Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Ruff dawgs and rough cuts...

Happy New Year (at what point is it too late to say that?!) 

One of my artistic intentions this year is to focus more on making videos of my paintings in progress to post on You Tube. I've made a few time lapse videos over the last couple of years but they were few and far between and so I asked S for a new time lapse camera for Christmas. He went one better than the type I had in mind and bought me a new GoPro Camera which I can keep out in my art shed solely for the purpose of making time lapse videos! It can be controlled via an app on my mobile phone so even I should be able to work it! I can't wait to try it out! In the meantime, I got brave and decided to go in front of the camera to make a wee introductory video - this will be the first and probably last time I ever film myself! 

So, I still don't have any new paintings to show you although I am so close to finishing the one I started back in November that I've been slowly working on once a week since then (as I'm still working two part time jobs as per my last post). It's the painting beside me in the video. 

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil - just in the wrong order!

However, I did do something creative towards the end of last year but I just couldn't post about it until  now because it was for a Secret Santa present. I'm sure I've mentioned before that I'm part of a collaboration of vegan artists called The Art of Compassion? Well, the founder of the group, Leigh, asked if any of us would like to take part in a Secret Santa swap. Those who participated each answered a questionnaire about what sort of art we'd like to receive, our favourite colours and what sort of vegan goodies we'd like to try and then we were assigned someone to create a gift for. 

Hear no evil

I decided to do something based on the rescue dogs that Morgan, my recipient, has but because she is also an animal artist, it seemed a bit redundant to paint portraits of them when she would be perfectly able to do that herself. Instead I decided to have another go at creating a couple of wee polymer clay models of them, similar to the one I did back here. Just as I was starting to make them she adopted a third dog so I adapted my idea a little to have them represent 'Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil'.

See no evil 

I only had the photos posted on Facebook to work from so had to hope that I got the fur markings of the two brown and white dogs right as I couldn't see them from every angle! As they're a rather rough and ready I decided to call them Ruff Dawgs!

Speak no evil

Anyway, I had fun making these and thankfully, Morgan absolutely loved them! Also thankfully, they arrived in time for Christmas as, despite me posting them on 17 November to allow plenty of time for them to get to Chicago, USA, the Post Office put an extra zero in the post code and so, the parcel travelled to Perth, Australia because for some reason no one bothered to check the actual address label! Thankfully the sorting office in Australia realised and sent it on to America so it got there on 16 December!

As always, as soon as Brodie saw a camera she assumed it was for her
and gave me her best angle!

There was also a delay with the courier bringing my gift from my Secret Santa, Leigh, from Spain and it didn't get to me until New Year's Eve but it was well worth the wait -  look what I received! How beautiful is this mandala painting - I LOVE it!

My beautiful mandala painting by Leigh Sanders

As you can see from the photo, I also received two big bars of Spanish vegan chocolate, two hand made soaps and a lovely lip balm - I was spoiled!

Anyway, that's all my new for now - thank you for anyone who still bothers to visit my blog - I know I've not really been about for much of the last few months but hopefully, I'll be back in the painting swing of things very soon - and I'll even have video evidence!


  1. Your accent is lovely! I look forward to seeing more of your videos. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Well hello Nic. It's great to see you. I'm very reluctant to be that side of the camera, but love to see all my virtual friends. Brilliant artwork and those Ruff Dawgs are fantastic. What a journey they had.
    Your gift was super too. How lovely to receive such amazing pressure.

  3. First off Nic- you may(or may not) remember I have this thing about the Irish, and the music, AND the accent so needless to say I adore you and your accent on the video! How exciting to now be able to share You Tube vids with the world. Love your ruff dawgs and I can just imagine how much your recipient loves them! That mandala is just gorgeous too.

  4. Blimey Nic! Congratulations, you've gone really professional :) Lovely video. Also enjoyed your American tour posting. I remember when we were both just pen & ink 'smudgers': you in NI and me in S Yorkshire... we've come a long way since then ... both moving to the fringes of the country (North Scotland and West Wales) and both getting further into painting.

