Saturday, 27 July 2013

A mosaic of summers past...

When I visited Denthe's blog on Friday she had created a mosaic to show her artwork for the the six weeks of Summer of Colour 2013 and put it together with the six weeks of Summer of Colour 2012 to see the similarities and differences in her work then and now. I really loved this idea and so, apologies to Denthe for my lack of originality and pilfering of her idea, but I really wanted to do the same!!

It's funny to see the different styles I used this year and last year - on both occasions it turned out that I had just discovered a mini obsession with a particular technique which just happened to coincide with the Summer of Colour challenge and so used the same theme throughout regardless of the colour choices. Who knows what it'll be next year!

I'm linking to Sunday Sketches although I'm cheating slightly as these aren't really new sketches more recycled illustrations. 

In other news, the third of the art exhibitions I've taken part in since moving to Scotland is on at the moment. This is the big one through the Society of Caithness Artists and runs from 21 July (the preview evening where myself and Angela ran around like blue-arsed flies sticking red stickers on all the work that sold - none of which was ours!) until 3 August. I did a couple of hours on the sales desk on Friday afternoon and popped in with S today to show him the exhibition - there are 342 pieces of art and sculpture in the show this year and unfortunately at the time of going to press I have yet to sell any of my pieces :0/  hey ho, it's been a learning curve and I think next year I'll do smaller, less time consuming and therefore less expensive pieces). Still, there's another week to run so I'll try to keep thinking positive thoughts and you never know!

By the way, If you haven't read my last post then check it out if you fancy winning a free on-line art class courtesy of - the closing date to enter is Wednesday 31 August.


  1. Wow they are both fantastic! It is really interesting seeing the difference in the style you used then and now.
    I am sure the sales will come rolling in soon. Your work is really amazing.

  2. I am amazed to see these very different styles side by side. What a wonderful creative range you have.

  3. Lovely! Beautiful landscapes with sweet colours. They are all so cute.
    Fun animal portraits. Awesome expressions.

  4. Love the idea of Now and Then. It's nice to see how we improve and what styles or ideas we are interested in in each period. A nice record of an art life :)

  5. I get obsessed by styles or media too - at the moment it's all dreamy Goddess paintings!

    These are lovely :)

    Nice to hear from you today xx

  6. I love those patchwork animals from last year. New header looks good too - amazing what we can get done when it's raining outside!

  7. Hi Nic, I love both collages. They are very different which shows how versatile you are. Good luck with the show. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that some lucky (and smart person) will take home one of your pieces.

    I keep thinking about the comment you left on my blog on Wednesday. I hope that one day you will go back and revisit your books. When I read your posts I can always picture so clearly the places or situations that you are writing about. I have a feeling that I would really enjoy your books as well.

    Have a great week.

  8. I doubt either of you are first to collage your art, so I see no apologies necessary! I like both styles!

  9. How interesting seeing the two mosaics of your work for the past two year. And I'm happy to see my very own personal Nic's Earth NYC sketch up there in the 2013 mosaic.

    Hang in there re the art show. There's still time to sell something.

  10. Lovely work! Like how you're exploring both styles. Happy SS!

  11. Love the way you have montaged your summer of colour collection, how fab they look together! RE the exhibition, the right person has not come along yet, I am more then sure they will. I have four pieces on show atm and I know the expectation of desperately wanting a sale only too well. paintings take love and time to create, so only right they wait for that right person to find them.
    much love x

  12. I love seeing it all together like this - and yes, it's so interesting to see how they differ. But the good thing is that they still all have something about them that says 'Nicola'. You do have a style I am sure I would recognise amongst other artists. Good luck - I hope you make some sales!! :0)

  13. I really like how you combined all the artwork for this summer's color challenge like that. I'll have to try fun!

    Best of luck in this exhibit. Hoping someone wakes up and purchases your art quickly...while you're still affordable. You will be worth millions in the future, m'dear.

  14. Your mosaics are cute! Well done. Your summer of color is my favorite. :)

  15. Both mosaic pieces look fabulous! Love how you keep it in style. I'm all over the place. :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your at the exhibition. :)


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