Thursday, 28 November 2013

Art Every Day Month - Day 28

Love Birds Doodimal ACEO (2.5 X 3.5 inches) ink and watercolour 

Sticking with the doodimal ACEO theme and sort of sticking to creatures that live in trees but this time the feathered variety, today's submission to AEDM is a couple of love birds.

I learnt a lesson not to be lazy with this one. I always start with pencil to draw the outline and the various doodles and then go over it with a Sakura Micron pen. Then I paint in the sections with watercolour and once that's dry I go over the doodles and outlines in pen again as the watercolour tends to dull the clarity of the black. Anyway, the problem with going over the paint with the pen is that it can clog the flow of ink and that's what happened - I ruined the pen.  Now, instead of going to my art supply cupboard and getting a new Micron pen, I lazily used one that I knew had a better flow but that wasn't strictly waterproof. What happened? Well, the ink in the pink bib section of the male bird ran and made a complete mess. I thought I would have to scrap it, but before I did I decided to try painting over it in white gouache a couple of times and then repainting the pink watercolour over the top. Then, using a proper Micron pen I added the dots to the section to disguise any black ink that might still be peeking through from the previous mistake.  I think I might just have gotten away with it.  

The moral of the story?  Use the proper tools and don't cut corners because you're too lazy to get off your as$ and get a new pen.

I'd just received a new box of 12 Sakura Micron pens yesterday in the post as well.  Although turns out the numbering for nib thickness is a bit confusing - I ordered 05 when I should've ordered 005.  Now I've got 12 pens with nibs too thick for the delicate doodles I need to do on ACEOs. Hey ho, I'll use them for something I'm sure. 

Anyway, this is my submission for AEDM Day 28.



  1. Mistakes? Really? I can't tell. Your love birds looked great. Well I guess you will have lots of pens to do bigger doodiamls.

  2. Looks great to me and I would not know there was any mistake there at all if you did not say and really I cant see it anywhere even with you describing it.. Love the birds they are so bright and vibrant..
    Sandy :)

  3. You did a great job at covering up the run because I can't find it. It looks wonderful! I LOVE my 005 pens...very fine and ideal for initial drawing or fine detailing.

  4. Everything looks so good in the week's round-up, very impressive and lets me see the one I missed. Love the dogs, are they Cairn terriers? The gouache ATC is lovely, I like the ink lines around them, the lovely movements of the pen.

  5. Love the doodle art, and the colours you use are wonderful, you have inspired me to have a go, thanks for an explanation of your method. White gouache can hide a number of disasters, lol! as I only know too well. You did a good cover up.

  6. nope, I see no mistakes so you did a fab job covering up Nic! I get confused by the numbers on those pens too so when I use a number I like I write the number on an index card along with drawing a line and writing a word so I know just what to look for now :)

  7. Love all your doodle art this week Nic. Well done with keeping up with the challenge!


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