Wednesday, 15 June 2016

On reflection...a landscape

Melvich Beach+seascape+contemporary colourful vibrant art+Nicola McLean
On reflection - acrylic on canvas 50 x 20 cm 

So, I've just got back from a very lovely few days in London with my sister and Skye. I left my sister's house at 6.30 yesterday morning for a flight at 9.00 allowing myself tonnes of time in case the traffic was bad. Except I read the ticket wrong and it was actually at 9.50 so I really did give myself a lot of time. Still imagine if it had been earlier instead of later. 

Melvich Beach+seascape+contemporary+Scottish+ colourful vibrant art+Nicola McLean

Having optimistically allowed myself 55 minutes from landing in Inverness airport to get to the bus station 20 minutes away for the 12.20pm coach, I was more than relieved when the flight boarded in plenty of time. Until that is, the one person who didn't bother to board on time decided to keep us all waiting so that we took off 45 minutes late. Then the girl in the seat beside me managed to tip her glass of water all over my seat while I was sitting in it. Still, she also had a cup of coffee so it could've been worse. 

Melvich Beach+seascape+contemporary+Scottish+ colourful vibrant art+Nicola McLean

Then we finally landed at 11.50 and having already lost any hope of making it to the bus station in time it didn't seem to matter so much when I then had to wait a further 45 minutes for my suitcase to make it off the plane (despite Inverness being practically the world's smallest airport!). Still, I ended up getting a train instead which is very scenic as it passes through some beautiful countryside and coastline along the way although it does stop at every hole in the hedge and therefore takes four hours to get to Thurso instead of three for the bus (or two and a half if you just drive your own car!) The journey from London to Thurso ended up taking about 12 hours - that's halfway to Australia!

Melvich Beach+seascape+contemporary+Scottish+ colourful vibrant art+Nicola McLean

Anyway, it was worth it as I had such a lovely time and my sister, as always, spoiled me rotten and Skye slept on my bed every night which I just loved. She's settled in to city life perfectly and is utterly adored and spoiled and gets walked for miles every day around all the many parks along the Thames where my sister lives! 

Skye, Audrey and me

Skye the springer spaniel
Skye looking adorable

We went to see Anastacia play in the court yard in Hampton Court Palace - a great venue and such a powerful voice for such a tiny woman!

Anastacia at Hampton Court Palace

The view from our seats

A wee picnic in the palace grounds before the concert

Anyway, art. This is a painting I finished just before I went to London but didn't get round to taking any photos or blogging it. 

Melvich Beach+seascape+contemporary+Scottish+ colourful vibrant art+Nicola McLean

I'd just gotten some new canvasses in different sizes and this longer thinner one was perfect for this seascape. It was inspired by Melvich beach on dull, grey day when, despite how dreich it was, there was a wonderful reflection of the cliffs on the wet sand with the sky reflected in other puddles of sea water along the beach. Although nature's palette that day was really quite subdued I decided to make my interpretation much more vibrant.

Melvich Beach+seascape+contemporary+Scottish+ colourful vibrant art+Nicola McLean

Thanks as always for popping by. I'll leave you with this perfect little sign I found on a bench I'd sat on while waiting with Skye for my sister to pop into a shop in Kingston - I'd chosen the seat specifically because it faced away from the main shopping throng so the sign seemed most appropriate!


  1. Lovely painting.
    Looks like a good time was had by you two always good to catch up with family.

  2. Bonjour,

    Parfois certaines petites catastrophes s'enchaînent !! Heureusement tout s'est bien terminé pour vous, malgré le verre d'eau !!

    Merci pour l'ensemble de toutes ces très jolies photos que vous partagez avec nous. Le toutou semble très malheureux !!! sourire !

    Bravo aussi pour cette très belle peinture et le travail des reflets n'est pas une petite affaire !

    Gros bisous 🌺

  3. another stunning painting and seascape Nic!! You and your sis are such lovelies and of course so good to see Skye and knowing how perfectly well she is doing:)

  4. First you and your sis look just like each other. It is important to make memories with her. I miss my sis so much...... Ohh what a trip. Good thing you are so calm about things. LOL The painting is simply amazing. Love it so much.

  5. Wonderful painting, love the colours and texture. Glad you had a good time in London with your sister. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  6. Beautiful seascape. So evocative of those golden beaches up in your part of the world. It brings back memories of picnicking at dunnethead as a child.

  7. Beautiful seascape. So evocative of those golden beaches up in your part of the world. It brings back memories of picnicking at dunnethead as a child.

  8. Amazing painting Nic - super that you had such nice days with your sister! Thank you for the photos - they bring back nice memories for me as I visited Hampton Court on a trip from London with the ship in a very hot August 30 years ago. I enjoyed the atmospheric place so much I remember .
    Happy weekend!
    oxo Susi

  9. Your painting makes me want to go to see the sea. :)
    Speaking of your "odyssey", I am used to delays when I travel. Last time it was 8 hours (plus 14 hours flight). But I have also experienced a 24h delay. So, I can understand you very well. :)

  10. Wow... that journey sounds epic!! I'm so glad you had such a lovely time and that Skye is so happy and settled... You and your sister look so alike!! And I LOVE the painting! It's gorgeous! :0)

  11. There is nothing so good as together time with one's sister! But your trip sounds absolutely horrendous! At least the good part is that you managed to make me laugh out loud this morning with the rendition of the journey. Your painting is so gorgeous. Love the scene.

  12. That is such a beautiful painting .... I just LOVE the colours. And I also really like the shape of the canvas. I'm usually not such a fan of landscapes, but yours are the big exception. The vibrant colours you use make them really special and unique. Looks like you had a fabulous time in London, but that trip back does sound a bit nightmare-ish....

  13. Your daytime paintings are as beautiful as your night ones. I really like this weeks painting. Sounds and looks like you've had a great adventure. happy PPF. Erika

  14. Beautiful ladies....what a journey that was!! Wonderful painting... It seems it was all worth it...such happy women! Love Skye too...Springer Spaniels are so special even if they are monkeys at times!! Glad you had a nice visit!

    Hugs Giggles

  15. Wonderful landscapes! Great pic of you and your sister. I'm glad the doggy is enjoying herself in her new home. :)


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