Thursday, 1 January 2015

Be bold, be brave, be daring...

First things, first.  Happy New Year to everyone - I wish you a year of colour and light. 

'With a million stars all around' - impasto acrylic on canvas 132cm x 45.5cm

This is a painting I've been working on here and there for quite some time. It was always intended to go above our fireplace and I finally finished over the Christmas holidays. It's the largest painting I've done so far measuring in at 132cm x 45.5cm and I discovered that it is incredibly difficult to get a decent photo of this size of canvas especially with the lack of daylight at this time of the year this far north. The finished piece, like most of my art these days, is very different from how it started out but I'm happy with it and it's now in situ in our living room. I've called it 'With a million stars all around' in another nod to my favourite band.

In situ

The title of this post was the catchphrase of Simone de Pury on Work of Art: The Next Great Artist. For the full effect it needs to be said in an exaggerated 'Allo Allo' style french accent. 

close up+Northern Lights+night sky+impressionism+Nic's eARTh
Close up sky texture
It was actually S who suggested it as the title of my first blog post of 2015 because, as folk are prone to do as another year full of abandoned resolutions comes to end, we'd been discussing all the things we'd both like to achieve in the next year and how we need to be more daring and bold in going after the things that we want.

impressionism+vibrant+acrylic+landscapes+Nic's eARTh
Close up land and sea texture
On a personal level we both want to get fitter - S used to run marathons but over the last few years we've both become rather more rotund than we used to be - I guess it's the only downside of happiness - I was always much thinner when I was miserable!!

impressionism+ocean+northern lights reflections+Nic's eARTh
Close up sea texture

So the plan is he's going to sign up for a marathon at some point in the second part of 2015 and then he's got something to work towards. I don't think I'm ever going to be a marathon runner but I might perhaps sign up for a 10k (watch this space!)

impressionism+colourist+landscape+vibrant+Nic's eARTh
Close up land texture

As well as painting rainbow colours I intend to eat rainbows as well - for a vegan, I currently eat a shockingly bad diet - too much beige food and not enough colourful food so the plan is to start actually using the many vegan cook books I have and cutting out the packaged food (once we eat our way through the excessive amount I bought for Christmas!)I also need to buy a new slow cooker after melting the bottom of our existing one (I was trying to heat up a saucepan of mulled wine and turned the wrong stove top ring on - I hadn't even been drinking at that point!!)

I must love those colours - even my jumper matches!

Artistically, I want to continue on the colourful path I started on last year and plan to spend my time online in an altogether more productive way - sourcing new galleries to approach, finding out about more art competitions that I can take part in, perhaps finding another painting workshop to attend in Scotland and using the Creative Your Shining Life 2015 Workbook by Leonie Dawson which Kirstin recommended recently on her blog. I've got it saved to the desktop of the shiny new laptop that my thoughtful husband bought me for Christmas so I can work through it easily and make a more definite plan of how I want to paint the whole world with a rainbow!

Have you made any resolutions for yourself and your art in 2015 and how do you plan to stick to them?

I'm linking to Paint Party Friday. If you haven't already, pop by to see the wide variety of art that everyone brings to the party each week. 


  1. Happy new year! We seem to be on the same track with our new year blog post titles! Love your northern lights. I'm not sure that you can eat unhealthy vegan food...sounds like a good plan though. I don't have a new years resolution as I rarely stick to them. But if I did it would bold!

  2. I think goal setting is SO important! And writing them down makes them all the more likely to be achieved. Good luck with them!
    Meanwhile, what an amazing painting! And it is big! It looks fantastic above the fireplace. I haven't got a single piece of my own art hanging on my own walls... but I do have one of yours :0)

  3. oh how I love your new work!!! The colors are beautiful, when my eyes were still good I painted very similar style as this and I must say it was the most joyful way I have ever painted, it was exactly like you said, brave bold and free. be daring, it takes guts and its beautiful! Happy New Year to you both, and your critters of course!

