Thursday, 25 June 2015

Summer of color and the Seven Chakras...

chakras+prana+energy centres+yoga+reiki+art+Nicola McLean
All seven chakra paintings

So, I didn’t think through the whole using my chakra paintings for the Summer of Color challenge thing as I’ve finished all four sets and they’ve gone off to their respective homes so although I took photos of each one by itself and as a complete set, I can’t now improvise and photograph them against a coloured background to make sure they fit with the colour scheme of the week!!

Looks like I’ll just have to forego the remaining the three weeks of the challenge.

I can sort of cheat for this week and use a photo of both the purple Third Eye chakra and the yellow Solar Plexus chakra – that way I’ve used the colour combinations but just haven’t used them together in the same painting!! Does that count?
'Ajna' - Third eye or brow chakra

'Manipura' or Solar Plexus Chakra

Anyway, I ended up being a little painting production line, working on all these chakra paintings simultaneously. That way I could do all the backgrounds at the same time ensuring I used the same paint colour combinations and then when they were all dry I was able to paint the symbols on one after the other.

Chakra symbols+paintings+impasto+Nicola McLean
all the same yet slightly different!

I was asked how I achieved the raised effect for the symbols. The answer is lots of layers of paint applied using a palette knife (very, very carefully as they’re really quite small). I could’ve mixed the paint with acrylic thickening medium but for some reason I didn’t do this (hindsight is a wonderful thing) as that probably would have saved me having to go over each symbol four times to get them as raised as I wanted! (In total there were 4 sets of 7 plus one extra heart chakra so 29 mini painted symbols!)

solar plexus chakra+symbol+art+Nicola McLean
close up of the solar plexus symbol

Although it required a lot of concentration and a very steady hand, it was quite therapeutic and the plus side is that as a result of the inevitable spare paint I ended up with (I always squirt too much out of my squeezy paint bottles) I was able to start five other little landscape paintings three that are currently works in progress, one which is finished and one more which is finished and had already sold!

I’d quite like a set of these for myself but I'll need to order some more mini canvasses first!

So because I don't think I can fit these in with the colour challenges from here on in, I'm just going to post all seven in this blog post so you can see what they look like together and get them out of the way for those of you thinking 'enough with the chakras already!' (There are links to what each one represents under each photo if you are interested. Here goes:

'Sahasrara' or Crown Chakra

'Ajna' or Third Eye chakra

'Visuddha' or Thoat Chakra 

'Anahata' or Heart chakra

'Manipura' or solar plexus chakra

'Svadhisthana' or sacral chakra

'Muladhara' or root chakra

Seven chakras 

Anyway, this is sort of my entry to Week 3 of SOC and I'll be linking up as always to Paint Party Friday.

If you missed my earlier blog post, you can visit here (clue, it's a wee Northern Lights painting - my favourite kind of sky!)


  1. your chakra canvases are brilliant Nic!! I especially love seeing them in your assembly line and then as a unit in the last picture! I do hope to see you continue in the challenge-perhaps you could do a few of your greeting cards?

  2. They are beautiful all together like that - hope you carry on with SOC!

  3. Stunning work my dear...imagine a large set of them!! Wow impact would be huge!! Yes you can still participate in soc...just go to pxlr express and change the colours!! You might enjoy it!! Also use the saturation the colours to make them as vibrant as you need to!! Enjoy!! Love these so much the colours are grand!! See soc turned into something new for you!! I do think that's the idea!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Wonderful colors amd beautiful textures!

  5. Nic, I have loved seeing all of your chakras! Your canvases look absolutely amazing. And thank you for letting us all know how you did the raised effect of the symbols! I especially love seeing all of your creations together! You used of this week's SOC colors is creative and wonderful. HUGS!

  6. Brilliant idea, they are beautiful, the raised effect is fantastic.

    Love and hugs

  7. These are fabulous, so rich and full of texture, I love them!

  8. That is amazing work with a pallet knife - love the colorful variations

  9. Very very nice. Love them all together. Lots of work there.:)

  10. They are stunning when put together like this. Fabulous.

  11. They are stunning when put together like this. Fabulous.

  12. Love all your rainbow chakra paintings and they look extra cool all together. I knew chakras had colors, but didn't know they had symbols too.

  13. Love all your rainbow chakra paintings and they look extra cool all together. I knew chakras had colors, but didn't know they had symbols too.

  14. all very interesting and pretty pieces

    have a nice weekend Nic

    much love...

  15. These are all gorgeous. You have SUCH patience. I don't seem to have that kind of patience: 4 times on each canvas to built up the chakra symbol.

  16. They are so so beautiful! I love what you've done and thank you for sharing! xo

  17. the rainbow of chakra is beautiful :)

  18. These are wonderful, really cool!

  19. What a gorgeous and meaningful project.

  20. Wow, they look so pretty together like that! Such intricate little paintings! Gorgeous :0)

  21. Wonderful! They look amazing arranged together. :)

  22. Love these!! I didn´t realise you were interested in energy healing too :)


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