Monday, 31 July 2017

Middle of a memory....a Route 66 painting

Blue Swallow Motel, Tucumcari, New Mexico+Miniature art+Route 66+Nicola McLean
'Middle of a memory' - acrylic on canvas 2.4 x 3 inches (6 x 8cm)

So back at the end of June I was planning to paint the Blue Swallow Motel on a pretty large canvas which I'd primed with acrylic spray paint to get the background ready.

Then I went off to Ireland for a week and did some other stuff which you can read about in my last post (none for ages then two in one week!)

Anyway, when I got back from Ireland after creating a couple more animal-related things, I got the urge to write rather than paint which I've also explained in my last post so that's what I've been doing. 

Blue Swallow Motel, Tucumcari, New Mexico+Miniature art+Route 66+Nicola McLean

It's funny, isn't it, we all go through those periods of our mojo being missing in action for whatever reason and just finding excuse after excuse (whether real or invented) not to put brush to canvas. I guess it's the normal cycle of things but this time I did wonder if I would just stop bothering altogether and, if so, what would I use my art shed for if not to paint. Anyway, it seems that my inner artist had different ideas and after giving me a hall pass for a couple of weeks to write some more of my never ending novel, I got such an overwhelming urge to paint last weekend that I had to go and do just that. 

I still wanted to paint the Blue Swallow Motel but I found a photo from a slightly different angle and decided to have a go at painting it in miniature before going big.

Anyway, when I got back I got the urge to write which I've also explained in my last post so that's what I've been doing.  It's funny, isn't it, we all go through those periods of missing our mojo and just, for whatever reason, not being bothered to paint and this time I did wonder if I would just stop bothering altogether. But, my inner artist had different ideas and last Saturday I got such an overwhelming urge to paint that I had to go and do just that.
Reference photo taken by S

As you can see from the reference photo, I used grid lines for this painting, which I don't normally do but then I don't normally paint architecture and cars and the grid lines help get the perspective and proportions right (at least in theory!)

Anyway, when I got back I got the urge to write which I've also explained in my last post so that's what I've been doing.  It's funny, isn't it, we all go through those periods of missing our mojo and just, for whatever reason, not being bothered to paint and this time I did wonder if I would just stop bothering altogether. But, my inner artist had different ideas and last Saturday I got such an overwhelming urge to paint that I had to go and do just that.

Sign writing is something I don't have a lot of practice in either but I'm guessing if I want to keep on painting this series of Route 66 paintings then it's something I'll be getting a lot more practice in as it's the signs and road markings that make the journey so iconic and such a wonderful step back into the history of America during the era when all the towns along the highway were thriving. 

As all these paintings are titled after songs from our Road Trip playlist, I decided that 'Middle of a memory' would be appropriate for this one as we arrived in Tucumcari for the night after passing the mid-point of Route 66 in Adrian, Texas earlier that day. 

Route 66+Blue Swallow Motel+Tucumcari+New Mexico+American Road Trip+Art+Nicola McLean

You know how I like my size context photos so here's one to show you just how tiny this painting actually is. Painting those signs really was fiddly and reminded me again just how bad my eyesight is getting - I think I need stronger reading glasses after painting this!

Route 66+Blue Swallow Motel+Tucumcari+New Mexico+American Road Trip+Art+Nicola McLean
In case you were wondering exactly what size this is!

In other news, the annual Society of Caithness Artists exhibition starts tonight for a fortnight. I've submitted art for the last three years to this annual event and only ever sold one small piece so, honestly, this year I wasn't going to bother not least because I didn't have any paintings of local landscapes which always seem to be the most popular in previous years (other people's that is!) but then I thought about how I had the other Route 66 paintings just hanging on my walls anyway and figured other than the hanging fee I didn't really have anything to lose by putting them into the exhibition. You never know, maybe someone wants to hang something other than a local scene on their walls. Anyway, nothing ventured and all that. 

