Saturday, 23 November 2013

Art Every Day Month - Day 23

Log Cabin painted bird house with Woodpecker

So, it's back to the painted bird houses for the Christmas Craft Fair today.  I started this one a couple of weeks back but hadn't done anything more to it so I thought I better get my finger out as the fair is on 7 December which isn't really that far away (I'm printing out greetings cards as we speak to try and get all my stock together or I'll end up in a mad panic the day before!)

Anyway, this is the 4th of the bird houses, I have another 2 blank ones which I hope to get done in time. 

This one is based on a log cabin - the kind I imagine that folk in America escape to when they need a break from the big city lifestyles - you know like Aidan took Carrie to in one episode of Sex in the City ( I never did understand why she chose Big over the lovely Aidan but that's a whole other topic which doesn't involve painted bird houses!)

As it's a log cabin I figured the only bird I could possibly paint on this one would be a woodpecker! This is a greater spotted woodpecker and funny enough we've got a family of them living in the trees near us and one even popped down for a nibble at our bird table this morning as I was sitting painting this. He quickly flew off again though when he discovered the restaurant was closed - bad wildlife feeding person that I am, I forgot to buy more bird seed and nuts the last day I was in town and he didn't seem keen on the fat balls!

This is my submission for AEDM Day 23.



  1. I love this! I've painted my share of birdhouses through the years but never thought to do the "log" effect. That is genius and I love the little woodpecker on it! Nice work.

  2. Charming little log cabin for the woodpecker. xox

  3. The bird house looks almost too good to be put out for the birds, and I love the idea of painting a bird on it. Mr Woodpecker looks as if he's proud to have excavated that hole all by himself. I can see people buying such lovely birdhouses as decorative pieces in their homes. Good luck with the craft fair.

  4. It is so sweet!! And I love the idea of the woodpecker on the log cabin! I hope you sell lots at the craft fair... Wish we could do one together :0)

  5. such a darling bird house Nic! I love the woodpecker with the log cabin-the warm browns look so good against the pops of red!


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