Monday, 17 November 2014

Tulli - a pet portrait

Rottweiler/Labrador cross+Pet Portrait+Acrylic+Mini Canvas+Nicola McLean

Back in April I took part in an art swap called Pay It Forward that I heard about through my friend, Marji

Marji is an encaustic artist and I received a lovely intricate piece of art from her quite some time ago.

I hadn't been too sure what I would send her back but then fate unfortunately intervened. Marji had a dog, Tulli, a beautiful rottweiler/labrador cross. She was old and unwell and back in May Marji had to make the heartbreaking decision to help her cross the rainbow bridge because she was in a lot of pain and, as anyone who has ever had to say goodbye to a furry family member knows, there comes a time when you have to do what's best for them no matter how much your heart is breaking. I asked Marji if she would mind if I painted a portrait of Tulli as my gift to her in the Pay it Forward swap.

Although the reason for painting this was sad, it has been one of my favourite portraits to paint. Tulli was such a beautiful dog and I love her little Billy Idol-esque curled lip, which Marji said was a quirky little expression that was typically her. 

I have already shown the portrait to Marji and I'm honoured to say that it brought tears to her eyes - not that I'm in the habit of making my friends cry but it's a huge compliment to an artist to evoke emotion in that way and I'm so pleased to have been able to capture Tulli's essence in the portrait.

The original Tulli - photo by Marji

This will be my only blog post this week because I'm very excited to report that Steve and I are off to London this weekend to take in a show and celebrate our anniversary (9 years together, 4 years married!) which is actually tomorrow, 18th November. My sister has very kindly offered to dog and cat sit and essentially swap houses with us - we get her house and all the excitement of the big smoke and she gets our house, three dogs and a cat and my teal green Hunter wellies!!


  1. I think thats a great swap!! Happy Anniversary!

    That is an amazing portrait, and I can see the love you put in it!

  2. So beautIfully done!! Have a wonderful time!

  3. Awww, this brought tears to my eyes too. What a beautiful and thoughtful painting of Tulli.

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Enjoy your time in London. Let em know what show you end up seeing.

  4. A wonderful portrait, you have captured Tulli perfectly.
    Happy anniversary, have a great time in London. x

  5. That is just soooo beautiful and I am sure Marji will love having that as a reminder... You have a knack for capturing so much more than a likeness... And happy anniversary and enjoy London.... Sure it will be a great get away...xx

  6. Hi Nic. Hope all is well. That is a beautiful portrait. Losing a family pet member is very heartbreaking. I'm sure Marji fell in love with the piece.You are so dang good at your work. Happy Anniversary and have lots of fun in London.

  7. what a very special gift -it even brought tears to my eyes. I am so sorry for Margi's loss of her beloved Tulli-but you have made such a poignantly beautiful painting to honor her. A very happy anniversary to you and Steve-have a brilliant time away! XO

  8. Nic this is a stunning portrait I can see why Marji would almost made me cry. I did the same for my friend when her pet passed and it is a treasured piece that her family loves!! She is a beautiful animal, you captured her essence! Happy Anniversary...enjoy your mini vacation!!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. This is such a sad story, but I have to say, I think this is the very best doggy portrait you have ever done! Paul pointed it out to me on Facebook yesterday - we were both so impressed! It is absolutely AMAZING!!! :0)

  10. Nic, gee I am still tearing up to see how beautifully you captured Tullibee. I showed Earl last night and he was amazed. He said, look she even got the lip curl! Just beautiful, Nic. We will treasure this portrait. Happy anniversary to you and S. Have a great get away! M.x

  11. You really did capture the essence of Tulli. Such a beautiful heartwarming portrait .... Have fun celebrating this weekend, and congratulations!

  12. The pet portrait is stunning! Have a happy anniversary!

  13. The portrait of Tulli is absolutely beautiful. You have captured him so well. I am sure Marji was thrilled.Have a wonderful time in London. Maybe you will have a sighting of the royal bump! lol Happy PPF


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