Route 66+Blue Swallow Motel+Tucumcari+New Mexico+American Road Trip+Art+Nicola McLean

When I was taking photos of the painting I set it up on the sideboard and it looked quite appropriate beside this wee Route 66 spice cupboard (at least that's what I use it for!) that I bought in T K Maxx years ago thinking it was the closest I'd ever get to the real thing!

Well, that's me up to date with my blog and what I've been up to artistically. I fully intend to be a better blogger from now on (of course the road to hell is said to be paved with good intentions but still, I'll try my best). I'm still working at the animal shelter and have a lot of overtime coming up in the next wee while to cover holidays and whatnot so we'll see how I get on with free painting time.

I may not get a chance to catch up on blog visits this weekend because I'm heading to London on Saturday for a few days to visit my sister (and Skye the springer spaniel!!) and this time it'll be even better because S is coming too.  

If there is anyone left who still visits me here then thank you so much for taking the time and I will endeavor to be a more frequent visitor to both my own blog and everyone else's!

Sunday, 30 July 2017

All sorts of animals...

Well, what do you know, yet again over a month has gone by without me putting in an appearance at my own blog.  It's not that I haven't been creating because I have plenty to show for the last few weeks, it's just that I can't seem to make time to type up a blog post.

Anyway, I've been back home in Ireland for a week which was lovely. I took my acrylic ink pens home with me this time and even better, I even took them out and used them!! I decided to paint up the raven sketch that I'd drawn on my previous visit to Ireland back in February.

This is how it turned out:

raven+spirit animal+power animal+art+Nicola McLean

I also painted a goat.  To be precise, I painted a little goat called Lawson, who'd been born with a heart defect and was rescued by Leanne of Goats of Anarchy, an amazing charity that helps so many little goats with disabilities. Unfortunately, Lawson tragically passed away just after he'd returned home from the hospital having survived the surgery.  

I follow Goats of Anarchy on Instagram and couldn't stop thinking about wee Lawson. So, anyway, I painted his picture and sent the original to Leanne so she could use it to sell prints to raise funds for her charity.  Quite a lot of people contacted me after seeing it on Instagram to say they'd love to buy a print so hopefully, she'll get a lot of interest if she does decide to offer prints for sale.  

This is the painting:

Lawson+goat+Goats of Anarchy+Spirit animal+Nicola McLean

I'm also going to use it as the goat in my spirit animal card set which, yes, I'm still working on. I know it's been a very long process but I've been doing so many other things in between working on the different animals for the cards and I've got a ways to go yet - I think I've got about 10 animals done but will probably need at least 50!

I've also been adding to the types of dogs I've fashioned out of polymer clay.Firstly, my sister asked me to do a cake topper of Boris the chocolate lab for his person's birthday cake.

polymer clay dog+Chocolate lab+cake topper+Nicola McLean

I also made another figurine of a very special little dog who crossed the rainbow bridge recently. Muffin, Neesie's faithful wee companion sadly passed away and I decided to make a little figurine of her to send to Neesie because I always remembered how she used to sit on Neesie's desk as she was painting so I thought this little clay dog could sit there as a little tribute. I'm pleased to say that Neesie was really delighted with her wee Muffy tribute and wrote a lovely blog post about her as well as sending me a print of her gorgeous Mother and Baby giraffe painting as a thank you. 

polymer clay dog+shitzhu+cake topper+Nicola McLean

So, that's what I've been up to.  If I was in any way organised I would have written four separate posts for these but as I'm so behind and have actually completed another painting which I'm really planning to blog about later in the week, I thought I'd just do a quick round up of what I've been up to for the last month or so.

I was also contacted by a professor from the University of Westminster to ask permission to use my painting 'moonlight shadow' on the welome poster and cover of the programme for a symposium they were holding on 'Tourism and the night'. The painting was very appropriate for the subject matter! This is what they looked like:

Although I haven't been writing in my blog much, I have actually been writing in other ways...I started a novel about five years ago and recently I decided that I was going to finish it come hell or high water! (It's the third novel I've started and not finished  - the first I started writing in 1997 and it's now languishing on a floppy disk somewhere which I couldn't access even if I knew where it was seeing as computers don't even have floppy drives any more!!)

