Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Aim for the moon...

This week I'm grateful for the little things. I was able to start painting with my left hand again which was such a relief as, although I love the little abstracts I did with my right hand, I was itching to getting back to painting with a hand I could control (although truth to tell the way I paint these days you might not be able to tell the difference as it's all very loose anyway!)

I was also able to drive for the first time in six weeks which, when you live out in the sticks, is really a necessity - poor S was having to chauffeur me around everywhere. It was even better because I finally got to drive Flo, our gorgeous new car which we got the same week I injured my arm.

It's still a bit sore and I don't want to overdo things but it's definitely a lot better than it was. I've even been able to start practicing yoga again just avoiding any poses that involve putting my weight on my wrists. 

I mentioned a few weeks ago that as part of my Reiki Master training I was given a project to show by any means (an essay, a short story, a poem, a painting perhaps) my own personal journey into reiki. Well, I knew I would do a painting (naturally) and every so often (usually during a meditation) I'd get little images of what I wanted to depict. These aren't set in stone yet as I'm not sure if I'll be able to get what I have in my mind onto the canvas - it's certainly going to be quite surreal but it'll make sense to me!

Anyway, this is where I'm at with it so far and I've had some fun with the toothbrush spattering paint to create the milky way! Sorry the photos aren't the best - it's quite a shiny surface and difficult to capture on camera 

In other news, today is World Elephant Day so here's a wee flash back to a painting I did a few years ago of an elephant. I re-jigged her eye slightly recently as there was something I wasn't happy with so I guess technically it's a recent painting now that I've done that. (What do you mean no?!)

'Forget me not' - impasto acrylic 25 x 50cm
(£200 with 50% donated to World Elephant Day
if purchased directly from me)

That's all my news this week, I'm just so happy to be painting and driving again! I'm linking with Paint Party Friday and will see you all there. 


  1. great news you are driving again, I know what it like to live in the boonies with not being able to drive, I had to stop driving 10 years ago when my vision became to bad ,, I still miss driving to this very day,
    your painting is beautiful, I love the colors, a lot,,
    and your beautiful elephant,,I remember the elephant,, its beautiful, now her or his eye is even more beautiful, softer,,

  2. Sooooo happy you are able to paint again... and drive... that is such a great leap forward in returning to your usual magnificence... I love the elephant now, and agree with laurie... the eye is softer than I remember... just beautiful and I am fascinated with the new piece coming along... I keep a book thingy of post it notes as ideas and thought occur to me at the oddest times... never during meditation... that seems to be when my brain wants to write lists!!!! hopeless at it I am, but I have lovely lists...xx

  3. Great news, glad to hear your feeling more yourself again :)

  4. I am loving this new WIP!! Looks gorgeous already and just my cup of tea!
    I'm so glad you got to drive Flo at last and your wrist is on the mend! Not that it seemed to have any effect on the quality or quantity of your work! :0)

  5. Good to hear you have your "good" hand back! It stinks when you have to rely on someone else to drive you around. I found out earlier this year when I had knee surgery. It's the little things, you know. Don't over do it!!

  6. Love the milky way painting, and glad to hear that your arm is getting better, lets hope the progress continues favourably, Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  7. I'm loving that moon so much!

  8. Amazing moon and I so love the elephant painting! Fantastic to hear that you can paint and drive again!

  9. Great paintings and I love the joyful elephant.
    Happy PPF and Elephant Day ♥

  10. Thrilling news that you can paint and drive once again!!I did however love your alternate hand paintings!! The elephant is gorgeous! Take care not to over do!!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. Yes, I accept that it is a recent painting. I have always loved portraits where only part of the face is shown. Your WIP look great and I'm so glad your hand has healed to the point you can paint and drive again. That's really good news. I live in the sticks too and would probably starve if I couldn't drive. Well, not literally, but not going out would be really awful. And bumming rides with the neighbors would really be awful.

