Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Art Every Day Month - Day 12

'Christmas pup' - Jotter doodle in ink and watercolour Christmas card

This is an illustration idea that popped into my head thanks to wee Brodie, one of our dogs. She's super scruffy at the moment as her fur is growing in for winter and she looks especially cute, if rather grubby.

I thought it would make a sweet jotter doodle Christmas card design but I stuck to just painting the fairy lights this time rather than spattering the paint like I usually do - it makes for a serious lack of control as to how the spatters will turn out and I just wanted the lights coloured.

The quote seemed appropriate because any time the dogs get up to mischief we say 'uh oh, what have you done?'!!

This is my submission for AEDM Day 12.



  1. Nice post! Thanks & Welcome for your next visit to my blog
    Have a nice day!

  2. So cute! where do you get all these ideas?

  3. Oh that is just super cute can see that on some Christmas cards..

  4. love the way you have just coloured the fairy lights, super piece would make a great christmas card.

  5. this is SOOOO adorable Nic!!

  6. I saw this on Facebook and I think it's my favorite of your Jotter cards so far! It's adorable!
    I think you made the right decision not to spatter this time, because those lights really stand out against the white background :0)

  7. Certainly looks as if Brodie has been a little bit naughty. I agree that it would make a great Christmas card with the dancing colours of the lights.


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