Anyway, with this one, even if it never gets publish I just really want to finish it.  So, I've been re-reading and editing and writing new chapters - I'm at about chapter 30 now so making some progress.  That's been keeping me creative for the last couple of weeks but yesterday I got the urge to paint so I did.  I finished it today and if you'd care to pop back later in the week I'll show you what it was!

Friday, 23 June 2017

Road less traveled...another moment on the Mother Road

Shamrock, Texas+Route 66+Road Trip+Amercia+American Landscape+Acrylic painting+Nicola McLean
'Road less traveled' - acrylic on canvas 30cm x 40cm

So, I'm back working on my 'moments on the Mother Road' series. I'm still not doing them in any discernible order - certainly if I was to do the road trip in the same order as I'm doing these paintings then I'd be all over the place! So far, I've gone from California right back to Chicago and now I've jumped to Texas. 

Close up you can see the headlights of cars on the interstate

I don't suppose it matters what order I paint them in, I'm really just going by what scene appeals to me at the time and I had another canvas which I'd already put acrylic modelling paste on which just happened to lend itself perfectly to the rough, cracked road surface of this scene which S captured on camera at sunset just outside of Shamrock, Texas.

Credit - S McLean
the original photo of Route 66 just outside Shamrock, Texas

This was an early section of Route 66 and was made of segmented concrete. The guide book which I read as we drove the route described how your tyres make a wonderful 'thump ka-thump, ka-thump' noise as you drive over the joins in the concrete and we were delighted to discover they really do.

I mentioned before that during our trip we listened to local radio stations along the way, made a list of all the songs we heard a lot on the road and then created a playlist when we got back home - music is so evocative of a time and place and every time we hear those songs now they take us right back to Route 66.

Shamrock Texas+acrylic painting+landscape art+Route 66+Interstate+American Road trip+Nicola McLean

Why am I telling you this? Well, I wanted to give each painting a title inspired by the songs we listened to, either the title of the song or a lyric from it. I have already used this title for a painting I did a few years ago but because it was the name of a song from our trip (by Lauren Alaina) and because it seemed really appropriate given that this highway has been superseded by the interstate (which you can see off to the right in the horizon in my painting)I decided to use it again (and I've used the American spelling just to keep it country!)

Next up I'm crossing the border into New Mexico to try my hand at one of my favourite photos from the trip, the Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari.

Credit: S McLean

I'm using a larger canvas for this one - 30 x 20 inches which fits perfectly on the new A2 desk easel I treated myself to last week!

My shiny new desk easel!

I've have just started by using acrylic spray paints to loosely colour the background.  I'm going back to Ireland for a week on Monday so I won't get any more done on it until I get back but I'm really looking forward to this one and the challenge of painting that iconic neon sign!

Thanks for popping by, I know I'm a bit sporadic with my blogging these days.  I've noticed that a lot of people who used to blog regularly no longer do - do you think that perhaps Instagram and other social media sites are replacing art blogging? I know it's certainly easier to just post a quick photo on Instagram than write and edit a blog post every week although every time I think I'll stop blogging I feel compelled to keep it going a while longer - it's been nearly 7 years since I started my blog so it seems a shame to stop even if it is a little less well tended to than it used to be!

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Hell's bells...a contemporary still life and landscape painting

Hell's bells+river rocks+scotch whisky+Bell's whisky+contemporary art+Nicola McLean artist
'Hell's bells' - acrylic on canvas 30 x 40cm

When is a still life not a still life? When it's also got a little bit of a landscape in it. I'm not really sure what category this one falls into as it's the first time I've stretched out the scene to include the land around the close up of the river rocks that I normally just paint. I really enjoyed the challenge of this one though and trying to create a softer, slightly blurred effect for the background while making sure the focus was on the foreground.

