Saturday, 30 November 2013

Art Every Day Month - Day 30!!!

'A mother's love' - jotter doodle greetings card - ink and watercolour
It's the last day - hurrah and congratulations to everyone who completed the challenge. It was so good for me to do this not least because I now have several ACEOs and jotter doodle designs to make into greetings cards for my Christmas Fair stall next Saturday!!

Today's submission is back to the jotter doodles. This idea popped into my head one day when I was out walking the dogs and initially I had thought of it as a Christmas design but actually I think it might make rather a good Mother's day card instead. So, it may be a little early but this design will be going in my Etsy shop for anyone who wants to get a head start on Mother's day cards for next year!!

I had a search for a quote that would work and I think this one is pretty good. Not being a mother to human children, I can of course only base my experience on the love I have for my fur babies!!

In other creative news from Craggis Cottage, look what my super talented husband made from driftwood and stones he found on our beach walks! I love them!

'Root of Enlightenment' driftwood and beach stone tea light holder

'Light my Heart' - driftwood and beach stone tea light holder

'Light my Heart' -So called because the smaller stone is kind of heart shaped!

Thanks again to Leah over at Creative Every Day for inspiring so many of us to do this challenge - I may even do it again next year!



  1. joli post!
    Very nice post!
    Thanks & Welcome for your comment and your next visit to my blogs.
    Have a nice day! Cath.

  2. I love your jaggy drawing lines for the dogs again, they really speak to me and give such liveliness and interesting to the drawing. You are such a creative and individual artist. I just had to show my husband your hub. had made from driftwood, he thought them fantastic and was analysing how they had been made. Just really inspired use of the wood, and the way he has used the flat pebbles for the tea lights to rest on.

  3. LOVE your jotter art with quote-and big congrats on keeping up with the AEDM challenge!! Looks like you and hubby make quite a nice talented pair. Those tealight sculptures are awesome!!

  4. I read all of your posts you have done well, I do like your dogs you give them character.

  5. Love the Momma dog & her pups!! The baby sloth was great too! So talented :0)

  6. Fantastic achievement Nic...Well Done ;D
    Your drawing and quote are just perfect.
    You're obviously a very talented cottage with you and your hubby's creations.
    Brilliant use of drift wood and stones.

  7. Congratulations on completing the challenge, I have enjoyed all of your posts, especially your doodled animals. That candlestick is beautiful!! Your husband is super talented too!!

  8. LOVE that little jotter doodle and the quote! Congrats on finishing the challenge, so good that you kept on going! And that candle-holder your husband made ... wow! It's beautiful ....

  9. This is SO adorable and I love the quote!! And the tea-light is brilliant!
    He should make some more for the Christmas fair :0)

  10. The quote and drawing are perfect for each other. Agree that it's perfect for Mother's Day but is just as good for every day note card. So glad I found your site via AEDM. I got you bookmarked and I will be back to visit. Love your work.

  11. Congratulation for completing the challenge! I didn't even take part this year, because I've failed miserably the past two years. What a sweet little family! Hope the Christmas Fair will go well. Those tea lights are fabulous!

  12. Love your card idea for mother's day. It's perfect. :) And you hubby is quite talented. Looks amazing!

  13. OMG! that husband of yours is amazing. I love his creations with driftwood and stone. Your jotter doodle is fab and adorable.


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