Thursday, 7 November 2013

Art Every Day Month - Day 7

'All things Bucolic' - acrylic pointillism on box canvas 5 x 5 inches

To me bucolic sounds like something bad - a combination of bubonic and colic - a terrible ailment and if you caught it you would be described as being bucolic. However, the definition of Bucolic is 'relating to the pleasant aspects of the countryside and country life' so that's what I'm calling this piece. 

This is the third in the series of pointillism landscapes I'm doing for the exhibition (Like all my pointillism work it looks better if you stand back and squint!) This one is summer and was inspired by the view from our sun room window which is pretty lovely during the couple of days of sunshine we get during the Scottish summer!  

Summer, autumn & winter 

I'll hopefully get started on spring this week and that'll be the whole set done in time to hand in on 25th November. 

This is my submission for AEDM Day 7


I've never written such short posts before but trying to create every day AND blog every day is really quite time consuming!


  1. I agree, making and posting every day is time consuming, but I am really enjoying your series of pointillist pieces. I wonder how I would do this on fabric? hmmmm

  2. Wow! those little sheep look so 3D I could almost pick them off the canvas!!
    Loving this little pointy series :0)

  3. bucolic…hehehe….it does sound like something you don't want to catch :)

  4. I love those sheep…they look so fluffy! Good job.

  5. I agree with you about the word 'bucolic', and even after many years I still can't make the word feel like its definition. It's like 'nubile', which people often take as meaning beautiful instead of 'marriageable'.
    I find your pointillist style so interesting and effective, and you somehow add the feeling of so much texture to the image. I can see these being converted into designs for tapestry work in unusual modern stitches. I like them all, but the one with the round bales reminds me of the fields we pass locally where the bales are like moving sculptures as we drive past.
    Now that I have recently found your wonderful blog I have added it to my blog list in the sidebar to make it easy to find you again. I'm cheating a little by posting a week's worth of NAEDM creations on a Friday because I found posting every day on 29 Faces did tend to tire me out.

  6. first off I really commend you and any others who are blogging and arting every day. It is so time consuming so I really appreciate it and thank you! Your pointillism ids just stunning Nic-I love your sheep scene!

  7. This is my favourite piece of the three!! The name does sound a little dodgy, but I can almost breathe that cool clean air, beautiful, you are doing so well with the challenge!

  8. What I like best is backing off the computer screen and watch your pointillism pieces come together. This does not disappoint, Nicola. Beautiful series!


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