Monday, 4 March 2013

Eek, it's Not a dog sketch!

Sketch 33 of 75

Hold the presses - in breaking news I have a sketch of an animal other than a dog!!

I get a magazine every quarter from a charity I support called Animal Aid - among many other issues of animal abuse they also campaign on the systematic and unnecessary abuse carried out on 1000's of animals every year in labs and allowed by our government in the name of science.  Anyway, there was a photo of a little white mouse in the magazine and he was so cute and vulnerable that I just had to draw him - pity I messed up the shading on his face. I also then saw the wee hamster above on Facebook and felt compelled to put his adorable little face in my sketchpad too.

Sketch 34 of 75

By coincidence, the next day I was sitting in our sun room looking out at the bird feeder and saw movement by the fat ball. Not the robin we've seen there a few times, but rather a teeny tiny little field mouse!  I know some folk will get all girly and jump up on a chair or think it's gross if they see mice but I happen to think they're cute and, besides, we live in the country so it's inevitable that we'll come across the wee critters from time to time, so as long as we're feeding them outside they might not feel the need to come inside (especially with two terriers on the loose!) So, I grabbed S and he managed to get a couple of photos through the window before the wee mouse got alerted to our presence and scuttled off into the hedgerow again!

Grainy through the window shot of our wee field mouse friend


  1. Aww, love your drawings and such a sweet little field mouse. I agree, I feel desperately sad that animals are abused in the name of science.

  2. Oh my, I can't decide which one's the cutest, the hamster, the little mice. I've never quite understood that fear of mice, I think they're so sweet. My cat used to bring home mice to play and then lost interest, and we ended up having them running around the house all the time. It was always my job to catch them and take them out again, and I swear one of them got carried inside by our cat so many times that he knew where the door was, as he used to sit in front of it, squeeking very loudly.

  3. Love your mouse and hamster sketches! Valerie

  4. Oh wow, that mouse is so cute! I love to see them, but I don't like them running around because I always fear I'm gonna step on them .... And those cute drawings of yours should really put anyone off animaltesting for sure.... I answered your question about websites on my blog ( because you're a no-reply-blogger, so I couldn't mail you. Don't know if you knew that, there is a way to change that, somone told me how to a long time ago but I forgot ....

  5. Oh these are SOooooooooo cute!!!! We live on the edge of a wood, so we see lots of little mice and all sorts of other things. I think they are adorable! The top one nearly bowled me over with those big shiny eyes - just LOVE that! And I really love the sketchiness of the mouse - just perfect! :0)

  6. Such sweet drawings! I feel so sad when I think about all the animals that are used for testing. Such atrocities happen behind closed doors. There has been a bit of a breakthrough recently in Europe regarding the cosmetics industry. The article I read stated, "As from 11 March 2013, no cosmetic product containing an ingredient that has been tested for the purposes of the Directive using animals after this date will be allowed for sale in Europe, irrespective of whether or not an alternative test is available". It's a positive move for animal welfare and, at least, a start. I hope Australia will follow suit.

    I think the whole 'mice are vermin and diseased' stigma has stuck over the generations. I freak out a little mostly because they move so darned fast and, while I like them from a distance, I don't want them up close and personal. I could never harm them though. We live near a creek and, we get the occasional field mouse in the winter months (we have mild winters here) but, rather than set deadly traps, we use 'catch and release' traps. That way, we can release them back near the creek safe and sound...more importantly, alive. They've usually had a feed in the house before they go.

    People should never use poison to kill mice either because, if their predators catch and eat the poisoned mouse, they die too. Owls have particularly been effected because of it. :(

    Have a great week ~ :)

  7. The hamster is just so adorable. I'm just in awe of how you can capture your animals and show such personality and warmth in their eyes. It's almost as though you put your compassion into the eyes of the animals you sketch (if that makes any sense). I truly love your sketches...and since I've been away I'll have to scroll down and see what I've missed.

    Btw, the mouse is cute, too, looking so vulnerable. I'm one of those OH MY GOD IT'S A RODENT! kind of people but in cages I think they're cute...just not running across my kitchen tile. That would FREAK ME RIGHT OUT!! lol

  8. beautiful work, Nic, take care, Diana

  9. All of your animal sketches are great. I like these mouse sketches although I probably would have jumped if I saw the mouse in person.


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