  12. So glad to hear your wrist is getting better, and you're back to painting with your left hand, and finally driving your new car. I would love to live deep in the countryside, but the driving part is definitely a problem. I just don't like driving, or sometimes even just being in a car, and haven't driven one myself for, well, must be over 10 years now. Love your milky way painting and I'm looking forward to seeing how it will develop.

  13. Love that moon. Happy to hear your arm is getting better. I'm left handed as well and my middle finger locks up when I try to use it. Then again so does my middle finger in my right hand lock up. Hmmm, wonder what that means. Tee hee. Awesome elephant and I do love these beautiful creatures. Have a great day and glad you are getting better. Thanks for stopping by my PPF post.

  14. Love the moon piece. Love to see it finished. And I love any work having to deal with elephants. Yours is awesome.

  15. So glad your feeling better! I can't imagine not being able to paint..yikes. Sure would dampen my spirits. The artwork is fabulous. I like what you're doing with the toothbrush. :) Yay for being back at the easel!!

  16. I just LOVE that milky way! It's so beautiful, actually I thought it was finished .... I went back through your posts to see whether you hurt your arm again after the dog bite, but I guess it's still from the dog bite that it's hurting, is that right? Geeez, that dog must've bitten you really hard that it takes so long to heal! It's good that it's on the mend though, especially for people like us who love to paint it's frustratng when you can't use your hand... Although you make great things with your other hand as well!

  17. I love the elephant. The new WIP Is great, love that moon. GLad you can paint again.

  18. What a relief it must be getting back to normal. Take it easy though. I know if I overdo things my ankle swells as a reminder that its still a bit grumbly ...tendons u am told take longer than least you weren't in a cast..that in itself causes muscle to shrink. Yoga is great for getting joints stronger.your new wip looks great!

  19. LOVE the elephant and hate the doctors. Cool wip.

  20. LOVE the elephant and hate the doctors. Cool wip.

  21. Hi! It's 'munrogail' (or just Gail is fine!) from instagram. I have been enjoying looking through your website & artfinder page/ profile while you've been on holiday - hope you're having a fab time.
    I wanted to say thanks for helping me out (even though you don't know it yet!) with both framing tiny canvases & introducing me to Artfinder. I'd been looking through a few different sites for months while I built up my little collection of canvases & hadn't really found one that felt quite right. Ditto with the frames. I have some in Ikea ribba frames, but those only work with the squares that can take a lot of space around them - & I always prefer square, for some reason. When I saw yours, I knew I'd seen similar frames at Hobbycraft, so I have a few sizes & am experimenting now, properly making the change from jewellery design to painting due to my really evil shoulder injury (posting from that blog page because it will let me, but I should ...... & have been meaning to..... set up an art blog from my blogger account too).

    I'm glad I discovered your work on IG, I love all your pieces, especially your starry skies. I may be inspired to try that too - I did use toothbrushes & fabric paint to create a 'galaxy' on a pair of toms shoes - I should really have thought about transferring that to canvas!

    I also relate to losing your dominant hand. I have very little function in my right arm (dominant, although never totally) & couldn't use it for 2 years at all, so I taught myself to paint and draw with my left hand & now I'm 'confused ambidextrous' & paint with both hands together. At least they think I will get use of my right arm back eventually now, just very slowly. To top it off, I fell last year & my 'good' hand saved me - I had surgery on my left hand in March :-/ - it's nearly better now though.... soon hopefully, although it just has to do stuff, it doesn't have a choice! It WAS incredibly frustrating for the month immediately after surgery. Painting is good therapy!

    And to finish off.... my mum does Reiki, so I really love your interpretation of that too - green is 'her' colour she sees, which is funny because I have synaesthesia & my mum IS green, to me (my dad's purple & doesn't have an arty gene in his body, so who knows why....)

    Anyway, thought I'd say hi. Hope you are still healing well & back to normal soon. G


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