Saturday, 29 June 2013

Sew what?

Day 72 of 75 

I didn't blog on Friday because I've been working on the commissioned dog portrait and I knew if I blogged I'd spend all afternoon visiting blogland and not one single dot of ink would be applied to the page. I should've been working on it today too but the animal shelter I volunteer at was having an open day so I went in this morning to help exercise all the dogs while the staff were making sure the place was all spic and span for the folk visiting in the afternoon.  

Day 73 of 75 - the end is in sight!

Then in the afternoon, I missed the open day as we had to drive to the nearest big (relatively speaking) town 45 minutes away to buy a sewing machine (I bought new curtains for the 3 massive windows in our living room but they're all way too long - the downside of internet shopping as the first lot I bought had to be returned as they weren't the right colour and it cost me a fortune in postage to send them back!)  Anyway, I can't use a sewing machine for the life of me so I'm very lucky to have a husband that can! Must've been his army training when he was young or something but he's a dab hand at making curtains from scratch so taking up a few hems will be a breeze!

Anyway, I'm linking to Alexandra's Sunday Sketches (albeit a day early) so that I can post another of the never-ending sketches from the 75 day sketch challenge. I'll be spending all day Sunday working on the dog portrait but will pop by to visit other Sunday Sketchers when I get a chance.


  1. A husband who can sew! Now that's a rare thing! Love your little Gerbil, Good luck with the curtains :)

  2. I can't use a sewing machine either! The cotton always gets knotted and the needle invariably snaps - as does my temper.

    You should definitely stick to drawing and painting that's what I say!! Lovely pieces.

  3. Good luck with the sewing S ! Looking forward to seeing the new curtains....

  4. Mine can't use a sewing machine but he can cook so thats not so bad, the little bunny is so sweet but he doesn't look to happy , he is just a grumpy bunny which makes it all the better.

  5. A husband that can sew, wow. Love the sketches

  6. Finish today!!! Artistic licenses are being discontinued July about it here.

  7. Lucky you that you have a husband that can use a sewing machine. I can't sew or use a sewing machine. Like the sketches although the bunny looks a little cranky. :)

  8. How cute is your bunny - I love it! I love sewing, but I am really bad at it. I keep doing it though hoping that it will one day get better!! I hope you had a great weekend x

  9. Aww... that rabbit made my heart melt! Great sketches!!
    I am also useless with a needle and thread and I have to leave that one to Paul, lol! But neither of us would know how to even thread a sewing machine, let alone sew with it! :0)

  10. That bunny is SOOOO cute! Or I should day " sew" cute t fit the post. I am very impressed w/ your husband! :-)

  11. Wonderful sketches...I love the bunny's attitude...adorable... Also girlfriend you need to know about stitch's a sticky fabric tape or hem fuser you turn up the hem and iron the fuser and it sticks the fabric on pants, curtains anything.... and you can wash or dryclean it!! I can sew but find it often quicker to do big bulky projects with it!!

    Hugs Giggles


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