Thursday, 10 October 2013

A view of Derry/Londonderry

'Peace Bridge, Derry/Londonderry' - Watercolour paint spatters & Indian Ink

This week I've got something a little different from my normal subject matter. These are two pieces that I was asked to do by my mum in the style of the Big Skies, Little Planet illustrations. She's a member of a Women's Institute (W.I) and they are looking for small gifts to give to the members of a visiting Institute later in the year. She had shown the committee my fridge magnets and suggested giving out fridge magnets with illustrations of landmarks in Derry, my home town.  

Here's what they actually look like: Peace Bridge & Guildhall if you want to have a look!

I don't do architectural/structural drawings (whimsical imaginary cottages don't count!) so this was a bit of a challenge for me. I wanted them to still be in the same quirky style of illustration but also to be recognisable as the landmarks they are. It did take me a couple of attempts before I was happy with the Peace Bridge but I think they turned out okay. 

'Guildhall, Derry/Londonderry'
Watercolour paint spatters & Indian Ink

Mum has given them to the committee so now I'm just waiting to hear back.  I don't suppose that nepotism will come into it as mum doesn't have any sway over what they decide, unfortunately!! Still, fingers crossed, and if nothing else it got me out of my comfort zone to try drawing something slightly different from normal. 

I've been working on a couple of other things for both the Christmas craft fair and the Christmas Art Exhibition both being held in Caithness Horizons but they're all still works in progress so more on those to follow.

The other thing I did this week was recreate a design that I had created a couple of years ago and which I had tattooed onto my back with the words 'Art & Soul'.  I decided it would fit as a sort of logo for my blog/shop/business cards and so over the next wee while I'll set about adding it to all my stationery and whatnot.  I added it to the back of a card I sold on Etsy this week and I quite like how it looks!

That's all my news for this week.  Quite a short post by my standards! Winter has set in early up in the Highlands and the computer is in the only room in the house that the previous owners didn't put a radiator in so it's kinda cold and I don't want to hang about too long up here!

I'm linking to Paint Party Friday and will visit other blogs, old and new, over the weekend on my tablet from the warmth of the sun room downstairs!


  1. smashing idea of your mother's and your paintings look great. Happy PPF, Annette x

  2. Well done on your lovely paintings, I love your new direction and the style you use has adapted so well to drawing buildings. I have never visited Derry but have a soft spot for Northern Ireland as my daughter went to Uni in Belfast and I used to visit her often. I hope your new venture goes well, best of luck. x

  3. These are fabulous! You should be so happy with them x

  4. Charming! I love the Guildhall painting -- it's a great mix of whimsy and realism.

  5. Wonderful work this week, I especially love the Peace Bridge, beautifully done! HPPF!

  6. Love your fridge magnets and you are a busy gal and getting things done. You should be very proud of yourself. Moving to a new place, getting established, finding work, volunteering, painting! Girl, you do it all. Congrats.

  7. really wonderful new painting Nic. I think they're perfect for magnets and a lovely gift!! Love your photos of Derry. I so hope to see it one day. Stay warm and have a great week!

  8. These are both delightful! I love the spirals on the tree by the spire building! And the splatter painting is beautiful. Hope the choose to go with your idea! HPPF!

  9. Very nice work, these would be perfect for gifts! <3

  10. They are fabulous! I have no doubt your art will be accepted. :)

  11. If only everyone who steps out of his/her comfort zone could create such beauty! I did click on the links and girlie, you nailed them both! Beautiful work and I do hope the right eyes see them and request more of your fabulous work! Fingers crossed for you. Hugs and keep up the amazing work! Stay warm. :)

  12. You can do everything! Great representations of the bridge and the Guildhall but done in your own style. I love the cards. I really love the little swirls in the trees!

    I think you talked about this before, but how do you do the paint splatters and not get the splatters on your image? Frisket?


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