Hell's bells+river rocks+scotch whisky+Bell's whisky+contemporary art+Nicola McLean artist

Hell's bells is a phrase used to express anger or surprise as in 'Hell's bells, why can't people take their rubbish off the beach with them!!' a slightly gentler version of something I might have uttered once or twice recently as the tourist season ramps up and our beaches once again become dumping grounds for those that apparently love the great outdoors while simultaneously having zero respect for nature by dropping all their rubbish at their arses. 

Hell's bells+river rocks+scotch whisky+Bell's whisky+contemporary art+Nicola McLean artist

Anyway, as you can no doubt tell, litter on our beaches normally makes me spitting mad but on this occasion it also inspired a painting.  I saw the lid of the Bell's whisky bottle at the edge of the river going down to Sandside beach and decided to strategically place it for a reference photo opportunity.

Hell's bells+river rocks+scotch whisky+Bell's whisky+contemporary art+Nicola McLean artist

This is the resulting painting which as I mentioned in my last post, I wanted to finish in time to add it to the other paintings I've submitted to the Mission Hall Gallery which is opening its doors to the public on 1 June. We're having a small private viewing on Saturday 3 June and then an official opening in a few weeks time once the new gallery owners get all their bits and bobs in order. 

They are hoping to attract the very people I mostly whinge about - the tourists who drive past our cottage like bats out of hell (there's a bit of a hellish theme here this week) and who leave their rubbish around the beaches or chuck it out of their car windows instead of just keeping it in the fricking car until they get to a public bin - WHY DO PEOPLE DO THAT!!!  

Anyway, I am sure that like everything else, it's only a small minority of tourists who have that little respect for the places they are visiting and that mostly they are here to enjoy the beautiful scenery and tranquil laid back way of life and perhaps even stop at an art gallery along the way and take home a colourful reminder of their time up here!😉

Here are the five paintings waiting for bubble wrap before I took them to the gallery. The one with the marbles sold a couple of weeks ago and has already gone to its forever home so I decided to include the beachscape as it's of the beach in the village where the gallery is located.

river rock paintings+contemporary still life+vibrant art+Mission Hall Gallery Melvich+Nicola McLean

Anyway, it was quite good having a deadline to work to as it certainly put paid to my usual procrastination apart from when my art shed was literally too hot to work in last Friday and so I'd no choice but to sit in the garden instead, listening to the soothing sounds of bird song and motorbike engines as they raced by one after the other!

Monday, 29 May 2017

Fetch...a contemporary still life

contemporary still life art+river rocks+tennis ball+fetch+Nicola McLean artist
'Fetch' - acrylic on canvas 20 x 20cm

I mentioned in my last post a couple of weeks ago that I've been invited to exhibit with a newly opening local gallery and wanted to create some new work to submit that would go along with my other river rock paintings.

contemporary still life art+river rocks+tennis ball+fetch+Nicola McLean artist

This is one that I'd taken the reference photo for a while back, one day when the dogs were chasing their ball on the beach - until they lost interest approximately 1 minute and 37 seconds in and ran off to sniff seaweed instead so that I ended up carrying the ball the rest of the walk. I set it down at the river rocks thinking it would make a good composition as all the previous painting in this series have had one random object in them - my wellies, a feather & marbles.

contemporary still life art+river rocks+tennis ball+fetch+Nicola McLean artist

I had coincidentally ordered a new tube of lemon yellow paint around the same time as I was painting this and hadn't realised that it was actually fluorescent as I wouldn't have ordered it.  However, it turned out to be quite serendipitous as it was exactly the right colour for the tennis ball! The computer screen doesn't show it to the full effect but it really is very bright!

contemporary still life art+river rocks+tennis ball+fetch+Nicola McLean artist

As soon as I finished this one last week, I started a slightly larger one which I'd also already taken the reference photo for and I spent the last week trying not to bake in my art shed (which turns into an oven at the first sign of the sun) as we experienced a few very, very lovely days. I managed to get that one finished yesterday and thankfully because acrylic dries so quickly, I got it varnished and bubble wrapped up with the rest of the paintings and off to the gallery for it opening on 1 June. 

