Sunday, 12 May 2013

Nosy cows & a gecko...

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You'll be glad to hear that I don't have any sad tales of nature today. The sheep which were living next door to us with their adorable little lambs moved to a new field last week and yesterday we got some new neighbours who think nothing of staring straight in our windows - the proverbial nosy cows!

The old neighbours

The new neighbours

The bottle of pearlescent medium I ordered to make Phillip's feathers pop arrived so I went over the painting a little with it - it actually really makes a difference.  Hopefully you can see it a little in these photos.  

Happy mother's day to those celebrating it this weekend (we had ours in the UK back in March) and Happy Sunday Sketches hosted as always by Alexandra.


  1. Pearly Phil looks good. Did you buy your pearly stuff from the SAA and enjoy the free postage?

  2. I like your old neighbours cows are busybodies they always want to know whats going on.
    Well you learn something new every day I always thought mother's day was the same all over the world.

  3. I like your gecko, but that pointillism pheasant is breathtaking. That took a lot of patience to do, Nic. Blessings to you, your family and your new neighbors!

  4. Hello Nic!!!!!!!! I love your latest Sketch! What a swee gecko!!!!! And your new nieghbors sound fantastic!!!!!! The photos are so adorable! I have loved cows since I was a wee girl! They are so cute with their big eye lashes! Love your post and Thank you for the sweet note today!!!!!! Have a wonderful Sunday!!!!!!

    1. Your gecko is awesome and love the painting too and such cute neighbors ~ Great shot ^_^

  5. Pearly medium looks really awesome, it's such a wonderful portrait! Your new neighbors look really friendly and nice! :)

  6. beautiful detailed paintings!

  7. I love your gecko! And the painting is so neat! Nice touch focusing in on the texture.

    I hope you don't mind me posting. I like you blog and we have a lot in common! I have an art blog as well and a blog where I've been putting information about Wild Mustangs (if you care about animals, it might be good for you to read.)

  8. such beautiful work! The pearly finish is amazing! I like your nosy neighbors!

  9. Gecko is wonderful and I love your photos. Looks like you're living in heaven on earth. :)

  10. What a fabulous sketch and I LOVE the painting!
    I can see the pearlescent paint :0)
    I like the background too. Another Scottish scene! You must surely have almost enough to take to a local Gallery by now? :0)

  11. I think that the cow is taring in trying to hint to be a subject... perhaps word of your talents are making the rounds in the animal world and he just wants to be a star .. can't blame him ...xx

  12. Oh yes! You had me at pearlescent!
    I love your neighbors - and your pictures are so beautiful. What an pretty environment you live in.
    AND how funny about the paint color! Yes a sign - and a coincidence - as I just convinced my sweet hubs to paint our bedroom this last weekend - I am now the proud owner of pale grey walls.
    So happy to have you play along with SOC again this year - your pieces last year where such an inspiration! xoxo

  13. Oh, and I just saw your SOC 3 button there. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your helping to spread the word ;() xoxo

  14. Tee hee LOVE that little guy at the top. Aww. You're so good at what you do. hee :)

  15. Oh wow, I am always floored with inspiration when I visit your blog.
    I love pearlescent colors and how they add a different vibe to a painting.
    Phillip is rockin' it!
    Perfect photograph of the cow.
    And the gecko drawing is so cute.

  16. Wow where you live is amazingly beautiful. So inspiring.

  17. I laughed out loud at the photo of the nosy cow. Phillip the pheasant is spectacular, made better by pearlescent paint. You live in a beautiful place.


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