Friday, 11 July 2014

Wood you credit it...

Way back when I first started my blog I used to do a post each week called Saturday Shout Out which would be about a different artist/crafter that I admired.  I only did it for a little while 1) because it was a bit of a pain emailing folk for permission to admire them on my blog and wait for them to get back to me and 2) because I didn't really have any readers back then at all so no one got to appreciate these other artists' work.

Anyway, it's not yet Saturday but I thought it was about time I gave gave a shout out to my lovely husband, S, in appreciation of just how handy and talented he actually is.

You probably already know that he takes brilliant photographs which I use as reference photos for many of my paintings. It's a bit of a standing joke now that each time I say I want to use a photo of his, he'll say 'Credit S?' because when I do put his photos on my blog along with my painted interpretation of it, I always put 'Credit S' in the caption! Hence the title of this post. 

So, without further ado, here are just some of the things he's made from upcycled pallets this year. 

Reiki+tealight holder+SteveMcLeanUpcycling
Tea light holder with Reiki Symbol & chakra crystals for when I practice reiki

Kitchen Island made from up-cycled pallets

Picture frames made from up-cycled pallets - Photos by S as well!

A quirky frame using a mouse trap in a way I love!

A doggy bed for Skye

A cat bed for Lily which she wouldn't use until....

S turned it into a duplex - bed on top, a shelf in the middle to store her food and her litter tray hidden at the bottom!

Lily's self-contained pad!
A sign for me

A sign for S

A wee surprise for me made out of driftwood

Signs for little girls

Signs for dogs

Even signs for guinea pigs!

A storage box for my acrylic paints so I can separate them by colour!

Now, I have a list as long as my arm of other things I'd like him to make out of pallets but first and foremost and most exciting of all - he's making me an art studio completely from pallets! It's in the planning stages and he needs to acquire a lot of pallets but I'm very excited about it. Inside the shelves and storage will all be like the paint box above and he's even planning on putting in a little wood burning stove for those cold Scottish winters!

S's wee sketch of what my art studio will look like!

A friend of his gave him some amazing long double glazed windows that he was getting rid of anyway, so there'll be plenty of light and I won't have to keep clearing my paints and works in progress away to set the table for tea! I can't wait!

I'm very lucky to have such a handy and thoughtful husband - thank you S!


  1. He's a keeper, that guy of yours! Very talented indeed!

  2. What a great shout out. So glad you have such a talented and creative husband. His work is amazing -- I love Lily's penthouse. I also love that you're getting custom work on your studio. Life is good.

  3. He is indeed a keeper. My husband is that way, always making things and working the garden as well. He's made me a wonderful tall cutting board, built my studio behind the garage and tons of other things. We are lucky to have such talented husbands. Nice work by your Mr. S.

  4. I came back real quick to say that when I walk around the fern walk area, it's not just the one time, it 's more like twenty times atone the area and the perimeter of the yard it's like the size of a football field, well almost. Take care and thx for stopping by my PPF post.

  5. Love his loving gifts and the prospect of your studio is awesome and I'm excited for you :- )

  6. Fantastic makes and the dog and cats beds are just divine. Pallets are great for anything and especially making art studios!! What a wonderful life you have made for yourself xxx

  7. Wow, he's an amazing artist as well. I don't know what I love more, the mouse trap frame or Lily's cozy b & b. :) Seriously, he is a good guy...and if my husband built me a studio like that I'd move out and into it in a heartbeat. ;) No, seriously! LOL Lucky you. :)

  8. I love how you both complement each others artistic abilities and bring them together! Another of your posts I MUST show my hubby (who also does woodworking). These items are all so marvelous but I am so partial to the reiki light holder- and the duplex bed- that is brilliant!!! Thanks so much for sharing hubby's talents with us Nic

  9. After looking at all this wonder fullness I am thinking that Sinus needs to up his game.... S's work is simply amazing... Those dog beds and the bed for Lily are amazing.... And the paint storage... And the kitchen island... And a studio.... Now that will be amazing... Fabulous post and I hope he collects those palettes quick smart

  10. what a clever boy! Love the Lily skyscraper!

  11. beautiful beautiful work! Lily has a kitty condo!

  12. Wow! These things are AMAZING!!!! Really clever! He really is a talented hubby and how exciting that he is making you a recycled studio!! I hope you post lots of progress pictures... Does he have an Etsy store where he sells his home made treasures? If not, he should! :0)

  13. Beautiful work and beautiful couple! Amazing creations

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