Monday, 11 November 2013

Art Every Day Month - Day 11

Stepping Stones - our dogs don't like to get their feet wet!

So, we live on the North East coast of Scotland and yesterday we headed off to the North West Coast where it's hillier and altogether very dramatic and beautiful.  It took about an hour and a half to get to our destination which was Sandwood Bay - the most stunning beach which we only had to walk a mere 4 and a half miles to reach!

It was a perfectly crisp clear autumn nearly winter day and we had a lovely walk to the beach, up and down the beach another where we stopped in the dunes for a picnic lunch and then a lovely walk back from the beach another 4 and a half miles to the car.  The dogs were absolutely zonked and slept all the way home.

Perfect day for a picnic!

Me at Sandwood Bay

We stopped in at my friend, Angela's house - in the absolute middle of nowhere it makes our quiet country village cottage seem like it's in busy city centre!

It was too late when I got home last night to start any art and I seem to be working a day ahead of myself for the AEDM challenge so I don't have any actual art to post today....however, photography is art, right? I did take a few Instagram shots of our day out so perhaps that will count?!

Reuben enjoying the view out the car window!

Brodie - mistress of all she surveys!

I have started the 4th in the series of pointillism landscapes but it's not finished yet so I don't want to post it. 
Instead, I'll post the photos of the calendar and card that I have finally listed in my Etsy shop!

Christmas Feeling - Jotter Doodles Christmas card in my Etsy shop now.
Year at a glance laminated calendars in A4 & A5 size 

I'm linking up with AEDM Day 11 and will hopefully have something new for tomorrow



  1. I enjoyed so seeing your doggies!!!
    fun pictures and neat calendar!!

  2. Those beaches look gorgeous. I loved seeing you and S and of course Ruben and Brody with their little jackets.

  3. Fab photos, love the hat! Was good to see you out West!

  4. What a lovely day you all had-then again, I think any day at the beach is a good day :). Sweet pups and nice photos all around. Your card looks great next to the snowglobe.

  5. beautiful photographs, Sutherland is I think one of the most beautiful areas of Scotland, looks like you had a great day out!

  6. Now that I see this older post, I just answered my own question about Westies! So cute. I bet they were zonked. I would be too. What a marvelous place. xox

  7. Gaaagh! Can hardly keep up with you!
    Lovely pics Nic... Hmm... I have a question... What moisturiser do you use???
    Aren't you supposed to be a little weathered from the cold, lol! You look about twelve! :0)


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