Sunday, 8 February 2015

Island Life. A Scottish scene that used to be in Cornwall

Island Life+Vibrant Colour+Impasto texture+Impessionism+Abstract
'Island Life' - impasto acrylic on canvas 20cm x 30cm

When I was at the art workshop in Cornwall last September, I painted two pictures in a looser style more along the lines of abstract realism than 'real' realism. 

close up+texture+impasto+vibrant colour+Nic's eARTh
close up of the impasto texture of the ocean

One of them I gave a vibrant do over to back here and called it 'Where it all began' in honour of the fact that it was the workshop with Ashley Hanson that set me on my new vibrant 'colour me happy' art journey.

close up+art+vibrant colour+impasto texture+Nic's eARTh
Close up of impasto texture on the land and sea

I've just given the other one a vibrant do over as well and moved the whole scene from Cornwall to Scotland. I decided to add a rocky stack, a sight that is common all along the north Atlantic coastline of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Once it was finished though I decided to call it 'Island Life' because somehow it made me think of a little tropical island - perhaps because of the bright colours and turquoise oceans or perhaps because I've been watching the new series of 'Death in Paradise' recently set on a most idyllic Caribbean island. Anyway, this piece will be going into the upcoming 'Committed to Art' exhibition in March. 

This is what it used to look like:

The original painting as completed in Cornwall of Cornwall

and this is it now:

Island Life+Impasto Texture+Vibrant Colour+Abstract Realism+Nic's eARTh
'Island Life' - slimline canvas 20cm x 30cm
As well as this one, I've been busy working on a couple of new large landscapes and re-doing a couple of older paintings so hopefully, even with being on holiday in Ireland this week, I should be on track to have at least 5 paintings ready for the exhibition. Anyway, I thought I'd just get a wee blog post in early for the week and now I really better go get my suitcase packed for my trip! See you next week. 


  1. Love, it! So much energy, movement, joy and happiness .

  2. It's a beauty Nic! Your paintings all sit so well together... They are all instantly recognisable as yours! I LOVE Death in Paradise! We watch it too. I hope Humphry and Camille get together in the end :0)

  3. Holy Moly! What a difference in your Cornwall/Scotland painting. I liked your Cornwall painting with the brick red moving along the side of the cliff. But now your Island Life painting sings with color and joy!

    Enjoy your trip.

  4. I LOVE your do over Nic!! Happy vacation, and a very happy, happy birthday to you!!

  5. You vanished of my blog list, so I put you back on it and lo ... it's on there twice now. Don't ask!!

    These work-overs are really happy paintings ... love 'em! Enjoy the hols ... we will be in Australia and the Middle East for most of March and April which is why my blog will go strangely silent

  6. I really like how you reworked this painting. It's seems more balanced and calm now. And I love the vibrant colours. I somehow missed Death in Paradise. All the good programmes are too late for me, as we're an hour ahead. But I'm watching the second series of Broadchurch, which is set in Dorset, not far from where N. lives, with one of my favourite beaches in the area, West Bay. There are such beautiful coastal areas in Britain.

  7. Great makeover of the Cornish painting.
    Love the rippling sea.

  8. Beautiful work, congrats on being featured this week. Valerie

  9. Beautiful. The new version is my favorite, because of the strong bright colours. But I liked the first version as well. Have fun on your trip! And congrats on being featured on PPF this week!

  10. I think the straight horizon has really improved the painting and although I did like the original I love the brighter colour and texture of the reworked version. Congratulations on being ppf featured artist. Richly deserved.

  11. Ooh love that your cat was featured at ppf!! And these colours are fabulous....really great piece!

    Hugs Giggles

  12. Love the landscapes and the vibrant colors. I actually really like reworking paintings and not being afraid to paint over or modify. There is something about pushing on and finding the freedom in not letting things become too precious. I find that often a little time on the bench will bring to light what changes need to be made and sometimes its quite a redo. Beautiful work, Nic. And, it was really fun to see Ming over at PPF. M.x

  13. Wow, I love the reflections! Beautiful work, Nic.

  14. I love these! The colours are yummy! Beautiful pieces, bright and full of happy energy!

  15. Really like the thick texture and the bright colors! Happy PPF!


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