hosted by Alexandra over at Blue Chair Diary Illustrations  - I see this link on other folks' blogs all the time and finally am getting round to joining in too!!


  1. Oh what a sad story but great that it ended so well! Love the pet drawing you made as a result of it. Wished I could draw pets so well!

  2. You do such a fine job on these ink drawings. I love them, especially the eyes. Wow, such emotion in every one of them. Your love of dogs shows every time your pen touches the paper, I'm sure of it.

    I will look for Queenie on FB. I'm so happy to hear she's with a good and loving family. I will also check out your site. I plan to have one, too, one of these days. I'm taking a Web Design course at the university soon and hope to have an art page eventually, as I grow and improve.

  3. Your sketch of Queenie is precious. I am so glad her story had a happy ending.

    Your new website is great. The layout is clean and simple, with no difficult navigation that can be so frustrating. Hope it brings you lots of commissions!

  4. So glad you've joined us, Nic. Thank you for your lovely comments and your well wishes. I love your artwork. Amazing work and I look forward to getting to know you better. Best wishes!

  5. I am so glad this story had a happy ending. Your sketch does her proud:)

  6. Stunning sketch to a touching story! <3

  7. Welcome to the gang! I thought you must have been here before!

    I'm glad that story had a happy ending. Poor dog.

  8. Always love your sketches. Queenie is gorgeous Always amazes me how cruel people can be.

  9. Queenie looks adorable! I'm glad everything worked out for her and I'm sorry she had to go through hell. Poor thing.

  10. Love your sketch of Queenie! Sorry about her story though.

  11. Such a sad story! I'm glad she has a loving home now. Your sketch is beautiful.

    ♥ aquariann
    Art Update: White Rabbit Painting

  12. Hey Nic, the Queenie story made me so sad, but I'm glad she's in a new home with a family that will love her and take care of her. What's wrong with peoplel?????

    Your dog art is wonderful. I visited your other blog and loved your tips on how to take a good photo for a portrait of your pet. Good luck. I hope you get so many commissions, you will be swamped with work. :)

  13. I had not realized you had revamped your blog! I have been fading in and out of the blog world in the last year. Great to see you are still making great art, this sketch is beautiful. My heart goes out to that dog. Stories like that always rip at my heart strings, I could never not help an animal let alone hurt it.

  14. so glad you are joining in on a Sunday and I hate reading stories like that... there is no way to comprehend treating an animal like that... your drawing of her is just perfect though... and congrats on the web site... great idea...xx

  15. incredible sketch, stories like this make me crazy. How can anyone abuse an animal.
    cheers to Queenie


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