Thursday, 2 July 2015

The silver lining.

'The silver lining' - impasto acrylic on canvas 2x2 inch

This has been the worst summer that I can remember, as far as rubbish weather is concerned. When you're walking the dogs on the beach in June and still need a hat and gloves, you know something isn't right.

the silver lining+contemporary landscape art+nicola mclean

Anyway, there I was on one such day a couple of weeks ago feeling quite fed up at the lack of summer and wondering if there was a Daylight Saving Time version of Seasonal Affective Disorder where although we've got plenty of daylight, there's no actual sun, thus putting folk like me into a funk, when I looked across at the horizon and noticed a beautiful chink of light streaming through the otherwise grey sky. I thought to myself 'this must be the silver lining every cloud apparently has', and took a quick photo on my phone.

TINY ART+Scottish art+Nicola McLean

Back at the cottage I decided to do a little painting of it which I then framed and added to my Artfinder shop. A few days later, it was featured in one of Artfinder's newsletters and sold later that day! Turns out it really was a silver lining!

contemporary landscape art+impasto+silver lining+nicola mclean

In other news, in a not so silver lining event, I am currently typing this one handed after learning a very painful lesson on Monday - if your two females dogs decide to have a fight, do NOT attempt to separate them. I did and got a springer bite on my wrist plus a little westie nip at the back of my leg, for my troubles.

Turns out that Skye is currently going through her adolescence which includes trying to assert her dominance with the other dogs. Apparently it's not uncommon for female dogs to fight on occasion which is why she went for Brodie and not Reuben. My instinct was to separate them as I honestly thought she would kill Brodie, being so much bigger, but even after I got them apart, Brodie came running back for more, which is how I ended up in the crossfire! 

The view that inspired the painting

I've learnt that I should've thrown a bucket of cold water over them instead because unfortunately I came away worse than either dog, neither of whom had so much as a scratch and who were back to being pals, sniffing each other's butts five minutes later and wondering what all the fuss was about. 

As for me, well I got a tetanus shot, antibiotics and sutures at A&E but at the moment, because of soft tissue bruising, I can't use my left arm at all which, being left handed, means it's all very awkward trying to do anything and the worst part is, I can't paint! I also can't drive so I'm stuck at home and feeling very frustrated at my inability to finish all the paintings I've got in various stages of completion. Hopefully, it won't be too long before the muscle heals and I can pick up a palette knife (and straighten my hair which currently looks like I'm channelling the wild woman of Borneo!)

oh, and to add insult to injury, would you believe we actually had one day of sunshine yesterday and, what with the big bandage round my wrist and being unable to use my arm to apply sun cream to my right side, I couldn't even sit outside to enjoy it! 

Linking as always to Paint Party Friday, it might just take me longer than usual to leave you a comment! 


  1. I like your approach to the weather - paint it! Not surprised the painting sold, it's lovely.

    Sorry about the dogs getting you...hope it's healing well.

    Can I ask, how you find Artfinder. Do they charge a lot for selling and advertising artwork?

  2. Oh sympathy all round! My eight weeks on crutches and no driving literally drove me crazy! Living in a rural area life relies on the goodwill of others and I hope you recover soon. A hard lesson to learn but I like you would have jumped in. Love your wee painting . Your artfinder work seems to be doing really well.

  3. I am so sorry!!!
    But, I am so happy to see your painting and that it sold, Yay!!!

  4. oh Nicola, thats terrible, I hope you heal quickly, your painting is beautiful and the framing is wonderful, I love that.
    I was bitten by our dogs under the circumstances, they told me its quite common and told me the same thing a bucket of water does the trick, but where the heck is a bucket of water when we need it, I still have the scars on my arm,,and it was our Springer Spaniel Ike too!

  5. I think we in California have all your warmth, along with our own.... we are baking hot! lol
    Lovely tiny art ♥

  6. Good and bad news here this morning Nic,
    Gorgeous painting so no wonder it sold so quickly. The weather you've had sounds like ours, but the last two days have changed to virtually tropical. Very bizarre but that'll do nicely thank you.
    So sorry to hear about your injury. Good advice about the bucket but excruciating to wait for a bucket to fill whilst your fur babies are sounding like they're really going for it. It's natural to step in. Poor you. I hope you're able to rest in the sun ;)

  7. Sorry to hear about your dog-fight, it's hard to know what to do in a situation like that. Hope you soon feel well, and can move and paint again. Valerie

  8. Ouch. Fab art work. Happy PPF

  9. Wonderful little piece of art! So sorry to hear about your injury! Happy PPF Nic!

  10. That painting is just stunning, no wonder it sold as quickly as it did. Sounds like you and I have the same kind of weather, past mid summer and still as cold as in December. Sad to hear you couldn't sit out to enjoy the one beautiful day, lets hope for many more to come.

  11. Gorgeous painting. Love♥

  12. Loved your "dark and stormy" post. Your painting is gorgeous and well, dogs will be dogs and like us, they get cranky. Hope sunshine comes your way soon.

  13. Your wee painting has captured the cloud with the silver lining just perfectly.

  14. Gorgeous, love the texture. Love it!
    Have a great day!

  15. i hope next week goes better for you!! sounds like this week was really rough! :(

  16. Love your little piece and congrats on the sale. Sorry you were nipped by your best friends.:) Also sorry you can't paint right now. I'm left-handed as well and I have what they call trigger finger on both middle finger on both hands. My middle fingers want to lock up when I try to close them. It's scary. Take care, have a great day. Dogs will be dogs. tee hee.

  17. Beautiful art sorry about your mishap....hope you recover quickly... sounds rough...take care and spoil yourself a little!

    Hugs Giggles

  18. Poor you: gloves and hat in June! It would drive me absolutely crazy! I'm sending you some warmth from here, hope the weather takes a turn for the better soon! It still makes for some beautiful paintings though.... Good on you for another sale! And ouch those dogs..... I never would've thought they'd bite their owner. But well, adolescents can be pretty unpredictable.... Hope it all heals soon and you'll be back to painting in a flash!

  19. Congrats on selling the painting! It is so pretty. Sorry you got nipped by your dogs. To be honest I wish I could be freezing just one day we have boiling hot days for months and months at 90 degrees F husband is on a business trip at the Isle of Skye and is depressed about the weather and says he has not even had any good whiskey so he is miserable. Happy PPF

  20. What ups and downs this post-just like the weather:):) We have had a similar dog problem with the two males we had some time ago with occasional fighting-and yes, have learned not to put a hand in the mix. Hope all heals well soon. Gorgeous impasto canvas!

  21. Oh Nic! I really felt for you when I read this! Wow that really is bad luck! I hope you don't take long to heal. It must be so frustrating! The weather here is nice and warm at the moment. Saturday was 30 degrees! But it rained all day yesterday so it's up and down at the moment. On the bright side, congratulations on selling your painting. That really is a silver lining! :0)

  22. Well, there really was a silver lining with your lovely little cloud painting. So sorry about your arm. How frightening to get in the middle of a dog fight. I can't believe Skye and Brody got into it and you got the injuries! Hope you heal quickly. There is tons of sun, and heat and humidity here. We can trade for awhile.


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