Sunday, 10 November 2013

Art Every Day Month - Day 10

'Winter fire and ice' - a new title for a new look

So, the winter pointillism landscape that I posted back on day 5?  There was something about it that I wasn't entirely happy with. It seemed to lack depth and a sense of distance.  Anyway, I had all three little canvasses sitting on my desk easel and S happened to mention that they would look even better if the hills in all three lined up so that if the same person were to buy all 4 of them (hope springs eternal!) they could be hung in a straight line. I hadn't even noticed that summer and autumn lined up - that was a coincidence but once S pointed it out I saw how it would look better and because I wasn't happy with winter anyway, I decided to give it a do over.

This is what it looked like before:

Summer, Autumn and Winter before the do over

I had used a photograph from Paint My Photo as loose reference for the fence and added artistic licence for the rounded landscape and sky colour but this time I decided to stick more to the colours in the photo which were more orange than the pink and purple I'd previously gone with.  I also added a bare branched winter tree to hopefully convey a sense of distance the way the sheep and haybales do in the other paintings. 

Apologies for the poor photographs - it's hard to get decent ones once the light goes out of the day and I wrote this last night as we're off west to do a 10 mile hike today but I was determined not to miss a day of AEDM!

Anyway, this is how all three of them look together now:

This is my submission for AEDM Day 10.



  1. Oh boy, I hit "sign out instead of I don't know what will happen when I comment.

    Let's try this again...I love the hills lining up in your paintings as well as the colors and the beautiful theme. S really pointed out something that made a huge difference, and the tree you added...also a nice touch.

    Enjoy your hike! Sounds like good exercise and very soothing to the sense.

  2. How beautiful they look as a group together! I love the sky in your reworked piece.

  3. I like them all lined up together.

  4. They all look lovely together like that! It's nice that you have a series going on. They all compliment each other beautifully! :0)

  5. Oh wow, they are wonderful. Kim

  6. S is very valuable! Don't let him go! :) Your paintings look great individually or lined up. (Good eye "S")


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