Friday, 31 July 2015

On the other hand...

abstract painting+cityscape+vibrant+impasto+Nicola McLean
'Rain in the city' - 2x2 inch impasto acrylic

Well, a couple of weeks ago I was bemoaning the fact that I still couldn't paint as my left arm was still painful (by the way, I finally had it X-rayed on Monday and it turns out it was actually fractured but because it happened four weeks ago they won't put a cast on it as the bone has already started to knit back together. So I've been given a support bandage and some prescription painkillers and the advice 'how long is a piece of string' with regards to how much longer it might take to heal!) 

Anyway, a few folk suggested trying to paint or draw with my non-dominant hand just for fun and to relieve the frustration of not having painted for so long.

I decided to give it a go. I knew it would be a pretty abstract piece as, having practiced writing the alphabet using my right hand and seeing how very difficult that was (how did we ever learn to write as children!!) I knew I wouldn't be creating any detailed line drawings!

miniature art+impasto+acrylic+cityscape+skyline+Nicola McLean

I had no idea what I was going to paint when I started but I figured I would just make some marks using my favourite vibrant colours and see what transpired. I really enjoyed the intuitive aspect of this and it was very freeing not having any expectations of the outcome.

As I went along it started to look a little like a city skyline to me and so I went with that and, although it is very abstract, I think it does look a bit like a cityscape with the buildings and lights reflected in the rain.

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I'm so pleased I gave it a go with my right hand and even did another one the next day - this time I knew I wanted to continue with the skyline theme so started out with an idea in mind and let it go from there. I'll post that one next week.

In other news, I'm very excited to tell you that my portrait of Frank the pug has been shortlisted in the Ken Bromley Cover Competition. It's quite a big shortlist with 100 paintings in it and the idea now is that folk vote for their three favourites and the paintings with the most votes go through to the final. This is the part where I ask for a huge favour - please would you take a minute to click through here and vote for my painting as your first choice - I'd really appreciate it! The winning painting becomes the cover of their winter art supply catalogue and I'd love to see Frank as a cover boy!

With your help, Frank the pug could be a cover star!

I'm linking with Paint Party Friday as always. Thank you for your visits and comments, they really do brighten my day. 


  1. Hope you will be chosen and Frank gets to be cover boy! Your painting is lovely, Happy PPF, Valerie

  2. Voting all done and, like Valerie, I think Frank will make a very handsome cover boy!

  3. Voted for Frank... so hope he will be the cover boy!

  4. oh my goodness.. I do hope your arm mends soon. No wonder you were in pain! Your painting is striking with its rich colour - I love it - and got a surprise to see it sitting in the palm of your hand- and all that detail for something so small! Very talented! It seemed bigger in my mindseye from your first photo LOL. And frank is adorable!!! Congrats on being shortlisted... now off too vote :)

  5. Before leaving a comment, I went back for another look and saw it was 2 x 2 inches! - I thought it was much bigger. You've achieved so much detail and line in such a very small space. Super work with so many colours and the reflections.
    Hope your arm gets better soon, what a nuisance.
    Great news about your "Frank" painting, good luck! (but being shortlisted is an achievement in itself).

  6. I love our mini art. Well done on short list.

  7. Lovely little painting. Hope your hand become well soon.
    Happy PPF♥

  8. Good luck to Frank! Your skyline is fabulous. Happy PPF!

  9. I am so sorry you are still having to deal with an injured hand. Your painting this week is wonderful. You always amaze me with what you create but to be able to do this with your opposite hand is awesome. You definitely inspire me to keep trying when things don't go exactly as they should.

    Congratulations on being on the short list. I just voted and as always wish you the best.

  10. Frank is one handsome fella!!
    Your non dominate hand art is beautiful!! I hope you heal quickly and everything is back to normal for you soon!
    Congratulations on short list!

  11. Your art is beautiful, Nic. I voted for your pug for my first choice.

  12. I voted for Frank!! He's adorable :)

    Love your paintings this week but I do hope your hand heals quickly.

  13. Love your abstract piece, could be the start of something new, with the non dominant hand. Glad you are healing. Off to vote now, you are so talented.

  14. I just voted for Frank-best of luck Nic! Gorgeous miniature abstract-and yes it looks very much like a cityscape. Hoping your am heals quickly but it's fantastic that you can create so beautifully even with the non dominant hand:)

  15. No wonder you were in pain!!! Love your non dominant hand painting!!! This could be a new intuitive direction for you!

  16. Wow hope that fracture heals quickly. Glad you were babying it as long as you have!! Gorgeous abstract, which really does look like a city scape in Vancouver reflecting off the pacific ocean harbour! I voted for Frankie and he really was my it's not a lie!! Hope he gets the front page...that would be pretty thrilling!! Take care of yourself and keep painting with freedom!

    Hugs Giggles

  17. Well it appears that you're ambidextrous Nic because that's one incredible painting. I too see a cityscape.
    I can understand your frustration because when I fractured my wrist they didn't believe it was broken for over a week, even with x-rays. I on the other hand (pun intended) knew it was broken right from when I did it.
    I've voted for Frank... so good luck
    Happy PPF to you

  18. I'm sorry to hear about your arm, but glad you discovered something about your creative abilities that you may have not discovered otherwise. I voted for your painting, so good luck. Happy PPF! #31

  19. I can't believe they didn't realise in the first place that it was broken! Ouch!!! Poor you... but maybe it's started a little cityscape series? I'd never have known this wasn't painted with your left hand... it's fabulous!!! :0)

  20. What a lovely painting!Hope you get better soon!

  21. I voted for Frank, what a charmer he is. Hope your hand heals quickly, but in the meantime, your new painting is really great.

  22. Love the little charming pug - good luck :)
    And the little painting is beautiful.

  23. You got my vote.
    I really like your painting - left or right you know how to paint!
    Hope your bone heals sooooon...

  24. Congrats and I voted! :) Good luck!


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