  4. I meant to ask yu Nicola, if you don't mind me asking, do you eat much soy products, I really would love to go vegan but I do not want to eat soy products and in our Northern stores theres not much of it anyway, Vegan ism fascinates, me, as it is I only eat cheese and eggs, so its not a far reach for me, I hope I'm not being to intrusive asking, I just am curious what other vegans eat daily,

  5. Thanks for sharing your colorful path with us. This painting is gorgeous! And you look gorgeous, too. I think moving in a direction is a lot wiser than making a strict resolution. I'm happy to be able to witness yours through your great blog.

  6. it's wonderful to see the close-ups of your painting. I think you did a great job with photographing this size. It looks great above your fireplace. Your resolutions sound great! I didn't make any yet, although there are some in my head that I need to work out ...;-) I know getting fit should be up there on top ... Happy new year to you and S !! Looking forward to seeing lots more of you in 2015!

  7. Lovely painting and looks great above your fireplace. Wishing you a beautiful new year filled with even more happiness and success! :)

  8. Your painting looks great! Happy New Year, may your good dreams come true! Valerie

  9. Beautiful! And a happy, fit, colorful and creative new year to you:-)

  10. This is beautiful and looks fantastic over your fireplace mantel. I think the Northern Lights are a great way to celebrate a year of colors and light. I love how the land has a luminescence to it- and the lights really pop against the dark background. Happy New year!

  11. Nic, this is a fantastic painting and it looks so perfect above your fireplace! Happy New Year!

  12. What a great painting, Nic! I loved that you shared the close-ups, because your variety of textures is amazing!
    The title of your post is great (and I can totally hear Simone)!
    I also plan on eating a rainbow ;)
    (Happy Herbivore had a sale on her meal plans, so I'm hoping that helps me prepare my meals more efficiently so I don't rely on as many processed foods!)

  13. Your gorgeous painting looks perfect over the fireplace Nic! Love your post title as it certainly set the tone for you goals for this year. Happy New Year

  14. Nic this is a very special and beautiful piece you painted. You sound like you're well off to a great start and so I wish you well for this New Year, go for it and have lots of fun!

  15. Happy New Year Nic! Your art is beautiful it looks fantastic with you holding it in your matching jumper!
    Your words for the year would be good for me as well, I'm a little more modest this year and go for steady progress, accomplishing the necessary tasks, stuff like that.
    Hoping for a good year!

  16. What an inspiring blogpost, I enjoyed reading it.
    Your art looks terrific over the fireplace, just right where it is and it's good to see the actual size when it's in situ. I really love the way you have painted the glowing colourful sky.
    I know what you mean about diet, we have trillions of cookbooks but keep making the same things over and over, you've inspired me to go and search through them for new ideas.
    Happy 2015!

  17. Great resolutions for the year, the northern lights painting looks great. I am the same about the diet, trillions of cookbooks but I eat the same stuff over and over! Happy New Year.

  18. Hi Nic. Happy New Year to you. Your painting looks awesome. Yes, eat lots of colorful food.

  19. That is a beautiful painting! If you don't find a local workshop, you can always look for something online, there is a fair amount of interesting classes and challenges. Have a wonderful new year!

  20. Happy New Year, Nic!!!

    great to see it in situ ... it looks fantastic. I know what you mean about being to big to scan, and awkward to photograph, but sometimes a painting has to shown, as you have here, to bring out the scale of the work.

    I'm leading a brand new lifestyle since we moved, so no room for resolutions.

    I look forward to following your progress in 2015!

  21. Wonderful painting and goals for the new year! Best of luck and happy painting!

  22. Good for you Nic making those great goals, eating colours is so important and yummy too!! I hope everyone clicks on your photos to see that gorgeous art piece!! Wow you must enjoy it so much!! Happy New Year and all the best on the those goals you set!

    Hugs Giggles


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