Thursday, 22 October 2015

A seagull, a boat, a Wildlife TV Presenter and why I might not blog so often...

Seagull+contemporary art+northern lights+NicseARTh
'Fly to your tomorrow' - acrylic on canvas 30 x 30cm

So I had an impromptu blogging break last week. We were travelling the five hour round trip to Inverness last Thursday afternoon to see Steve Backshall (a wildlife TV presenter) on his Wild World Tour (which by the way was amazing even if we were the only adults without kids as our excuse for being there – his wildlife shows are aimed first and foremost at kids and it was through my stepson that I first discovered him). 

Me and Mr Steve Backshall!

He leads the most fascinating life and has travelled to over 100 countries so far and interacted with (and been bitten by) numerous amazing creatures.  At the end of his presentation, he even made a point of signing everyone’s books (he writes children’s fiction and has an autobiography out) and getting photos taken and yes, we absolutely waited for our turn (well, my turn at least - S took the photo of Steve Backshall and me!)

seagull+contemporary art+acrylic+NicseARTh

Anyway, the paintings on this post, I did last week and the seagull I decided should migrate from Cornwall where I originally took his photo up to here where I placed him against the backdrop of the northern skies.

The canvas I used was actually one I had painted a Twisty Town version of our cottage on when we first moved in. I was bored with it so decided to spray paint over it and then happened upon the photo of the gull and decided he'd look quite nice perched on a rock there. I had used crackle glaze over the old painting and the texture from that has come through in parts on the new painting which somehow thankfully works!

boat+stars+surrealism+close up+contemporary art+NicseARTh
'Float amongst the stars' - Acrylic on canvas 12.5 x 12.5cm

The little boat was one I'd taken a photo of floating in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean when we were in Crete but I thought it would be fun to play with a little surrealism and have it floating amongst the stars.

boat+stars+surrealism+close up+contemporary art+NicseARTh

Both are available to purchase from my Artfinder shop and also I’m really excited because I recently submitted several pieces of art to Ohh Deer’s Pillow Fight – an annual competition they run where artists can have their work put onto cushions which are sold by Ohh Deer online – and all of them were approved and are now available to purchase for a limited time (I think up until Christmas)! You can see the other designs if you click on the link - here are this week's paintings as cushions:

Fly to your tomorrow Cushion

Float amongst the stars Cushion
As with most of the online competitions these days, the more 'likes' a particular pillow gets the more chance the artist has of winning the competition so if you wanted to pop over and give my designs some love that would be much appreciated although honestly, I'm just delighted to see them as cushions and I think I'll order a couple for myself as they'll go lovely on my sofa!! 

wooden boat+stars+starry sky+surrealism+NicseARTh

As for blogging, I've realised that I actually don't have to blog every week - sometimes, I almost feel obliged to for some reason when actually the only person putting pressure on me to blog is me. Will the world stop turning if I only blog once a month or just when I've got something to blog about? Nope. Will anyone notice if I skip a week or two - I doubt it (Well, perhaps my mum!) 

Anyway, all new art for sale is updated on my Artfinder shop and I am around on my Instagram or Facebook pages as I update them pretty much daily so if you use any of those social media sites then please do give me a follow and we can keep up to date on all things arty that way. 


  1. I reaĺly enjoy Steve's shows and my kids are grown up! I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. I know what you mean about blog guilt. ..I too seem to feel pressure to blog each week although I have know idea why.'s crazy. Love your seagulls. He looks very majestic against the starry sky and very cosy as a cushion design too.

  2. Sounds like a pretty good trip.
    your seagulls are very good.

  3. Both of these are simply wonderful. The colors are amazing as well.

  4. Wonderful, vibrant art again. I will miss you if you don't blog, but you have to set your own priorities, that's true. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  5. the cushions do look wonderful, but the canvas with the seagull is amazing... it actually reminds me of the seagulls against the night sky over the bay we live on... not quite as many stars... but close... love the boat as well... it reminds me of a scene in a Jeanette Winterston book where people ate dinner in a dining room on a high wire, but the back of my brain is also saying there were boats in there somewhere as well. I must ask Phantom when she wakes up. Awesome work Nic

  6. That seagull is amazing! Love the colours so much. And I like your little boat between the stars. I would feel sorry to not see your beautiful art each week, but you're right: sometimes it's just too much, and you should do what feels best for you. Hope you don't forget to blog all together, because I am sure people would notice ...

  7. Wow, Nic, these are strong paintings - especially the seagull!!

  8. Beautiful work. I love the gull and the boat against your amazing skies. And they work really well as pillows! :)


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