Sunday, 3 November 2013

Art Every Day Month - Day 3

'Jimmy Blue' - Ink and Gouache on Brown Card 135mm x 135mm

It's back to the dogs today. This wee dote is a Bedlington Terrier/Lurcher cross and he's another sweetheart with a very gentle temperament just longing for affection and a forever home. I actually wouldn't change his name as it's already pretty cool but for the purposes of this post, if he were mine I'd call him Jimmy Blue after one of Del Amitris' best songs 'Move away Jimmy Blue'  (a very underrated band from the 90's who should've been much more famous than they were and who we're going to see play a reunion tour in Glasgow next January - I last saw them in Belfast as a student in 1990!)

This is the wee critter in real life.

The real Jimmy Blue

This is my contributions to AEDM Day 3


  1. I love the way you made his eyes say "choose me, please"…precious

  2. Jimmy Blue is gorgeous and what a lovely painting you did of him....gorgeous eyes both in your painting and for real. I sure hope he finds a forever home, bless his little heart. xx

  3. Oooh, look at him! I'd take him home any day ...

  4. What a wonderful piece. I'm absolutely taken back at your finished works. Stunning! This one is utterly adorable! :)

  5. Ahh, I love Jimmy Blue, what a sweetie and what a great job capturing those eyes. And I too LOVE Del Amitri, still listen to them regularly, how fun to get to see them live!

  6. I always love your animal paintings and Mr. Jimmy Blue is beautiful. I hope he finds his forever home soon. If I was rich I would take them all home.


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