Monday, 10 February 2014

Gratitude & Crochet. ..

My Gratitude Stone

I recently read a book called 'The Secret' which is all about the law of attraction and how your positive attitude can bring good things into your life. It's worth a read with an open mind if you need a positivity overhaul.

Another book by the same author is called 'The Magic' and is a follow on from The Secret,  all to do with gratitude and how being more grateful for everything in your life can change your outlook and bring more good things your way. The book is a 28 day exercise on how to be more grateful (perhaps it ought to be compulsory in the school curriculum).

So, Christine and Audrey, who work at the animal rescue shelter asked me if I wanted to join them on the 28 day exercise to see if we could all be more grateful and bring more positivity our way - I absolutely did so I downloaded The Magic to my kindle app and am now on day 10 of being more grateful.

You start each day with one of the daily exercises so that it sets you up to be grateful for the whole day (it really works because as soon as I find a negative thought crossing my mind I immediately counter it with something positive!). 

One of the daily exercises suggests we get a 'gratitude stone' which is just a smooth round pebble that we can set by our beds so last thing at night we hold it in our hands and remember the best thing that happened that day. I had several perfect pebbles that I'd collected from the beach and, after selecting one, I decided I wanted to decorate mine and make it a little bit special seeing as it would be taking up residence on my bedside table.

I discovered that there's a gratitude symbol (a small g in a circle). So I decided to do my own version of it and several coats of paint and corrections with tiny paint brushes later (turns out painting symbols on stones isn't as easy as it looks!) I'm very grateful to have finished mine! I painted it white with a green symbol (green being the colour of the heart chakra which seemed appropriate for gratitude). I decorated 2 more and gave them to Christine and Audrey in gratitude for telling me about The Magic!

I'm toying with the idea of painting more and selling them in my Etsy shop with the proceeds of any sales going to the animal shelter (after all mother nature provides the stones for free). I also thought it might be fun to leave some in random places locally for people to find and it might pique their curiosity to find out what they mean and spread the gratitude!

So, something that I am especially grateful for right now - my mum made me this crochet granny square patchwork throw for my birthday (as I'd requested!). 

Isn't it beautiful? I love it so much and have already asked her to make me another for the back of the sofa!!

I'm also grateful to everyone who stops by here to read my inane ramblings (even when I don't have any art to show you!) By the way, I am probably the last to know but I recently discovered Bloglovin' and the app on my phone is such a great way to keep up with all the blogs that I follow as sometimes I miss new posts and this means I never have to again.  I've added the button to my sidebar so if you wanted to follow me that way, I'd be very grateful!


  1. Love the gratitude stone and the crochet throw your mom made. My mother could crochet and would whip up those granny squares in no time. But then she was too lazy to make the blanket or throw, so we'd get the crocheted "ripple" throws instead.

    Couldn't get through the Secret. Seemed too selfish, but the magic sounds a little better so I'll give it a go.

    Will follow you on bloglovin'. I always enjoy your ramblings. Inane or otherwise.

  2. I too love the idea of the stone, especially the idea of leaving them in random places for people to find. It could make someone's day! The crotchet throw your mum made is so beautiful. Crotchet reminds me of my childhood, it seems warm and comforting.

  3. My experience is some people are always happy and balanced others not so much so it makes sense that there is a secret to a contented life.

  4. The book sounds perfect and I love the decorated pebble. I think I need to focus more on gratitude. We certainly have lots to be thankful for, my friend. Beautiful throw, btw. It looks like a lot of work but so well worth it.

  5. What a beautiful pebble. That sounds like a great exercise, but also a very hard one. Maybe I should have a look at that book. It sounds much more fun to do it in a group than on your onw.
    That's a beautiful present! It looks very warm and cozy.

  6. i have heard of The Secret before but not read it. i'll check it out!

    Oh, and your stone painting … I'm impressed! i've tried painting on stones before and mine always look awful. what you have there is a masterpiece compared to mine!!

  7. I love your gratitude stone Nic. I couldn't believe when I read your post and what you're reading! I read the Secret then hubby did and I have the DVD. Hubby has read The Magic and I read thru some of it. We both have a gratitude stone :)

  8. Sounds like an interesting exercise ... Love your painted stone too! I had been thinking about selling my painted rocks on Etsy, but after looking up the shipping costs I quickly abandoned the idea .... Maybe if you use little pebbles ... That patchwork throw your mom made is amazing. So much work ....

  9. I'm with you on both positivity and gratitude, and practice them daily even though I haven't read the books. The positive attitude is great for making sure you get a parking space - it does work. My husband and I always end the day by saying the three things each of us has appreciated most during that day. Good luck with selling the painted stones, and what a lovely idea to leave them for people to find.

  10. Forgot to say what a beautiful coverlet, reminds me of the snuggle blankets my mum used to make us. Thanks for raising the memory.

  11. I've watched the movie Secret which might be the same as the book. I totally agree with the gratitude. I try to do my best every day but I do forget often. Love the stone. :)


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