A little size perspective

If you'd like to see that painting and find out what inspired it, then please sign up to receive notifications of my new blog posts or just check back in a day or two as I plan to play blog post catch up and write another post all about it!

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Sink...a surreal space painting

So events have conspired to keep me from starting number three in the 'Moments on the Mother Road' series, but in a good way.

Surreal art+universal plug+cosmos+sink+Nicola McLean
'Sink' - acrylic on canvas 40 x 50cm

Paintings completed since my last post: One

This painting harks back to my 'space junk' series of random objects in space. I painted the background to this one way last summer using acrylic modelling paste to get lots of texture and then spray paints for the night sky in which I painted a black hole. Then it just sat there in my art shed until last week when it seemed to jump out at me (not literally, that would be weird) and stare at me accusingly for my neglectful behaviour towards it. And so, I felt compelled to finish it after all.

Surreal art+universal plug+cosmos+sink+Nicola McLean

I already knew what I was going to paint on it. I already had the reference photo printed out and waiting in my stuffed full reference photo folder. Back when we redecorated our bathroom last year and bought a new plug for the sink, I thought about how an item is referred to as 'universal' when one size fits all and so when I saw the phrase 'universal plug' this is the image that popped into my head.

Surreal art+universal plug+cosmos+sink+Nicola McLean

Bricks and Mortar Galleries: One

In a rather exciting turn of events, I received an email last week from a couple who have just bought an old historic building which used to be a mission hall and had more recently been used as a studio by the artist whose house they also bought which happens to be right beside the track down to the beach I often walk the dogs on, in Melvich, the next village from ours. 

They are in the middle of renovating the building and turning it into an art gallery and had been doing some research on local artists. I was one of the artists they contacted to see if I would be interested in having them represent me up here. 

I went to meet with them on Friday and they showed me round the mission hall and told me what their plans are. They hope to tie in with the increase in tourism thanks to the North Coast 500 and will initially open from June through to the end of September. 

Surreal art+universal plug+cosmos+sink+Nicola McLean

Now the North Coast 500 is something I am honestly not keen on and which I had a little Instagram rant about recently due to the annoyingly inaccurate comparison to Route 66 and the increase in motorbikes zooming past our cottage at ridiculous speeds on the narrow country roads which are in really bad condition and aren't being maintained. 

Still, whether I like it or not the North Coast 500 is a fact of life up here now so I'd be stupid to cut my nose off to spite my face and while I don't for one second imagine that any of the boy racers doing the route as quickly as they can without stopping or even slowing down to enjoy the beauty of the place, will ever be buying one of my paintings, that doesn't mean that those tourists who do come here to enjoy the slower pace of life won't be interested in stopping to while away some time in a local art gallery and perhaps decide to take a small piece of colourful art home as a memento.

surreal art+surrealism+sink+plug hole+universal plug+nicola mclean

Anyway they plan to represent four or five local artists and the work on sale there will be exclusive to that gallery with the opening taking place on 1 June. With that in mind, I've set the Route 66 series aside for now as I'd like to complete a couple more of my 'signs of life' river rocks paintings and submit those to the gallery.

surreal art+surrealism+sink+plug hole+universal plug+nicola mclean

Time lapse videos: One

So, not wanting my Christmas present from S of the GoPro camera to have been a one trick pony, I decided to give it another outing in the art shed.  I discovered that if I use the video setting rather than the time lapse setting it takes up far less room on the memory card and it's easier to edit together at the end to make a time lapse video. I quite like just doing time lapse clips of just little snippets of a painting rather than filming the whole thing (which I found rather invasive to be honest) so here's a wee snippet of 'Sink'.

