Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Art Every Day Month - Day 27

Baby Sloth doodimal ACEO - 2.5 X 3.5 inches - ink and watercolour 

Although I don't think there is a baby animal that isn't cute, I have to say that after watching some You Tube clips of baby sloths at a sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica recently, I think they might just be the cutest baby animals ever!

Even adult sloths are super cute - they're like the hippie of the animal kingdom, just hanging around all day, chilling, with a spaced out smile on their sweet little faces!

So, my submission for AEDM Day 27 was inspired by these happy little critters (although I've managed to make mine look more irritated than innocent - oops!)



  1. They are such amusing creatures aren't they? Sooooo sloooow... A lovely drawing! :0)

  2. Sloths are such funny creatures and you made him look so interesting! The colours and line work is great. So fun!

  3. A for adorable!!! I too think every animal is cute in its own way :)

  4. Yes all baby animals are cute, but I love what you've done with this one

  5. Oh she is adorable! So cute! Sorry I said "she" maybe because it's the flowers on her head. : )


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