Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Art Every Day Month - Day 13

I'm late in the day getting to post this but here it is anyway. This is the final pointillism landscape in the series of four that I'm taking along to the Christmas Exhibition.

This is spring and it is entirely a figment of my imagination although it would be lovely to live in that little white cottage!

'Springing back to life' - pointillism landscape in acrylic 5x5 inches

Here's all four of the pieces together:

Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter

This is my submission for AEDM Day 13



  1. What a fun series! I like it a lot! It's so creative.....

  2. these are great! love seeing them side by side. so pretty!

  3. Another set of winners. I really love these pointillist pictures.

  4. That's amazing! Such gorgeous images with all the little dots. I like the entire series!

  5. Fabulous, both the series and each by itself

  6. They make a lovely set - and I think the spring one is my favourite (even without any sheep in it!) x

  7. indeed it WOULD be lovely to live in that white cottage surrounded by hills of grass and flowers-beautiful!


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