New work surface: one

My art shed was a year old in April and the work surface which had been painted with wood paint in cream was looking very paint spattered and grubby so I decided to cover it with some colourful sticky vinyl to spruce it up and make it wipe clean. I'm very happy with how it looks although I ran out with just a little bit to go so have had to order another roll to finish it off!

Sunny days: three followed immediately by the haar 
(sea mist that is the bane of summer in Caithness)

I went out to my art shed last Monday and the dogs sat themselves on the decked porch so I sat down with them for a minute.  Four hours later I was still there when I discovered it was actually really warm (relatively speaking for Scotland!) and then the postie delivered my magazine subscription so I took that as a sign that I should just sit in the sun and read all afternoon. I didn't feel guilty because we get so few sunny days that I knew I had to make the most of it!

That's all my news for now. Thanks, as always for taking the time to pop by.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Dissolve...a painting of city lights in bokeh

Chicago+City lights+Route 66+Blurred lights+Bokeh+contemporary cityscape+Nicola McLean
'Dissolve' - acrylic on canvas 12.5 x 12.5cm

Two blog posts in a week....what's going on??

Well, it seems I am not only getting my painting mojo back with the lighter, longer days of spring but I've also apparently rediscovered my will to blog. So, let's see, what's new?

Completed paintings - one

This is the second in the 'Moments on the Mother Road' series that I started last week with 'On the road again'. 

For this one, I've gone back to the beginning of the route to Chicago and I may try to keep the paintings in order as we head from east to west or I may just go with my gut and whatever I feel inspired to paint at the time.

Chicago+City lights+Route 66+Blurred lights+Bokeh+contemporary cityscape+Nicola McLean

This is based on a photo I took on our first night in Chicago of an actual Chicago Fire truck (I'm a big fan of the show so it was quite a novelty to see the trucks in the city - just a pity Severide wasn't in any of them!)  I love bokeh in photography and I liked the idea of painting it so I deliberately took this photo out of focus so I could try to paint it when I got back. I had a lot of fun painting this as it is quite abstract but hopefully you can see what it should be and it makes you want to squint your eyes to try to pull it into focus. It's definitely a painting that looks better from a distance!

I'm really enjoying this series because I get to relive the trip with every brush stroke.

Chicago+City lights+Route 66+Blurred lights+Bokeh+contemporary cityscape+Nicola McLean

The title 'Dissolve' was inspired by one of the songs that became our road trip sound track and also led us to discover a band that we'd never heard of before but who I love so much I've downloaded all their albums to date!

The band is Zac Brown Band and the song is 'Free' and if you listen to the words it really perfectly summed up that trip for us.  

The line that inspired the title of the painting is: 

'we drive until the city lights dissolve into a country sky, just me and you'. 

Magazine interviews  - one

I was contacted by GreatArt recently as they were interviewing winners of various competitions they had run in the last few years to find out what we've done since and to see what advice we had for other artists when it comes to entering competitions.  

The interview is going to be printed in their online magazine as well as in their printed version which is on sale in their London flag ship store.  They are also putting up posters of each of the winners' interviews in their store so that's quite exciting. You can read the full interview here, if you like. 

New online shops - one

I've discovered a great online shop to sell art from which other artists might be interested in. Like a lot of artists, I sell on various online galleries but I really wanted a way to sell direct from my website without it costing me a fortune for the privilege of an e-commerce function. I think I've found it with Tictail.  

mini canvas+acrylic painting+bokeh+city lights+Chicago+Route 66+Nicola McLean

The way it works is that you create a custom shop and they also include you in their marketplace which has lots of different kinds of shops selling everything you can think of. If someone buys something from you via their marketplace then they take 10% commission but if someone buys something direct from your custom shop then Tictail don't take any commission at all! All you pay is the Paypal or Stipe fee. Just make sure when you use the correct link as there are different links depending on whether it's their marketplace or your custom shop. The best part is that I've been able to create a page on my website which links straight to my Tictail shop so folk don't have to jump through hoops if they want to buy my art - now they can do it straight from my website after all! 

