Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Fundraising for Save the Rhino...

As anyone trying to make a living as an artist will tell you, it isn't necessarily a career path you choose if you want untold riches(unless you have access to a shark that you can put in a tank of formaldehyde and then, apparently, you're set for life). It doesn't matter though because even without the fame and fortune, artists who are driven to paint will paint regardless and, if there are causes that are very important to you and also happen to inspire your art, then there is one particular benefit to having the ability to create and that is being able to use art to help pay it forward a little bit. 

When I painted 'Vanishing' for the wildlife competition, had it been shortlisted and subsequently sold, a percentage would have gone to a conservation charity. Which would have been great because, honestly, while I appreciate the opportunity to show my art in both virtual and actual galleries, I much prefer the idea of the 30-40% that galleries take in commission fees going to a worthwhile cause instead. 

So here's what I'm hoping, rather than submit this painting to a gallery (virtual or actual), if I can get this painting out there via as many forms of social media as possible and I can sell it myself without gallery intervention then I can donate 40% directly to where it might do a little bit of good for the rhinos.

Rhino+Endangered+Fundraising+Art+Nicola McLean+Save the Rhino

With that in mind, I contacted Save the Rhino International and explained what I hoped to do but also asking for their help to get the painting out there to their many followers and members and fellow wild animal lovers to increase the likelihood of it selling and me being able to make the donation. 

close up of texture round eye

Save the Rhino International is a UK registered charity (1035072), which raises funds and awareness to protect the world’s five rhino species. The charity works with global project partners to support 18 long-term rhino conservation programmes in Africa and Asia. With rhinos being so incredibly endangered, their work is vital and if you'd like to learn more about what they do please visit their website at www.savetherhino.org.

close up of texture of horn

They gave me the logo above to show that I am indeed hoping to help fundraise for their organisation with 40% from the sale of my painting.

I plan to share to FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest and, as I only have a relatively small reach in the virtual world, this is where I would really appreciate your help. Obviously it would be wonderful if you would like to purchase the rhino painting yourself but equally it would be a massive help if you could share, retweet, like, repost, email, tell friends by word of mouth, write an old fashioned letter or even send smoke signals - any way at all to help reach the person for whom this painting would be perfect and who would like to give him a forever home on the walls of their home. By doing so you will help to raise funds to help these beautiful animals.

£600 plus £50 postage (UK)

Please note the postage is an estimate within the UK with Parcelforce based on their online price finder. The actual price will be determined once the painting is packaged and if less I will of course refund any difference. Should you require delivery outside the UK I will be able to advise of any additional postage charge to other destinations at the time of postage.

Once the painting has been sold and the purchaser has received it and is hopefully delighted with it, I will make the donation of £260 to Save the Rhino International via JustGiving.

Thank you all very much for any help you can give me in getting my rhino out there and helping a good cause at the same time. 


  1. Good luck Nic. You know how much I love this painting.

  2. Good luck Nic. You know how much I love this painting.

  3. I will share it as much as I can Nic - It is a fabulous idea and of course an amazing painting!! :0)

  4. I really love this painting and it is such a worthy cause. I have taken part in two charity exhibitions where the proceeds went to local charities. It is great to feel you can use your skills to help others be they animals or people.

  5. Your painting is well worth being sold for a grand price that should be of wonderful benefit!! My greatest joy is doing art pieces for charity...here's hoping you get more than expected. Sadly the cliche " starving artist" can be all too true. However most are happy and their souls are full!!! Good on you for taking up this worthy and wonderful cause!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Beautiful work, happy PPF, Good luck with selling the Rhino, he's beautiful. Valerie

  7. What a great cause and a great follow through on your part. I love the rhino. He's got lots of texture and color and someone will give him a good home.

  8. Very worth cause, but it's so like you. Love your rhino. I'm sure it will go quick. He's excellent.

  9. Great cause and I love your rhino !
    Happy PPF!

  10. I know how much you love animals and how much you already so generously give in many ways. You are such a generous artist and this is another great cause to support. Your rhino is magnificent and I know he will quickly sell.

  11. Wow Nic, I just saw on Facebook that it's sold already!! Congratulations! So happy for you! I still can't understand that this painting didn't get shortlisted. The jury there must've been blind....

  12. Congratulations Nic,
    Brilliant news that your rhino has sold... but then he is magnificent.
    Enjoy your weekend

  13. Happy to hear the great news of the sale! I was going to ask how best to share. Bravo. It is truly gorgeous and a wonderful cause!

  14. This is such a beautiful and powerful painting, and a truly good cause. As usual, I was/am late with everything, I meant to share it on FB but was so happy to see that it was already sold it and going to a good home.

  15. What a wonderful painting so glad it found the perfect home.
    Sandy :)


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