Sunday, 13 October 2013

There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness...

Jotter Doodle - Chakrabbit  - paint spatter watercolour & ink

Recently I learnt about a really horrible way of hunting known as 'lamping' which involves big, strong, testosterone-filled men (or women) going out at night with really bright spotlights which they shine into the eyes of ferocious predators timid, little rabbits. The light blinds them and the rabbits do what prey animals are known to do, they freeze, in the hope that if they don't move they might be safe. Their eyes reflect the light and then the hunters shoot them, much, I imagine, like shooting fish in a barrel.

At the moment we have quite a few baby rabbits at the re-homing centre. They're adorable, frightened, nervous, little things that to me are the epitome of innocence. How anyone could take pleasure in shooting these gorgeous wee critters is simply beyond my comprehension. 

I know that farmers will say they are pests, that they eat the crops and cost them money but, like everything else that seems to have gone wrong in nature, mankind can usually be found at the root of it. We introduced them to Britain from their native Spain in the 12th Century and we all know how successful they've been at breeding (like rabbits!) Of course, as soon as some other species dares to eat something that humans can make money from, they become a pest and so we decide we have to get rid of them. It's just a shame that we can't leave nature alone and let it look after itself. 

Anyway,  I got off my soapbox long enough to create this wee jotter doodle, inspired by the cute bunnies at the centre. I found this quote by Han Suyin on-line and it seemed pretty perfect.

Jotter Doodle Greetings cards available in my Etsy shop 


  1. A beautiful quote and little rabbit piece, the description of lamping filled me with horror, I know these things happen and reading it in black and white makes it all the more vivid. There is nothing wrong with getting onto the soapbox when you have something so important to say, i hope the beautiful little rabbits find a loving and caring home.

  2. Beautiful quote and illustration! I've said so many times that the only real 'pest' on this planet is the human race. What we have done to animals and to the environment is reprehensible on so many levels. :( And yes, animals we deem as 'pests' usually means that we have encroached on that animals' natural habitat to begin with, or that we have introduced a species not native to the habitat, and then we have the gall to complain about the consequences. The human race needs to seriously wake up to itself. Sadly, lamping is also used here for rabbits, kangaroos, etc.....breaks my heart. :(

  3. It's called spotlighting here and I don't think it done very much here anymore, we don't have plagues of rabbits anymore. The same thing happened here they were introduced by the early settlers for food but having few meat eaters here they exploded in numbers and were competition to the native animals and domestic was a problem. A control measure was introduced and that was worked but that was not a kindly measure.

  4. Yikes - "lamping" sounds absolutely awful!
    But, your drawing on the other hand, is beautiful :)
    I also love your Derry drawings... I'm glad you stepped out of your usual to try some architecture (I think you should do even more)!

  5. I like your jotter doodle and your rant. The rant is so needed but not much heeded by the folks that do this. We are over run by rabbits this season and no one, here, is bothering them. They are nibbling away at everything. Had no climatis in my backyard this year due to their influx.....but I did not "lamp" them. Hope they can find a way to make it through the winter, though.

  6. Your card and quote is inspiring. So sad to hear about "lamping". My sister has a bunny as a pet and it is so soft and sweet how could anyone do that?

  7. I am so totally with you on this Nicola! I couldn't agree with you more! These cards you are doing are my absolute favourites so far! There is something so unique about them... Could you not do a series and show them to a card company? :0)

  8. such a sweet illustration and beautiful quote. I have always been an avid animal lover (was even a PETA member for awhile and actually belonged to "the Freedom Chicken Fighters" until I determined some of the actions were a bit too radical for me and I did not relish the thought of jail :) I never heard of lamping and hope I never hear of it around here. I love my bunnies.

  9. Love you cute bunny + the quote suits it perfectly! I imagine that lamping is similar to spotlighting here, I always thought it was unfair for the animals they were hunting. x


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