blurred lights+bokeh+Route 66+Chicago+acrylic painting+Nicola McLean

Number of part-time jobs - Back down to one

Way back in January I mentioned I was sad because the part-time job I'd been doing at the animal shelter, since October last year, was coming to an end. Then they extended it another three months and it was due to end on 5 May. In the meantime I was told that the day care service where I worked as an administrator two days a week for Alzheimer Scotland was being taken over by the NHS. This didn't fill me with joy because all we ever hear on the news is how the NHS has no money and how hospitals and medical services are being shut down all over the country. Anyway, it was all very uncertain and although my job was guaranteed initially there was no guarantee that a few months down the line they wouldn't change the conditions or send me to work in some other NHS department. 

Chicago+City lights+Route 66+Blurred lights+Bokeh+contemporary cityscape+Nicola McLean

So, I was talking to S about it and he said that if the animal shelter extended my contract again I should take it as a sign and quit the admin job and just work at the animal shelter. I mentioned that to the manager at the animal shelter and said I'd be happy to do more hours if it was my only job. Of course it wasn't up to her but she spoke to the head office and guess what?! I was offered another six months at four mornings a week plus holiday cover! 

Chicago+City lights+Route 66+Blurred lights+Bokeh+contemporary cityscape+Nicola McLean

So, today was my last ever day working as an administrator and now I'm back to having just one part-time job (with animals - what could be better!!)and being able to spend much more time painting again.  I am well aware that in six months time there might be no more extensions and I could very well find myself without any job at all but, you know what, I honestly believe it'll work out whatever way it's meant to so, for now, I'm just going to enjoy a life of art and animals. 

Chicago+City lights+Route 66+Blurred lights+Bokeh+contemporary cityscape+Nicola McLean

That's all my news for this week. Thanks to anyone who still bothers to visit - I know I've been both a rubbish blogger and blog-visitor for the last while but I plan to work on that now that I've got more time again!

Friday, 21 April 2017


*Disclaimer - This is a bit of long post as I have two months of stuff to waffle on about - I've created handy headings so skip any parts that make you yawn.

You'd be forgiven for thinking the title of this post refers to me as yet again it's been nearly two months since I last wrote. I haven't been lost, merely waylaid.

So, what's happened in the last couple of months?

Paintings completed - Three

I finally finished the third in the 'signs of life' series of still life paintings that continues my current obsession with river rocks and water reflections.  

This is 'Lost' (as in lost your marbles, geddit?!) 

Lost+marbles+river rocks+contemporary still life+acrylic painting+Nicola McLean
'Lost' - 30 x 30 cm - acrylic on canvas

River rocks+colourful art+contemporary still life+marbles+Nicola McLean

This is 'Peaceful'  - inspired by a photo S took of the Peace Bridge in my hometown of Derry/Londonderry (so good they names it twice - just to keep everyone happy!)

River Foyle+Derry+Londonderry+Peace Bridge+Miniature acrylic painting+Nicola McLean
'Peaceful' - 10 x 10cm - acrylic on canvas - SOLD

It's only little

This is 'On the road again' the first in a series called 'Moments on the Mother Road' inspired by our road trip across America last year on Route 66 - whaddya mean am I still banging on about that - yes, it was the best trip we ever had and I plan to get a lot more mileage out of it (2448 to be exact!)

Route66+Roadtrip+acrylic painting+American landscape+California+Amboy+Nicola McLean
'On the road again' - acrylic on canvas 30 x 24cm

Route66+Roadtrip+acrylic painting+American landscape+California+Amboy+Nicola McLean

Time Lapse videos completed - Two 

(but what an epic pain in the art the first one turned out to be)

If you read my last post at the start of March you'll know that I'd been having technical problems with the camera, getting the memory card to last long enough to get in a few hours painting at a time and then the many hours it took to spew all the individual photos onto the computer for S to work his magic and compress them all together into the actual time lapse.  Anyway, I ended up buying a new mobile phone so I could keep my old one purely to run the GoPro app from whilst plugged into a charger and the GoPro was simultaneously plugged into another charger so that I was able to continue painting without fear of running out of power half way through.

