Thursday, 14 November 2013

Art Every Day Month - Day 14

'Light of Love' - jotter doodles Christmas Card 

I was talking to S on the phone yesterday afternoon (he's been away on Orkney for a couple of days) and mentioned that the only art I'd done was adding my signature to the bottom of my 4 pointillism landscapes. I moaned that I was 'all arted out' with the Art Every Day challenge and didn't think I had enough creativity or energy left to keep doing something every day for the next two weeks. Instead of sympathising and telling me 'There, there, you don't need to finish the challenge if you don't want to' S said 'Well, you've started it now so you should really see it through'! It's one of the things I love about him - he gives me the metaphorical kick up the bahooka I need, when my inner sloth decides to pay a visit. He's right I should see it through. I mean, no one is going to die if I were to stop right here, half way through the month but even though it's difficult getting something done every day, there's no doubt that this challenge has been brilliant for getting me to do things I may not have done otherwise - the little dog paintings on the brown cards and the ACEOs, for example, never mind it's helped me think up a few more jotter doodles to add to the greetings card range.

In fact, I'd had this wee highland cow milling about in my head for a day or two and after finishing my phone call with my lovely husband, I decided to get her down on paper. Normally I have a quote in mind and come up with a drawing that fits it but this time (as with the doodle of the Westie with the fairy lights on Day 12) I came up with the illustration and then needed to find a quote that worked with it. I think this one does if you think of 'light of love' as a warm rainbow striped scarf for a cold cow on a snowy day!

So, this is my contribution to AEDM Day 14 and I will keep on participating til the end of November!



  1. Ah, Nic, I know exactly how you felt. I took on the challenge for that same reason, to get me creating every day instead of sitting at my worktable staring into space.
    I love your whimsical little animals and the quotes just add that extra bit to them

  2. Lovely and inspiring post :) with sweet Highland cow :). Thank you for sharing.

  3. This is absolutely ADOABLE!!! I just LOVE these cards you have made...So unique and fun! Really Nic - you MUST send all of these designs to a card company because i am SURE they would snap them up! I can remember feeling really burnt out during the 75 day sketch challenge... It's hard to keep it up - but I was SO glad I didn't give up when I'd finished. You can do it Nic! :0)

  4. Very sweet and you go, girl….we can do this!! After all, we are artists and we scribble and doodle everyday. Even if it's just on the pad by the telephone, right?

  5. that colorful scarf is just the perfect touch!! love it :)

  6. he is so sweet Nic! Thanks to your hubby for spurring you on!


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