    I keep trying to 'follow' your blog, but I'm off in all directions the whole time (drawing, painting, boat-building, editing, writing etc...) life is a playpen into which all my toys won't fit.
    ....BUT ...
    I am going to follow your blog/Youtube in 2017 ... a resolution! Cymru am Byth!! and Stay Warm in that Art Shed!

  5. Forgot to say ... I have two puppies: one is a border collie, Blodwynn and the other my great-grandson Topgun (Logan) - they do everything together - destroying the place in the process!

  6. Hello beautiful you! So nice to see you in front of the camera. Wishing you a wonderful new year full of inspiration, art and joy. I think the sculptures are beautiful and it's brilliant to see you bring your amazing animal art to 3D. I'm looking forward to watching you in 2017 and seeing all the beauty you bring to the world. Paint and create on my friend! M.x

  7. Good to see you looking so pretty, have fun with your videos. Love those dogs. Happy PPF, (and a happy New Year!) hugs, Valerie

  8. Those dogs are so adorable! And congrats on making a video and YouTube channel! I subscribed :)

  9. How fun to see you in "real life" (well, almost ... ;-)) I always love listening to Irish accents :-) Your three dogs look cheeky, can't believe they went all the way to Australia and then still got to the place they were meant to go in time. I'll be subscribing to your Youtube-channel!

  10. A lovely post, Nic! I have subscribed to your YouTube channel — great video, by the way, and your accent is adorable. My Dad was born in County Cavan, Eire (Southern Ireland) and I've always loved the Irish accent. I do notice a difference in accents between the north and the south but I love both.

    Your polymer clay doggies are absolutely GORGEOUS!! I'm glad they found the way to their rightful owner — safe and sound — even if they did take a detour. hehe

    Very nice gifts from Leigh too.

    Have a great weekend ~ :)

  11. I am so excited to see more of your videos. Your accent is perfect and your voice soft and gentle. You are such an amazing artist. I love the little dogs. Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Love the pooches! :) I'll have to watch the video later. It fascinates me to watch people paint. :)

  13. What a great gift! I have a Brinno camera that only does time-lapse. It's my excuse to not have to go in front of the camera! Plus I don't have to do any technical editing with it - just film and go. Enjoy your new toy.

  14. First off you are beyond adorable on the youtube video. Girl you have what Simon Cowel might call the "IT" factor! You have such a cute accent and sound so sweet and authentic on camera! So keep it up! Gopros are amazing. They take great photos too!! Enjoy. My daughter won one last year at Christmas and loves it! Your dogs are so precious.... I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. If they were in stores I'd just have to buy them! I'd love to see something like that licensed. What wonderful secret Santa gifts!!

    Hugs Giggles

  15. Okay, firstly, if I had your face I would have NO problem in being in front of the camera at all!! And secondly, I find the accent endearing! It isn't strong, so I can understand you perfectly well, which is great because the day we meet, at least now I know I won't constantly be saying 'Pardon?' I can not WAIT to see your videos and PLEASE, tell me how you get on and what model you have, because we originally had a Go-Pro for the same purpose, but I took it back because my videos had a strange 'fish eye' effect, making everything appear bowed on the screen. Did you take this video on your Go-Pro? I really want to make time-lapse videos but I'm having such trouble finding a camera within my price range that will do the job! So, my You Tube channel will also be neglected until I find one :0(
    By the way, I just LOVE your little dogs. They are adorable!! :0)

  16. Great idea. .I look forward to seeing more of your work. The video is amazing, you did excellent on it. I have Scotland ancestors in the Stirling/Buchanan area. Can't imagine the weather so far north in Scotland. I want to see more of your work. Blessings, Janet

  17. Hi Nic, I found you through Sandra Busby, I'm so glad I did. Your dawgs are awesome, I love that you work in several mediums. I used to work in cold porcelain and made realistic flowers for wedding cakes. I also saw your rock painting and so love it's title, what a great explanation for a title. I've added you to my Bloglovin' feed so I hope to not miss a blog post. Your art is spectacular!


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