Things I learnt about making a time lapse video- several

I may have to rethink filming every single painting because it really did stall the flow as it became such a pain to make sure it was all running okay before I even thought of putting paint to canvas. 

It made me very self conscious of how I paint. I tend to go over and over certain parts instead of working in a nice orderly fashion. I may paint a river rock one colour and then decide I don't like it and repaint it a different colour - several times. I became much more aware of that as I knew it was being filmed but then, it's not like I'm running a workshop, I'm just showing how I paint and I guess if it's all over the place then that's just how my mind works! Mind you, I actually bored myself watching this particular video back so either I need to cut it down a bit more or speed it up a bit more, I'm not sure yet.

I still want to film my work in progress but maybe just little snippets here and there rather than the entire thing every time. We'll see.  With that in mind, here's a wee short clip of the start of painting the iconic Route 66 shield road sign in 'On the road again'.

I've also learnt a bit more about how to actually edit the video in the GoPro Studio thanks to S and I've discovered that if I just use the video mode instead of the time lapse mode it takes up far less room on the memory card and is easier to edit together at the end.

London Exhibitions - None

A while back I entered a competition run by Fine Art Seen and was delighted to discover that I'd been shortlisted and invited with all the other shortlisted artists to exhibit in London this spring/summer when the winner would be chosen. 

Well, I got an email from Fine Art Seen a few weeks ago to advise that they had decided, with a heavy heart, to wrap up their business as they'd found that although they'd helped a lot of artists to sell their work, they just weren't getting big enough volumes of customers to make it worth continuing with their business (they covered the cost of postage which is quite unusual for an online gallery and would surely have eaten into their profits).  Funny enough, I sold my first painting through them just a few weeks ago as well and it went all the way to China.  

So, not only will I never know if I might have won the 'Illusion of Water' competition, there will now be no exhibition in London. Sad face. 

European cities visited - one (Berlin)

At the end of March went to Berlin for five days. I booked it as a surprise for S for our anniversary last November.  It was fantastic.  What a great city. Really big but really easy to get around as the public transport system is super efficient. And, it just so happens to be the vegan capital of Europe - so many restaurants.  It was a delicious novelty to be able to choose from entire menus and, indeed, to actually be spoilt for choice to the point that we had to go back to one of the restaurants twice because they had too much I wanted to try! We did walk eight or so miles every day so I didn't feel so guilty about eating so much and we got to see lovely parts of the city that we wouldn't have seen otherwise had we stuck to restaurants in the more touristy part of the city. We were also really lucky with the weather as it was blue skies and sunshine for all but one day. 

Brandenburg Gate

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Part of the Berlin Wall at Potsdamer Platz

Berlin from a hot air balloon

Berlin Bunker Museum

Neptune Fountain

Victory Column

Checkpoint Charlie

The history of the city is fascinating, obviously sad as so much of it relates to World War II as well as the cold war era and the Berlin Wall but its fantastic how they used the ruins of the war and the wall to create beautiful memorials and museums to the memory of all those who died during those periods in history.

It was quite poignant that we were there as the British government triggered Article 50 - It'll be interesting to see how that affects our ability to travel freely (and without visas) to mainland Europe in the coming years. 

Well, if you've made it through all that, congratulations. I do have more news but I think that's more than enough for one post. I should really have split the paintings into three posts to stretch it out a bit but what's the point - might as well get it all caught up now in case it's another two months before I blog again. 

By the way, I use Instagram and Facebook pretty much daily so please do follow me there, if you'd like, so we can keep in touch more often!


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