Monday, 26 May 2014

Sunset at Sandside - Acrylic Impasto (and the pitter patter of tiny feet!

Sunset at Sandside+Acrylic Impasto+Nicola McLean
'Sunset at Sandside' - miniature impasto landscape
This is the 4th in the series of miniature impasto landscapes that I did for the Latheron Art Fair which was held over the weekend. 

The Instagram photo I took which inspired the painting

We drove down there yesterday to have a look at the exhibition (as we didn't get to the preview night for reasons which will become clear if you read on!) and also to collect any unsold pieces.
S had also submitted 4 photographs beautifully framed in the upcycled pallet frames that he makes himself and we got to the section where his work was hung first to discover that one of his pieces had sold.
Frames and Photography by S
I didn't sell anything at this fair last year so, to be honest, I didn't have great expectations for this year either but I was pleasantly surprised to find a little red dot and an empty space where one of my paintings had hung!
We celebrated with a Chinese take away on the way home - we really know how to push the boat out!

Sunset at Sandside+Side View+Acrylic Impasto+Nicola McLean

Miniature Acrylic Impasto Landscapes+Scottish Highlands+Nicola McLean
All four landscapes - the pink one of Orkney was the one that sold
Now, in other more exciting news - those of you who are friends with me on Facebook will already know this because of the many photos I've been posting - we adopted a cat AND a puppy from the shelter where I volunteer!
So, the story goes - Lily (formerly known as Buttons) came into the shelter at the start of March.  They thought she was pregnant and we were all looking forward to her kittens being born.  She is the most affectionate, cuddly cat I've ever met and I developed a real soft spot for her.
As you know, my little old cat, Purdey, sadly died at the end of March and we knew we would adopt another one at some point so I thought that by the time Lily had her kittens and weaned them, a few months would have passed and we could maybe bring her home. 
However, time went on and no kittens appeared.  The vets scanned her again and there were no kittens inside her.  So, instead she was scheduled to be spayed and would then be ready to be rehomed.  (It turned out when they went to operate that they found out she'd already been spayed at some point in the past so could never have been pregnant anyway but that's a whole other story!)
Anyway,  it was a bit sooner after Purdey's passing than we had planned but my heart sank every time I imagined anyone other than me adopting this adorable little cat.
Then, a couple of weeks ago a litter of 5 springer spaniel puppies came into the shelter.  Now, they are S's absolute favourite breed of dog (don't tell our Westies!) so I suggested he pop in after work if he wanted to experience the unadulterated joy of 5 bouncy puppies jumping all over him.
One in particular had immediately captured my heart when I'd been in that morning.  She was smaller than the rest and seemed to sit back and observe while they all pushed to the front in a bid to be centre of attention.
Skye - look at those eyes!
When S went to the shelter that evening, one in particular stood out to him and he straight away knew that she was the same one I'd have fallen for.  When one of the Shelter staff saw him holding her she said she was the same puppy I'd liked and it must be a sign!!

Anyway, we went off and spent the next couple of days deliberating on whether we were mad to bring a third dog into the house (and a bouncy, lively puppy at that) although deep down I think we already knew that we'd fallen hook, line and sinker for her and all our deliberating and pros and cons lists were purely academic.
S had joked at the time that he'd do a deal with me - I could adopt Lily if he could adopt Skye - well that was a  no brainer - the more the merrier and I just knew that little cat was destined to come and live with us!
So, Lily came home with us on 16 May and has settled in nicely upstairs where it's nice and quiet away from the dogs. (S has even built a 'cat gate' at the bottom of the stairs so the dogs can't go up and annoy her!)
Skye then came home with us on Friday 23 May (which is why we didn't make it to the exhibition preview night!) and we've spent the weekend integrating her with our two Westies, Reuben and Brodie.  They've been far more accepting of her than we could have hoped - a little bit of jealousy and wet noses out of joint but nothing that we hadn't expected and planned for.
So, that's our furry family doubled in size, we're knackered keeping them all in check and intercepting puppy accidents and my painting time may be in short supply for the foreseeable but the cat cuddles and puppy snuggles are worth it all!
The Three Amigos (as long as there are treats involved!)


  1. great news all round - can't wait to see Skye!

  2. Perfect! Art work and adoptions - all round, so brilliant that you have adopted Lily and Skye. ...I would have fallen for Skye too, I love love LOVE that nose :-)

  3. Gorgeous artwork and a lovely feel good happy story...what more could you want ;)
    Love the photos x

  4. the more the merrier is right!! i don't think I could work at a shelter. I would want to bring them ALL home with me !!

  5. really gorgeous impasto art Nic-and congrats on the sale. Those frames are so perfect for your paintings! And congrats on your newest furry additions to the family-they are adorable-and I know my hubby would have fallen hook line and sinker for Skye too as we are spaniel lovers! May you all have many years of joy all together.

  6. Beautiful painting Nic and congrats to both of you on the sales. Aaaah your new additions are just beautiful Nic wishing you both great joy with them. Hugs Annette x

  7. Are Skye's eyes GREEN?! Both Skye and Lily are beautiful. I love that they both have spotted little noses too. Congratulations on making a sale! I know that few things can bring as much joy as knowing that someone out there appreciates something that you've created. :)

  8. Your artwork is absolutely gorgeous and congratulations to both you and S on making sales!!

    Congratulations on the newest additions to your family also....your fur-kids are all so gorgeous!!! So nice that you adopted Skye and Lily. I'm sure they will love being members of your family. xx

  9. Your miniatures are just lovely! LOVE your latest one. You really are so talented. :)

  10. OMGoodness - aren't they all adorable. LUV your newbie FF's and I am glad they are settling in well :-D Super little paintings. So glad you sold something this year. I adore your work. :-)
    IKE xxx

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  11. I am so excited for you! And i am so happy that their forever home is with you where they could not be more loved! Ok those eyes are just SO adorable! I see a painting coming soon, lol!
    And congratulations on the sale!! That one happens to be my favourite too! :0)

  12. Oh wow, I would've adopted Skye right away too. So adorable, and those eyes .... And I LOVE her speckled paws :-) Lily looks so sweet too, I can imagine you're over the moon. And on top of that you sold a painting! Way to go girl!

  13. Congratulations on the sales, you two!
    Oh. What a wonderful cat. I love black and whites. I think they have equal part loving natures and adequate intelligence. A springer?!?! God love it! But, with Westies, you already know about exuberance. Until recently, I had three little dogs. I miss the third and find myself waiting for him still.... You two will do fine and your additions to your family are wonderful!

  14. oh my gosh, you are so blessed, we had a springer called Ike, he was the love of my life, your new cat is beautiful,,, poor thing, spayed twice!! I love your new work it is scrumptious!!!

  15. Oooow, your fur family is growing. :) Look how adorable they are! Love your paintings as well and framed photos are fabulous!

  16. congratulations on selling your painting and thank you for sharing your news about your extending family. I wish you joy.EE

  17. Enjoyed your post so much, and clearly those newcomers to your family were meant specially for you.
    I love your painting, and somehow the painting (not the photo) makes me think of Andy Goldsworthy, one of my favourite artists - i just can't think why but I couldn't give you a more sincere compliment than that. It is wonderful.
    And those frames are so clever and original - as all S's wood items are.

  18. Congratulations on your and S's sales and the new additions to your family. Lily and Skye couldn't be more adorable. And your work and S's photos and frames are gorgeous too. All in all a great weekend.


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