Monday, 1 December 2014

Time between the tides. An Orkney Island seascape

So in my last post, I mentioned that I had given two of my mini landscapes a rainbow coloured do over. 

This is the second one:

Orkney Islands+Landscape+Vibrant+Colourist+Impressionism+Nicola McLean
'Time between the tides' - acrylic on box canvas 5x5 inch

This is how it started out earlier this year:

Mark 1 - impasto

Then I went over it with the sponger dabber:

Mark 2 - sponge texture

Then I had at it with all the colours of the rainbow and removed the land mass in the background altogether!

vibrant+acrylic+impressionism+Scottish landscape+Nicola McLean
As it looks now

I took all four paintings to the gallery on Thursday then I discovered that a lovely lady in England wanted to buy 'Into the blue' so I got busy at the weekend finishing another landscape and I'm going in to the gallery today to swap it over - first time I've ever sold a painting before the exhibition opened which I'm delighted about!

I'm still working on pet portraits but as they're all Christmas presents I won't be able to show them until after Christmas (even though I'm fairly certain neither recipient reads my blog or even knows of its existence!)

Thanks again to everyone who takes the time to pop by, it is appreciated. Wishing everyone a very good week.


  1. It is much more colourful.

  2. It is gorgeous Nic!
    I hope you sell them all at the exhibition... Good luck!! :0)

  3. So beautiful with all the rainbow colours. You are using lots of my favourites. Heather violets wild magentas and yellow ochres! Fantastic news on the exhibition sales:)

  4. another great colorful painting! and congratulations on your sale. Good luck in the show.

  5. Blimey Nic! We've both moved dramatically artwise and geographically ... no wonder we stopped 'following' each others blog. I moved South West(ish from Yorkshire to West Wales and you moved North(ish). Both moved further into painting and away from pure pen & ink. Albeit you could paint already and I had no idea about it.

    Love the seascape, it totally brilliant ... so dramatic and energetic. Woo Hoo! It's all so much fun ... stay in touch!

  6. Love your landscapes! Great texture on the painting. :)

  7. Gorgeous, Nic! I love seeing this side of your art. I can tell its really fun for you. It is fun to mix it up and do both that we love - the more free and easy and the more realistic. Its a nice balance I think because it keeps it all fresh - don't you think?


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